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Epileptic Seizure: The Game

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Awww shoot.

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that girl is trippin balllllz

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My left arm just went numb.

Edit: my eye's are bleeding!

Posted by piderman

What you read:

"This is a first for video games" - KILL SCREEN

What they wrote:

"I couldn't stop the bleeding from my eyes. This is a first for video games" - KILL SCREEN

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Am I high??

Posted by Tyrant1x

Nice to see a TRS quote in a game trailer.

Posted by ItBeStefYo

This is so trippy, mane... Gucci mane says burr

Posted by TonyBlue87

That reminds me, I need to finish Child of Eden.

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I assume the giant face popping up every so often isn't part of the final product...

Or maybe it's a metaphor. The tube girl is stuck in the tube but she is content much like humans are on Earth because THERE'S NO WAY OUT MAN AHHH COLOURS!!1!

Posted by clank543

Don't mind me while I'm just trippin' ballz over here

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@clank543 said:

Don't mind me while I'm just trippin' ballz over here


Posted by Cybexx

For your acid trip between acid trips needs.

Posted by TheHT

yyyyyyyyyyyyyou know what?

tttttttttttttttttttttthis actuation looks kinda trippy.

llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllike legitamatively mind-bending.

mmmmmmmmaybe i'll check this out.

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Stupid trailer.

Posted by SpiralEye

I thought Genki Rockets was going to do the music judging by that cover pic..

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@TheHT: I think yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyou're already living it.

Posted by MarekkPie

Music visualizer, the video game.

Posted by DrJota

Can I take my wallet out of my mouth now?

Posted by Tomzombie

some one took LSD than played Ressed. then thought how can i make a game like that but more tripy.

Posted by Asmundergunderson

That chick frggin LOVES COLURZ MAN.

Also I don't know if "tube shooter" has been a thing for a while or not, but... we should probably rethink that label. =(

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That chick is rolling fucking face right now.

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I thought this was an opening to Skins at first. lol

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@Cybexx said:

For your acid trip between acid trips needs.

Or simply to trigger flashbacks

Posted by demontrace

That girl is smoking hot. Perfect eye candy to go along with a game that seems to be a whole lot of eye candy, and seizures.

Posted by Jack_Lafayette

I can... like... see sound, dude.






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@Tyrant1x said:

Nice to see a TRS quote in a game trailer.

What the trailer said: "An audio-visual experience unlike anything else"

What TRS actually said: "It is an experience unlike anything else"

So it's a text adventure? I was lied to! :P

Posted by ultra2extreme

I think i saw a chick make that face on "My first BBC 12"

Posted by RichieJohn

I'll buy this video game.

Looks like it has all the colours.

Posted by MeatSim

My eyes! my mind!

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[Drugs joke]

Posted by Construc

Needs a trance vibrator.

Posted by LD50

@Gamer_152 said:

[Drugs joke]

Well played Sir.

Posted by Daftasabat

I've played this game already, it's called a kaleidoscope.

Posted by paulwade1984

This game is 1080p with lossless audio. Plays kinda like tempest.

It was made by 4 duders, all of whom have put everything they have into it. EVERYTHING. If it bombs they are bankrupt. Just give it a chance giantbombers. Your negative comments can actually dissuade potential buyers and seriously there is no need for it. Its a good game.