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Posted by MikeGosot

What? How? Why?

Posted by scatterbrainn

Why must swearing sound so forced? It comes off as deliberate and odd the way he screams, "fuck" and "shit" so often, and in that tone.

Posted by Blood_for_the_blood_God

wow, just wow

Posted by Blood_for_the_blood_God

that was way grosser than the gears segment inside the rift worm, I need to take a shower after that

Posted by stryker1121

I try and not get too caught up in this here changing games industry, but if DS has gone full shooter I'll be depressed.

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Posted by bd_monkey

Aren't we lucky that all giant monsters have well lit convenient weak spots

Posted by Dan_CiTi

Other than the dialog going overboard, looks fine.

Posted by kerse

wait wtf, why is there cover and they are shooting other people? what happened to survival horror, I really hope this is just some random co op campaign and not what the games gonna be about

Posted by BlueJester

wait... they are fighting... a drill? HOW SCARY!

Posted by golguin

I just hope this was all for show since it's e3. I'm assuming that the tension and atmosphere that makes a dead space game is still in the actual game.

Posted by CJduke

This looks fucking terrible WTF happened I loved dead space 2

Posted by Krystal_Sackful

Taking cover!? Only two weapons!? What the hell am I looking at!? This isn't the Dead Space I love.

Posted by ch3burashka

So... Lost Planet 3?

Posted by PreCaut1on

This isn't Lost Planet? Man, Dead Space, you have lost your roots...

Posted by jASPWN

I hope they add more BRO... it's what dead space needs. Games are merging.

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The whole point of Dead Space was isolation.  Used to be anyway.  They're going the wrong direction.  Both with 2 and this.  I want weaker Isaac in more isolated and desperate surroundings with more scary stuff.  I want sci fi survival horror.  I'm not keen on this action adventure buddy buddy shooter.    

Posted by IshimuraD

Cover mechanics and more agile player character makes this seem so little like the previous Dead Space games. Is their excuse going to be that after fighting Necromorphs for so long Isaac is more skilled now? I'll have to see more, but I'm actually sadly disappointed.

Posted by DanteFaustEsq

And the bitching has commenced, this is what I loathe about the player base and game industry as a whole judgements passed on a product based on a demo at a press conference. It's honestly getting to the place where I don't want to hear what anyone else thinks about anything game related because we're all "experts" and know what's best for ever facet of the industry.

Posted by allodude

Did that sound like Isaac? Didn't to me. Maybe this co-op is extra?

Posted by jasonefmonk

Whatever piece of the game that they showed us, is hopefully not indicative of what the single player is like. Really not much of what I look for in a Dead Space game.

Posted by buzz_killington

@jasonefmonk: That is the campaign.

Posted by NTM

@allodude: If you watch the trailer, you'll notice it's Gunner Wright reprising the role of Isaac. So yeah, it's him.

Posted by jasonefmonk

@buzz_killington said:

@jasonefmonk: That is the campaign.

Well, at least you're living up to your name.

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Posted by NTM

@DanteFaustEsq: It is kind of sad, I think this looks fantastic. I mean, it's like every single game you go to look at, there's more negative comments to go with it. I fully enjoyed nearly each and every game I saw today. Also, not referring to lowering or raising expectations, but people's expectations for this game aren't set in the right place. They're wrongly assuming what the game will end up being. I think it'll bring back the great characters, a great story; great setting (and atmosphere); quality sound and graphics, with a fun single-player or co-op campaign. It just seems like all that people care about is the survival horror aspect, and maybe that's where I differ, 'cause that's not the part I care about as much as anything else. Maybe the game will end up a disappointment to me, but as far as this is concerned, this makes me very excited.

Posted by KillyDarko

Please stop turning every game into a full-on shooter... This is not what I want from Dead Space... at all :(

Posted by samhead5

Not really into this. Not atmospheric at all. Them talking takes away from that as well. Is it just going to be an action game now?

Posted by Durgum

I don't care if it is the best co-op ever, I don't want it. Sad Dead Space seems to have applied the cover based shooter template.

Posted by hagridore

Not what I'd want out of Dead Space. Hope its just scenes they thought were best for demoing - a-la every time BioWare showed ME3.

Posted by Nux

Why are they turning Dead Space into a shooter?

Posted by n0nametaz

Well I'm done with Dead Space.

Posted by n0nametaz

@Nux: Because of the free market.

Posted by kennybaese

I don't get the hate for this. It seems like what a sequel to Dead Space 2 would look like.

Posted by n0nametaz

@NTM: Making the game more of a shooter and adding co-op drastically changes the design philosophy of the series. A great horror game atmosphere is brought on by a feeling of dread and isolation. The first game obviously created a fantastic horror setting while the second one, while still pretty scary and just as great of a game as the first, turned the games pacing in to much more of an action atmosphere because there's a lot more moment to moment action and things move a bit faster. Also in the second game there's not much of a feeling of isolation do to the fact that you see people all over the place. With the introduction of co-op I think you might be able to see how this dentures from the dread of isolation and hopelessness the first game was all about. Your right though, this game is still going to look and sound fantastic. Although, I don't know how the game play and pacing of the game is going to turn out do to the fact that their changing a lot about what made the game so great in the first place. Their changing more about Dead Space with 3 then what they changed from 2 to 1. Cover mechanics and human enemies? I didn't like Dead Space because I could shoot stuff. I loved it because it gave me a feeling of isolation and a fear of what I might run in to next.

Posted by s10129107

Doesn't coop ruin the atmosphere?

Posted by Krystal_Sackful

@n0nametaz: Oh please. There wouldn't be a Dead Space if there wasn't capitalism. This is just people being idiots.

Posted by paulwade1984

Call of dead space 3: Black warfare ops reloaded.

Posted by Orange_Tory

I look forward to playing Dead Space and Dead Space 2, and then stopping.

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I was just watching on IGN Steve Papoutsis talking about the game live, and he was basically saying that those that love Dead Space, shouldn't worry about this game, 'cause it's not just an all action game. He even mentioned the game play with the word "claustrophobic", and all that other stuff people complain won't be in it. He said what he was showing was the new stuff, so people would know that it's not just the same, but what will be in the final product will be what people love.

Posted by NTM

@s10129107: Picard, it may for some, but you don't have to play co-op if you don't want. This is also not like RE5. If you play campaign, it's Isaac only, but Carver is one of the characters in the game. It was one of the many challenges for Visceral to make it so it makes sense when dropping into a game and out of one.

Posted by SpicyRichter

Giant sphincter technology!

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Witty banter means lot's of swearing apparently.

Posted by Saltank

At least this isn't like Halo Reach, where there are two sixes.

Posted by masterfaculty

As someone who's played through the original twice and the sequel once: I couldn't even get through the trailer. Disappointing.

Also, the constant cutaways to the dudes on stage who could or could not be playing the game live is getting pretty old in all these demos.