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aw !

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I want this game big time

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It doesn't give you the quest if you write "first"
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" @DominatingFrance: It doesn't give you the quest if you write "first" "
haha oh crap, my once chance!
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Still broken... 

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Duder is loading... loading big time.

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Well I wish I could have seen more of this. I'm not exactly a big fan of driving games, but I sure do love seeing my hometown in video game form.

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Might be a good game, or atleast better than Driv3r

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Might be a good game, or hopefully alot better than Driv3r

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Impressive trailer! I hope it plays like Burnout Paradise 

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your supposed to put rock it real in first post numnutz
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Man... Driver, really? 
Is it jericho from driver 2? the guy with the shotguns? was that guy even called jericho? does driver even have a tangible timeline? oh my god do I even care about driver? 
I've got to many questions, and i'm far to skeptical of driver to get even remotely excited about this. 
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So, Tanner died in the trailer

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Sure sign me up. 

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Looks amusing. Hopefully if there are any sandbox elements they aren't as boring as driv3r... 
and yes, it pained me to type that title.
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Trailer is good, but that doesn't mean the game will be.

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Seems like a bad idea to drive head on at a armored van.

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lol what

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Spolier alert, he dies at the end of the trailer

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this should be a Burnout gametype

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Ah, well, I'm still willing to give driver a chance.  I mean, I loved Driver 1 & 2.  Hope.

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I'm guessing none of you guys watched this video about the game.

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I loved the original Driver and Driver 2 and one of the appealing things about those games was the setting. The original was set during the 70s. If this is still the same Tanner, why isn't he really old and what's the appeal of a modern day Driver? There are so many driving games set during present day, what sets this apart? 

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@ISuperGamerI said:
" I'm guessing none of you guys watched this video about the game. "
Thanks for referencing that.  The Ubisoft guy comes off like a total jackass, but he makes a good point.  Ever see French Connection?  Since you are likely 17, probably not.  This title all depends upon how well they represent the city.  Goddamn, San Francisco rocks.  The weird ability? Guessing that he goes to the Mission and meets some sort of shaman or something similiar.
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The Lincoln Force will have to be called in for some of their expert driving skills.

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If My memory serves me right, driver was all about driving. No walking, talking, shooting. They kind of lost focus later on. Games like these have a hard time evolving.

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