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looks very mechy

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Free to play and it looks awesome. Cool.

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Risk my life for Hawken? NEVER. Fuck this game.

(looks neat)

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I can't think of a F2P game with higher production qualities than this. Super stoked about it.

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Just the video I was looking for! Perfect timing.

Edit: I want to play this so badly. I truly hope they don't offer gameplay affecting items in the store though, unless there is some reasonably alternative way to get those items.

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Definitely playing Mechwarrior Online and this game when they come out.

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Good to see the western mech genre making a return. Although, Chromehounds still holds a special lace in my heart

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Hawkman approves.

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@KeyzerSoze1979:  You can't hide it from me.  I know what you did.
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That's a very cool looking cockpit view.

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This and Mech Warrior Online are looking sooooo good. Love me some classic style mech games.

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Sorry Giant Bomb, but I'm only interested in what Hawktaku has to say about this game.

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@PeteyCoco said:

Risk my life for Hawken? NEVER. Fuck this game.

(looks neat)

I got the giggles.

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The interface for the mech design and loadouts is really cool to look at, great design.

EDIT: what an incredible looking game in general

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a backward K cool!!!!!

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"Techs-Mechs for lunch" :D

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I am going to beta this so hard

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Looks cool.

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Cult of Personality started to play when Brad began playing. Coincidence? I think not!

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"I like to be survivable" - Brad Shoemaker. I lol'd.

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OOOhh... I can't WAIT!!!!!!

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Looks great, but that delayed cockpit-to-camera movement is giving me some major motion sickness (not something I usually experience... ever). :\

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I think I'd rather watch this game than play it.

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Mech boner.

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This game looks awesome. Also I can hear Reptilia by the Strokes in the background. Extra sweet.

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Signed up for the beta before, can't wait.

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I want dis gaaaaaaame!

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Hahaha, that's me in the last :30 in the background scratching my ear. Internet famous. Finally.

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Can't wait for this game.

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Anyone else notice that on the upgrades screen Reduced Damage was in the offensive tree and Weapon Damage was in the defensive?

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I giggled at "techs-mechs." Lovely.

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"Do you need the mouse inverted?"

"No I don't because I'm not a crazy person."

Never change, guys.

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cool beans!

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I feel an urge to quote Big Bo here, so... that was SWEET!
This is definitely a game to keep following :)

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I like the style of this demo video.

Not sure how I feel yet about the speed of the mechs. Even a medium one seemed to move and turn pretty fast. The level also is very urban with not a lot of open space.

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hmmm, i don't know about body parts being purely cosmetic. I expect each component in my mech games to have a ton of stats to balance

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I avoid F2P. But damn I like a good Mech game. This will be my first F2P game. Id pay retail for this one!

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Hawktaku had way better Hawken coverage.

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@Kyle: pretty sure they are exclusive to hawk man

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@MikeGosot said:

"I like to be survivable" - Brad Shoemaker. I lol'd.

Haha I noticed that as well.

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Oh yeah, Hawken is looking great. I wonder if I'll need to upgrade my video card for it, though.

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What's with all the shredding?

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@Tennmuerti said:

Mech boner.


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this looks great hopefully this will show that the world is ready for mech games again.

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Looks like Hard Reset, but mechs.

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If only they had destructible environments......