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I was waiting for some more of these!

Posted by Leox5

ah almost
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Wrong section duder.

Posted by NickNorman

Ohhhh no!

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I'm really digging these 'microcast' videos.  Keep 'em coming, boys.  I do hope they do a big show floor video tomorrow.

Posted by Spike94

I completely agree with what Vinny (and Brad) said about the Move and the games for it and so forth. Great video guys!
Posted by Tophar01

haha, love it. Good summation of the conference. Along with camera shy Brad making fart noise? AMAZING!

Posted by Seedofpower

Vinny, post a vid about the show floor!

Posted by FCKSNAP

Mortal Kombat in 3D in 2D in 3D....

Posted by Boom_goes_the_dynamite

I agree with Vinny about Move, it really was one of the things that impressed me the most out of the press conferences.  Pricing I am a bit hazy on but we'll see.

Posted by gunslingerNZ

I like these initial response vids, they tend to produce some really candid reactions before they have the chance to be influenced by other people's opinions.

Posted by NinjaHunter

Hey, Sam Bishop! This is kind of weird seeing him here.

Posted by JJOR64

Kevin Butler was awesome.

Posted by Gamer_152

Confirmed- Vinny is naming his tiger in Kinectimals Sparkles.

Posted by kuma17

i love these videos and yeah i agree with Vinny about Move, though that may seem like jumping on the bandwagon after all the other comments. Move looks much more interesting than Kinect, and personally i think it has a better name cause at least it has correct spelling! Brand names that are wrongly spelt words are just so bad... shame on you Microsoft. 
but man lots of close ups on faces in these videos... :( but lol at Vinny stealing the camera and going crazy with it :D  

Posted by OneManX

Wait... was the Brudvig sitting shotgun?

Posted by Balaamsafe

Such a mixed bag of a presser, some of the games were brilliant and of course Kevin Butler was fantastic but this, lets show you our new ad campaign and suck off EA for about 30 mins was a bit odd.

Posted by RJM

why did sam drive all the way to pico? he should've just hopped on the 10.

Posted by ESREVER

Haha, I love Vinny. Everytime he gets a hold of the camera he makes everyone spin upside down. 
Love his camera holding shenanigans.

Posted by FelixCulpa

Sam bishop kewl!

Posted by get2sammyb

I'm totally sold on Move too. I really want the PlayStation Move now. I thought Sorcery looked fantastic.

Posted by dpedal1

Vinny cracks me up and loved the cameo from Sam Bishop!  Sony totally owned the press conferences this year!!

Posted by nail1080
@Seedofpower said:
" Vinny, post a vid about the show floor! "
Posted by Scrap_Metal


Posted by RobotHamster
@nail1080 said:
" @Seedofpower said:
" Vinny, post a vid about the show floor! "
this! "
this times infinity!
Posted by deathstroke75

glad to see the guys are still laughing and having some fun.  great way to start my morning.

Posted by blaakmawf

I recognize that laugh from beyond!

Posted by EpsilonSE

Wow, Brad still looked surprised, even when the camera that he was just holding was turned around and pointed at him. I have yet to see a video where Brad is not surprised by the camera.

Posted by Carlos1408


Posted by pakx

gonna go ahead and agree with Vinny on this one, best show of E3, not that any of the others were very outstanding, but boy, if GT 5 actually comes out in november (doubt it..) with that Top Gear content, i'm gonna spend the next month furiously attempting to beat all the Stig's lap times.

Posted by Tirrandir

I think that the Sony press conference finally convinced me that motion controls are something I have utterly no interest in. Why am I going to pay $80 for a Harry Pottery lookin' game when I could probably play the same game with far less douche-factor if I didn't have to wave the damn thing over my head? 
No, thanks. I went through this nonsense when it was called Wii. I'm not doing it for Sony OR Microsoft.

Posted by Digi7alS3lf

I keep saying it: Why isn't there a bundle with the sub?

Posted by Robin_Gr

Valve's surprise was pretty disappointing to me. Is it that big a deal for a "me too" announcement? Otherwise solid. 

Posted by Reverseface

Brad pulled a brad when the cam got flipped on him.

Posted by MeatSim

My decsion on motion controls is to avoid them all.

Posted by Haoshiro

Seriously?  Man, my impression of the Sony conference was that it was boring.  They had already showed of KZ3, but the game play was at least good.  I was surprised and got a kick out of Portal 2 and Gabe Newell, and Kevin Butler was funny, but overstayed his welcome a bit, imho. 
Besides those things, I was terribly bored with it.  Plenty of multiplatform stuff so that's not so exciting, and I really don't care about another car combat game, Twisted Metal or not.  I'm sure others will be hype for that.  The Move is so much Wii+ it's ridiculous, Kinect was more interesting just because it is different.  Neither are that exciting.

Posted by oathblivion

 I thought there were a lot of interesting things showcased today at the conference (Sorcery looks actually pretty sweet), but I have to say I was a bit pissed at not the least bit mention of The Last Guardian. I mean what happened? Trico was like the huge announcement at last year's E3 for them and nothing more this year? I mean cmon.    

Posted by Ryuku_Ryosake

Yeah if I had to get one of these motion controllers it would definitely be the move. The Sorcery demo was super smooth. Seeing that compared to the Kinetic demos it was like night and day. I thought the Kinetic stuff was good but Move stuff just looks so much better. Also they told me what I wanted to hear and that's their Move games will be cheaper than  normal games. Also a good deal from core games.

Posted by Spoonman671

Was that Sam Bishop AND Greg Miller in the front?  Beyond!

Posted by fillmoejoe

The Move did demo pretty well, better than the Legend of Zelda.

Posted by WickedCobra03
@Spoonman671 said:
" Was that Sam Bishop AND Greg Miller in the front?  Beyond! "
Greg should have talked.
Posted by Demonstride
@Spoonman671: Beyond!
Posted by DukeTogo

You should have stopped at the Martial Arts Supplies place and picked up some stuff for E3 crowd control.

Posted by Masonvd

Do we get a show floor vid soon?

Posted by tane

awesome video blogs

Posted by Toxin066

Yo, so when we watched those normal 2D videos on the site, we were watching it in Vinny Vision? DUDE

Posted by Hef

SAM BISHOP?!?!? Beyond - Bombcast crossover maybe?

Posted by DSale

Ooooh, nice sparkles Vinny!

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