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Edited by GrandpaJelly

 I feel wrong. I care npt not for this game.

Posted by SuperSambo

You can only steer?
The whole Kinect stuff was painfully embarasing for the actors. Why have all this crap, when you could get a few cool guys playing the game, without talking, while a TRAINED person explains what is happening.

Posted by ArcticPlumber

Why would I want to stand up, in an uncomfortable position to play a racing game, let alone thrust my ass to make the car boost!?!?!? Microsoft what the f are you thinking?

Posted by PeasForFees

I know it's terrible and disrespectful, but I was screaming shut up bitch throughout that. 
Oh...her name's Charming, response justified.  
If this is real it's not even cool, in Mario Kart WIi you could at least control the throttle.

Posted by CoinMatze

Let's smoke these guys! Booooooost!

Posted by Kajaah117

"Baby drift, mommy drift! Haha" "Dingdingdingding, aha, I got all of them!" 
Shut your crap! Who wrote this dialog? I've never sympathized for actors more than I did during Monday's set of conferences.

Posted by ThePantheon

it looked so FAKE?!

Posted by simian

I can imagine how much worse it's going to get tomorrow with Sony & Nintendo whom have a proven track record of dumb-assery

Posted by Laksa

looks nice

Posted by LucyGlitter

Kinect will sell a lot, I can imagine, but it will suck. I'd rather sit the fuck down and do my driving via a controller, thanks. 

Posted by StrikerTheLizard

Someone should take her for a joy ride...off a bridge, that is.

Posted by Addfwyn

I think even the Nintendo Vitality Sensor is trumping Kinect right now in cool level.  I understand these are more marketed as family games, but I feel like the Wii fills that niche perfectly already (and in fact, better).  I can't imagine anyone picking this up, at least not til some actually compelling software makes an appearance.



Posted by skrutop

Anyone else not have the space in their living room to thrash about like they have epilepsy?


Seems fun

Posted by paulwade1984

This is the worst video. They are all damn awful, but this is the worst one. 
having no controller doesn't work. Sony is correct in their assessment that you need a controller. Millions of dollars were spent by 3rd party companies to assess that people need controllers for motion controls to work properly. Microsoft just ignored all that research and look at this garbage they've created.
I really can't wait to hear Brad, Jeff and Ryans comments on this. I bet sitting in that auditorium was the most painstaking thing so far at E3.
Kinect, and this press conference makes me embarrassed to be a gamer.

Posted by dudeglove

I'd give her a ride.

Posted by first2die
@Branthog said:
" Christ, does she talk that much when she's making a sandwich? "
Posted by ErinIsADrunk

Xbox, Boost! Eat my dust y'all!

Posted by spartan1017

i could have done with out her commentary

Posted by Th3_James
@SuperSambo said:
" You can only steer?  The whole Kinect stuff was painfully embarasing for the actors. Why have all this crap, when you could get a few cool guys playing the game, without talking, while a TRAINED person explains what is happening. "
The female actresses were the worst, I've never felt so uncomfortable watching games being played. The Natal video chat thing had some of the worst acting I have ever seen.
Posted by Dukefree

i would eat her butt....
Kinect ..not so much

Posted by Dirty_Harry

can't wait to do some 360's on my couch....

Posted by jacobgray

Remember when this was supposed to be free?  And not motion controlled?  Ah, the good old days.

Posted by caryrabbit


Posted by Zeemod

Now I'm going to open my mouth so words come out... 
she narrates fricken everything!!!

Posted by ThisCrab

Whoa, that was awesome-charming. 
Adjective get?

Posted by Mordebir

DIng ding ding ding ding? She is so annoying!

Posted by Jertje
@paulwade1984 said:
"Kinect, and this press conference makes me embarrassed to be a gamer. "
It's cool bro, this has nothing to do with gaming, or gamers.
Posted by BulletStorm

I think I speak for everyone when I say that Kinect is the dumbest-demoing thing that I've ever seen in my life. 
It might still be fun when you're alone, listening to a podcast or something but not the future of gaming. Not anywhere near it. 

Posted by DjRich

Did that guy call her  "Charming"?

Posted by s0mah

knee jerk internet cynicism directed towards a new product? 

Posted by Crono

If I were into charades, Kinect might be interesting to me.

Posted by maxim2boobles

sega all-star racing is better on 360 but modnation racers is the winner of all kart racers

Posted by Nobodyrp

I can't see any racing game where you have nothing in your hands being comfortable for any prolonged period of time. This looks like it could actually benefit from dumb plastic peripherals like all of the junk people strap onto the wiimote.

Posted by Connelo

That girl could not have been more irritating. I wish they'd show her movements and how they translate, not just the game.

Posted by ep_driver
@Branthog said:
"Christ, does she talk that much when she's making a sandwich? "

hahahaha! way too many awesome comments on these terrible kinect vids, but this one is my fave. 
the sad reality we all don't want to face is that like some users are saying, they'll sell 8,000,000,000 Kinect units. let's all just hope that the next generation of this technology will bring about games that we'll be interested in playing.
Posted by DirtyEagles

All this bullshit is making me sad

Posted by agentboolen

Looks kind of interesting but I'm wanting to find out how you control the speed of your car.  Seemed like all she controlled was the steering.....  I'll try not to hate but Microsoft Kinect really seems like something you have to try instead of just watch.

Posted by XenoZak

That was wierd. She was saying so much it should have been an enthusiastic show but... she just spat out the some unintelligent dialogue and said it like she was being forced to say sorry when she was 8.
Kinect + Games? No thanks. Media and stuff? Maybe but not for that price

Posted by mikbal

it may really work as it supposed to, but they faked it this time. fear of failing a presentation i guess.

Posted by spncrrr

wow. that looks like the opposite of fun.

Posted by Sabata

Aaaand...boost!  Eat my dust! *in 7th place*

Posted by Alphonzo

eat my dust, y'all... -_-

Posted by CaptainFish

So, does the girl come with Kinect Joy Ride?

Posted by MeatSim

This looks bad compared to the most recent Kart Racers.

Posted by ISuperGamerI
@dudeglove said:
" I'd give her a ride. "
Lol you mean a joy ride. :P
And as for this video, it's marketing children and ruining the reputation of hardcore gamers.
Posted by Robo
It isn't a knee jerk reaction. We've all undoubtedly played more than our fair share of videogames on a wide variety of platforms over a relatively long period of time. 
By this point, we know crap when we see it. And this is crap.
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