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Posted by zombie2011

This looks pretty good.

Posted by AlexanderSheen

I didn't know you can do the Wheelman hijacking. That's rad.

Posted by 71Ranchero

Awesome, I am definitely not tired of these games. Whats this one called again? Saints Theft Row: Paradise?

Posted by Phatmac

Looks alright I guess. I'm sensing that It'll be mediocre at best.

Posted by Yummylee

@zombie2011 said:

This looks pretty good.

That it does. Sleeper hit of the year?.... >_>

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Posted by RedDeathZero

surprising, because it looks like a bunch of badass in one game.

Posted by MikeGosot

Man, this is the game i want the most in 2012.

Posted by katsu044

you know what i'm on board now maybe this could work out pretty damn well!.

Posted by AuthenticM

I hope this game plays more like Saints Row: The Third than GTA IV.

Posted by Eribuster

@Atramentous: Just Saints Theft Row: Paradise IN HONG KONG!

I hope sound effects for some the guns aren't final. They sounded very stock. They probably aren't since the release is still far away.

Posted by GenghisJohn

Worst game name of the year?

Posted by Kolonel_Kool

This looks like Pursuit Force.

Posted by pickassoreborn

The legend of Wheelman lives on. Admit it. It wasn't that bad.

Posted by AjayRaz

this looks like Hong Kong Wheelman. needless to say, that sounds pretty alright

Posted by Emperor_Jimmu

Shhhhh, this racing is illegal!

Posted by Winsord

Looks kind of neat? It seems like a lot of it will come down to if the car handling is any good, the controls look super squirrely in this trailer.

Posted by ArmedBear

Sleeping dog, hidden kitten.

Posted by xxizzypop

I totally forgot that True Crime: Hong Kong was cancelled. And then picked up. And then renamed.

Man. I even wrote a post, once upon a time about that.

Anyhow, this looks pretty alright. I really want to see more gameplay come out of marketing first though.

Posted by SharkMan

now if it actually did that crazy cartoon thing in game, that would be a definite sell.

Posted by ItsTuckerTime

watch out! this game has "illegal racing" and "RAMMING"

Posted by HatKing

I watched this on mute. Good decision. It's like the splash-title things were written in the language of the country the game takes place in and then put through Google translate.

Posted by Faltru

Action Hijacking!

Posted by vinsanityv22

Please control like Burnout. With arcade racers on the decline, I need games like this to nail arcade racing.

Also, it DOES look like Pursuit Force. That's cool. Certainly gives you more to do than your typical open-world crime game.

Posted by muumu

Illegal racing?! Not in my video games.

Posted by Bunny_Fire

where are the dog's ....

Posted by upwarDBound

That's a forgettable title if I've ever heard one.

The game looks okay.

Posted by DrJota

Hmm...if it has a bit more John Woo to it it could be good.

Posted by Chtasm

Is "hell of" Brad's take on "hella?"

Posted by AngelN7

Can you stop illegal cock fights that you don't actually see like in True Crime L.A? can you Karate chop a guy to death? this are the important questions this trailer is not answering.

Posted by BisonHero

@GenghisJohn said:

Worst game name of the year?

I think it's actually a pretty cool game name, assuming you're aware of the expression "let sleeping dogs lie". It conveys a lot, since you can assume people aren't going to let sleeping dogs lie, and shit is gonna get real.

However, the expression is gradually becoming more antiquated, so there probably is a whole bunch of teens who just think it's a super dumb title that makes no sense. That probably won't help the sales of this game.

Posted by Zaccheus

Oh this has the good thing from Wheelman. When I played Saints Row: The Third I couldn't believe they didn't have that. It would have fitted their whole philosophy perfectly. Stupid, cool and convenient.

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wow. I am really surprised that this trailer is a relatively good representation of the city.

Every game before this projects Hongkong from the 70s, with slums and shit, and plenty of wooden houses for the heroes to crash into.

oh, and cock fighting lol

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I'm so happy this game was revived, and I think the art direction is really awesome and unique.

This trailer reminded me a lot of the stuff in Just Cause 2, which is great!

I hope the PC version has advanced graphic options and isn't just a console port.

Posted by Fasckira

@SharkMan said:

now if it actually did that crazy cartoon thing in game, that would be a definite sell.

100% agree. Game looks great and all, but not sure its offering anything really that amazing over things like SR3 and GTA4. When it comes down to it, 65 vehicles isn't that much either if you're including boats, planes and bikes with the cars.

Also, this is probably the first time Ive seen a trailer try and sell being able to ram other cars as a feature.

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Big ass ramps? where is 50 Cent?

Posted by kmg90

@ItsTuckerTime said:

watch out! this game has "illegal racing" and "RAMMING"

Posted by selbie

@kmg90 said:

@ItsTuckerTime said:

watch out! this game has "illegal racing" and "RAMMING"

I was like this for the entire video.

Posted by murisan

Did Squeenix go and make a GTA clone?

Posted by tourgen

hahah I like the style!

Posted by Hurricane43

@murisan: No not at all GTA has not half the things this game has, including favors, jobs, police cases, shoplifting, drug dealing, decorating safehouses, xp upgrades after each mission, so i would say that this game is way better than GTA.

Posted by Hurricane43

@GenghisJohn: And what suggestions would you have for the game. "Sleeping Dogs", do you know the meaning behind the name or did you just type without thinking. GOTY right here.

Posted by EclipticSpiral

Hmm, is there any legal racing in it though?