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775 million quests completed.  

Posted by masternater27

Nice still shot of Brad.

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That could be a good photobomb

Posted by Dany

he looks excited

Posted by XcL

Oh that HD castlevania gonna be good . 

Posted by VoshiNova

Sticky Picnic Tables

Posted by Joey2683

Castlevania, didn't see that coming. Very excitied but sure that it will be the last of the summer releases.
Posted by cravins90

I thought Limbo was gonna be the one for me, but I do love me some classic Castlevania.

Posted by spiceninja

Limbo and Castlevania are the only interesting looking games. Though my nostalgia for Hydro Thunder makes me really want to buy it.

Posted by MisterMouse

is the 775 million going to become a giant bomb meme

Posted by wolf_blitzer85

Castlevania for sure. I am interested in that Lara Croft game as well. If there is loot I am sold.

Posted by CoolDrMoney

Can't wait for Limbo

Posted by MeatSim

Brad getting it done solo, nice.

Posted by Toxin066

I was really impressed with the music in the new Castlevania game.

Posted by LeetBalla
@pyromaster222 said:
" is the 775 million going to become a giant bomb meme "
God, I hope not. Memes are already terrible, terrible things.
Posted by Xeiphyer
@pyromaster222 said:
" is the 775 million going to become a giant bomb meme "
Because one person can see the future and answer that.
Also, I am that person, and yes, yes it will.
Posted by dvorak

Tuesday's bombcast is going to have to be so overloaded. Look at all this stuff they have to talk about.

Posted by killzeek

the games look awesome cant wait to play them 

Posted by Daveyo520

This games look pretty good. Especially Limbo.

Posted by jakob187

Now that I've seen and heard about Monday Night Combat, I'm pretty interested in that as well.  I'm also more interested in Lara Croft now!
Looks like another solid lineup.  It's going to be tough to top Shadow Complex, Splosion Man, Trials HD, and Marvel vs. Capcom 2.  We'll just forget TMNT: Re-Shelled, folks.  This lineup, however, looks like it could trump it pretty well.

Posted by Redbullet685

Limbo, Castlevania, and Monday Night Combat are all buys but Lara Croft and Hydro Thunder are maybe laters.

Posted by DocGroove

Limbo and Castlevania are on my wish list!

Posted by Landon

 Limbo and Castlevania are the only ones that actually look good.

Posted by zipperface

Don't have a 360 but I may buy one just for the new Castlevania game.

Posted by Rowr

looks like a decent summer of arcade.

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No love for Lara Croft? I think it looks fucking awesome. Limbo is Limbo (we knew it was amazing), and monday night combat looks cool
Castlevania could be amazing if there is single player, but I heard it was a multi player thing only?

Posted by DingoPetticoat

Limbo's art style makes me think of Boy Meets Blob in silhouette. Will probably pick that up along with Castlevania.

Posted by zombie2011

Fuck i was wondering where this was during the Press Conference.

Posted by rick9109

Man I actually might get the whole package if they do that again.

Posted by Shaolin_Munkeh

As long as they're 800-1200 points I'll be grabbing Limbo, Hydro Thunder and maybe Castlevania. 
Hope Comic Jumper is out soon as well!

Posted by TheBeast

Some quality stuff coming to XBLA it seems - interested in the Lara Croft game.

Posted by Yzzerdd

That Castlevania really bums me out, I can't even imagine the small budget they gave Iga.

Posted by thebigJ_A

I thought that Hydrophobia game was going to be Summer of Arcade. Or did I make that up in my head? 
Posted by EnchantedEcho

Monday Night Combat looks awesome, so does limbo and everything !

Posted by mrgreenfish

looks good

Posted by paulunga

It seems like Brad missed out on some really high-quality Castlevania games. Seriously, you should at least check out the two "Sorrow" games and Order of Ecclesia, those are at least as good as Symphony of the Night IMO.

Posted by TaliciaDragonsong

Castlevania looks good, might consider buying it!
I was amazed at the monday night stuff, DOTA is fun stuff and in 3d it would be even better me thinks, worth a trail download I spose!

Posted by SunKing

Damn, if Castlevania's a multiplayer-only game then that sucks, since I won't be buying it. :(

Posted by gosukiller

These kind of things shows Brad at his best.
Go Brad!

Posted by Plasma

Wow did not know about that Castlevania game, I fucking love Symphony of the night. 

Posted by Rhombus_Of_Terror

That's a very impressive line-up for the 360, can't wait.

Posted by Dad_Is_A_Zombie

The Castlevania game is getting bought the second it's available! That Limbo game looks pretty good too.

Posted by MjHealy

No Captain Smiley? Aww.
Limbo and Castlevania look cool though.

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I'm more excited about the arcade releases than the retail ones. 

I think these all look great, plus there's Deathspank, Bionic Commando: Re-armed 2, Shank, BlackLight:TangoDown, and probably more that I can't remember.

Posted by UberExplodey

buying all of these.

Posted by Deathpooky

Wow, XBLA continues to impress big time.  Another Hydro Thunder I'm less interested in, and the Tomb Raider game I need to learn more about, but the rest all look like solid day one purchases. 
Monday Night Combat (despite the somewhat clever, yet somewhat terrible name) looks really interesting.  A Team Fortress 2 class based shooter with tower defense and DOTA influences?  Very cool.  Makes me wonder why the DOTA type game hasn't already been applied to the FPS genre.

Posted by Tordah

Castlevania and Limbo both look awesome.

Posted by Robin_Gr

I wish the new Castlevania wasn't so multiplayer focused. It's not the first thing that comes to mind when someone says "Castlevania". And that big "Failed" looks completely out of place, it looks like its going to be more challenge focused with no real story. Seems like the DS games had more in common with SoTN, structure wise.

Posted by jakdarippa