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Help I'm on fire!!!!!!!

Posted by mangomonger

that looks interesting 

Posted by ep_driver

hate to admit it, but this could potentially (strong emphasis on the word) be kind of cool 
having joel cracking non-scripted jokes made this presentation ten times better than any other i've seen so far with 100% scripted lines.
Posted by Lobst

This looks totally tight! Seeing this same woman do the same presentation twice in one day was kind of weird, though. 
"The Kinect sensor detects me -- and also my sweater." *awkward*

Posted by eagle

Such.. big... feet.

Posted by chrisnadon

hmmmm! wow! i was actually impressed. looks like i could get into that.

Posted by MeatSim

This isn't even a game.

Posted by bornagain888

Great. Now I have to come up with all new excuses for not exercising. :(

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Posted by simian

Joel was actually kind of funny in this. For once.
Kinda interesting seeing the tech used this way.

Posted by Jacob_Shock

wow it's like watching tv shop..