Posted by mAdMoNkEyMaNgO

looks ok

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oh dear lord this looks ridiculous

Posted by rramo010

Looks a bit wonky

Posted by TheModelMartel

If i can play as Dart from Legend of Dragoon I'll be very interested .

Posted by MrMC

super smash brothers battle royale

Posted by IndeedCodyBrown

This was actually better looking than exspected.

Posted by Rirse

Idea sounds good, but that E3 demo was so boring and lifeless.

Posted by Jevonsp

I don't get why everyone is so down on this :(

Posted by nick_verissimo

Kind of loses the tension without the percent health system, but I guess it could be interesting. I think I might be done with that type of game anyways...

Posted by Subjugation

I don't see damage percentage or lives indicated anywhere. Is it strictly just whoever has the most kills after a set time?

Posted by Kebrel

Why have I never heard of this "Fat Princess" character? The whole cast seems kinda odd and hodgepodge to me really.

Posted by Evil_Alaska

I don't understand the appeal of this game at all. That said it makes sense that I feel that way since I don't get the Smash Bros. love either.

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That man's pants were a wee bit too tight.

I was super interested when hearing about it, but the game seems so lifeless to me. It lacks that certain charm, but maybe it's because I don't have that nostalgia for Playstation characters.

If anything they need to put a little more flash into the character's regular attacks.

Posted by ThePhantomnaut


LONG LIVE ED MA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GDLK.

Posted by Soral

Fat Princess has a few moves that seem real similar to to another princess in a different party brawler game.

Posted by reflekshun

That was just boring, really boring

Posted by durden77

There's no telling exactly how cool this game will be, but regardless I want it.

Posted by XeroxPunk

So you die in one hit from an enemy's super move? And then you respawn and instantly die again if they're still spun up? Unless there are mechanics in place to delay/steal an opponents super meter, these seem like bad game design decisions.

Posted by ZeroKarizma

Great job Jeremy.

Posted by OMGmyFACE

I see the number 1 just turned into the number 2. Yup, it's a level 2 super. I don't think he's going to use it. Or he might. He might also be working towards a level 3 super. Oh, she's got a level 1 super as well. She might use her super right now. Let's watch.

Posted by Vasta_Narada

If I played Brawl with smash ball kills only, I'd be pretty down on that too. Let's hope this has a couple modes which are less about supers and more about kills with normal attacks.

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Just... just steal the Smash Bros. damage and death mechanics. Seriously. This supers mechanic seems okay, but it feels like they're just trying to differentiate themselves in the least effective way possible. A way that makes the game less fun.

Other than that though, I'm actually pretty excited for this.

Posted by Jack_Lafayette

This has been bothering the fuck out of me: is there ANY way to tell how much damage they've taken?

Posted by MeatSim

I am interested in what other 3rd part characters they get into this game along with the Big Daddy.

Posted by Krelwy

@Dark_Lord_Spam: well there is no health to keep track of. supers just kill instantly and normal attacks are there just to build up the meter, not to do damage.

Posted by Jack_Lafayette

@Krelwy: Thanks for the response. I have to say, though, that seems way less exciting than the pseudo-ring-out mechanic that Smash Bros. has.