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Gilth took my danish.

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" Yoink "
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What the heck? Why is... Jeff is standing behind Ryan and Ryan has his back to him...

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 Can we stop fucking with the timeline
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FOILED again.
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Kinect looks less interesting every time I see it, but the more I see Jeff dancing the sexier it gets.

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Dead Pixel in the background at Kinect Adventures. Nice.

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I love how you guys shot this.

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Go Jeff!

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Why is Jeff talking to Ryan's back xD

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lmao at the camera angle and their positioning

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Sweet Zaxxon shirt!
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Damn, Jeff is a tall dude.

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awkward bit is awkward. Nice job guys

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Kinect really doesnt look that great.... must admit im a little surprised

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Does Ryan cut his own hair?

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Jack, Lets play hoops this summer. Your tall. the man - phil 

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A collection of sports mini games, an exorcise game, a dancing game, another  collection of mini games, a driving game and another driving game. I understand that the games shown were essentially tech demos for Kinect, but I don't really see this thing go beyond that. Same with the Playstation Move. It just feels like Sony and Microsoft are pretty much saying "Hey, lets cash in on all this motion control stuff before it goes out of style'.

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This is the best interview style. THE BEST

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Jeff's blank stare while playing Dance Central doesn't go with his comments on the game :D

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Why is Jeff taking into Ryan's neck? :P

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 This looks dope, and Jeff's kind-of-into-it-ness only strengthens my anticipation.
JEFF: "Kinect didn't really show well at the press conferences... well, really, at all." 
RYAN: *eyes closed, nods sagely as the camera zooms in* 

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Jeff's 6'4"?

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Vinny wasn't kidding about a crazy amount of B-roll

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Ryan doesn't like being stared at by kittens and a creepy kid's picture on the wall behind Jeff. 
Also, second sighting of Chris Kohler and Jeremy Parish (of Wired and 1UP respectively) in this video. Were they stalking you guys?

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From now on, every time I listen to the Bombcast, I'll be imagining all of you standing in a circle facing away from one another -- blank stares.  I'm gonna get on that now.

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" Does Ryan cut his own hair? "
I like this comment, ha ha.
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Dance Central seems like the only game worth while so far.

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I spy Nas's Illmatic in the background.
Really enjoyed the closer look at these games. Looks interesting.

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Digging the avante garde filming style :P

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My question is what kind of games will they come out with for it in the future? Is this what we're going to be seeing these minigame kind of games or will more shooters or fighting games or something else take a stab at this?

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" Why is Jeff talking to Ryan's back xD "
I know right?
It's a really weird shot
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 I'm hoping this stuff turns out okay but again if all they're going to release for it is fitness & dancing games then the technology has been squandered in my eyes.

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The positioning... I love Giant Bomb.

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Their lines of sight are freaking me out.

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Why is Jeff staring into Ryan's ear??  lol
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After hearing Jeff talk about it, I think I might be a little more interested in Kinect. I'm still hoping that they will have more hardcore games, though, because stuff like this just isn't my cup of tea.

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@grokman10 said:
" Why is Jeff staring into Ryan's ear??  lol "
why not man