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Nice! - Dan

Posted by SharkMan

this was weird

Posted by TheHT


Posted by allodude

If they actually pull this psychedelic mind-trip slant, this game could be really interesting.

Posted by Flip175

Game looks pretty good. The full-out boobage at the Ubisoft presser caught me off guard.

Posted by ThePhantomnaut

@TheHT said:



Posted by Sumbog

k this game is either going to blow, or be the best FPS I've ever played... It seems awesome, like fucking fight club shit, this game just seems cool

Posted by mrfizzy

BOOBS! (there, I said it)

Posted by McDunkin

Calling the Fight Club ending to this game right now.

Posted by Aronman789


Posted by Dallas_Raines


Posted by Claude

Nice, I'm buyin'.

Posted by Krystal_Sackful

So, hold on, did he have sex with his sister?

Posted by vikingdeath1

Before I pressed play I said Out Loud: "Alright Farcry 3, WOW me!" and you know what? I like that dudes voice. and why was he standin on all the TVs? Guess i'll find out...... when I buy Farcry 3

Posted by metalsnakezero


Posted by JackSukeru

What a fucking premise! They're really selling that insanity guy as some kind of larger than life villain, he's even the focus of the box cover. Weird, but I like it.

Posted by SpiralEye

Boobysoft made things interesting this year..

Posted by NakAttack

You are me, and I am you. Persona.

Posted by Dan_CiTi

hey guys tiiiiiits

Posted by csl316

Looks great. The gunplay may not be what I'm looking for, but the world looks quite interesting. I should probably dust off FC2 one of these days.

Posted by bybeach

The Monkey Business pact....what?

Posted by steelknight2000

It's starting to look like some Fight Club shit to me. MOHAWK GUY AIN'T REAL!

Posted by allodude

I was really hoping that there was only one voice actor for both the player and Vaas. Would have made this even trippier.

Posted by coaxmetal

see how they run like pigs from a gun.

story looks like a poorly done max payne (2) ripoff, hope they make a good emergent open world at least.

Posted by martez87

This looks so crazy and original (for a shooter). HYPE!

Posted by angrywookie29

nips ahoy!

Posted by CodeFire

I NEED this game!

Posted by DharmaBum

@McDunkin said:

Calling the Fight Club ending to this game right now.

I am Jack's definition of insanity.

Posted by tourgen

I really liked the neon trip out crazy town vibe. also a little Apocalypse Now / Heart of Darkness coming through. Hell yes it could be great fun as far as shooters go.

Edited by dvorak

@Krystal_Sackful: Yeah he must. I mean it's pretty obvious what's going on already. I'm not even sure they're trying to hide the twist.

Still not sure why this game is called FarCry 3 though, or even why FarCry 2 was called that. Game names are generally pretty arbitrary though, so whatevs.

Posted by Flyinnmunkee

I'm excited to see what this is really about!

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Posted by NTM

So basically, the main guy unknowingly and secretly is doing all the stuff on the island. He kills one of his friends, blindfolds another, then saves her. I guessed it, yay. Kidding.

Edited by Pootpoot

I'm calling it, this is gonna be like Fight Club where that crazy guy turns out to be you the whole time.

edit: annnnddd now I realise everyone called it first, haha

Posted by OfficerMeatbeef

I couldn't catch the conference live stream, was that Monkey Business Pack shit actually tacked on to the end when it was shown? I can't believe they would really destroy what seems to be the entire purpose and tone of the whole.... no wait I completely and totally believe it.

Posted by D

Hunter S. Thompson approves.

Posted by Korolev

So..... guys get hopped up on wacky mushrooms and goes on a killing spree?

Posted by Viking_Funeral

Boobs. Monkeys. And it ain't even my birthday.

Posted by OneManX

So... I got a MAJOR Persona 4 vibe from that shot of the TVs, then guys held a gun to their head... then I thought of Persona 3... now I want Persona 5

Posted by Dad_Is_A_Zombie

I have no experience with Far Cry at all but this shit looks crazy! I'm definitely interested.

Posted by Eeptog


it even ends with "you are me and I am you"

Posted by Porkellain

man, this game gets me so hyped

Posted by dr_mantas


Posted by Jack_Lafayette

They seem to be leaning a little too heavily into the Pocahontas/Avatar/The Last Samurai white-guy-saves-natives story. Hope they avoid that in favor of more crazy shit.

Posted by GaspoweR

Something tells me that there is some Fight Club/Tyler Durden shit going on in this game since that trailer pretty much spoiled the twist.

Posted by Icaria

Ugh, getting serious Secret Window, Secret Garden/'No John, you are the demons' vibes from this.

Posted by Winternet

What's up with that Gamestop ad?

Posted by Olivaw

@Encephalon said:


Nah. First trailer had the mohawk guy actually interacting with other people besides the protagonist.

Now Far Cry 2, there was a game that could have easily pulled the 'YOU ARE THE DEMONS' ending, but they didn't. So I doubt they'll go there now.

Posted by Evil_Alaska

Gameplay and island looks great, all the hallucination shit is lame.

Posted by MeatSim

Vaas is gonna summon his Persona all Persona 3 style.

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