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Gore Verbinski?

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@ds8k: Wrong Tron game.

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I'm down for any Twisted Pixel game except if it's Kinect. Hopefully it's not.

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@ez123 said:

I'm down for any Twisted Pixel game except if it's Kinect. Hopefully it's not.

I concur.
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Now if it were Loco Roco Cycle they might have had something...

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So excited to see what FMV they cook up for this one!

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I was really confused by this one...

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All of those forms of unarmed combat are just different ways to say, "Spin your wheel on that guys face!"

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Crazy Mexican Motorcycle: The Game.

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During the conference I totally ignored it, then the Twisted Pixel logo came up and I was like "yeah, ok" Now I have rewatched the trailer it's absolutely brilliant. Unarmed combat! and theres totally a Big Science labs logo in there. pleasedon'tbekinect!

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Almost expected the T-Mobile girl to be on it..

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This trailer was very confusing until the Twisted Pixel logo turned up. Now it makes perfect sense. I would love to see a motorcycle perform unarmed combat.

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I knew what this was as soon as I saw the Big Science Labs logo. No idea what it's about, but I'm already interested. It's my favourite E3 trailer so far.

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Motorcycle with no arms performs unarmed combat?

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i'd hit it

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I still want my money back from Comic Jumper. These guys make terrible games - guaranteed, this is more of the same :|

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WOW..... I have never seen that particular Microsoft End logo animation before..... it scared me a little.... Wait what? I was waiting for the trailer to start.....

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I hope there is ton of FMV.

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Can't wait. I hope it runs on Beard Engine v2.

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Unarmed Lightcycle Combat?