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Girl wood.

Posted by Giantstalker

Right on!

Posted by crcruz3

I can't wait!

Posted by huser

I like how the C and O make an infinity sign.

Posted by Enns

So looking forward to this.

Posted by smiddy

Exciting stuff. The more I see of this game the better it looks.

Soundtrack sounds like something Tron Legacy, which is good.

Posted by BaneFireLord

More interesting than 95% of any of the conference's reveals, that's for sure.

Posted by SharkMan

looks great!

Posted by Wandrecanada

Not even my body is ready for this

Posted by Zombie_Shakespeare

Neat soundtrack. That's all I have to say about it.

Posted by hanktherapper

Looks better than the other XCom game

Posted by Krystal_Sackful

I'm really looking forward to this one. I was a little disappointed in Civ V, but it will take quite a bit more than that to tarnish my trust in Firaxis.

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Yes Firaxis. You can have my money.

Posted by Elwoodan

Was that shadowy dude the same voice actor as Optimus Prime? thats awesome.

Posted by Isaiah

@ArbitraryWater said:

Yes Firaxis. You can have my money.

Take mine as well, if this game lives up to half the hype It will be my personal game of the year.

Posted by SpudBug

looks incredible. i'm all over it.

Posted by Encephalon

Yes. Just yes.

Posted by SnakeEyes327

I was intruiged by the look of the FPS game, that sort of Cold War era 50's G-man style was pretty cool. So I'm still hoping that game turns out to be good, but Enemy Unknown is turning out to be a very cool looking traditional take on the game.

Posted by ReyGitano

I want to sleep while holding this game tightly.

Posted by Cybexx

Easily my most anticipated game for the rest of the year. Nothing they have shown of this game has disappointed me.

Posted by Beomoose

@Crispy said:

Girl wood.

Well done

Posted by kycinematic

Soldiers of the world, unite! To each according to their need, to each according to their alien kill ratios.

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I hope to god we can select Canada as an option for country of origin. Will be very displeased if I can not pick my home country.

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Thank you so much 2K. You know what's dumb? A bunch of old timey, Mad Men-era goons trying to fight off an alien invasion. Even if 2K Marin's game turns out to be good, the aesthetic is just stupid. You want a current day or futuristic force fighting aliens. Not bullcrap, lame-o, cigar chomping, slacks-wearing, Pleasantville-style, "Rah- Rah" Americana-style Cold War oldsters. I mean, who likes that shit?

So XCOM looks stupid. But Firaxis' game looks fantastic! Dynamic strategy, great stylized visuals, and a proper sci-fi near future universe...honestly, that's all we needed. Thanks for listening. It's been awhile since there was a real good big budget strategy game out there - not since Valkyria Chronicles, probably. I'm VERY MUCH looking forward to this one!

You could probably just cancel the other one now. ;)

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I think this one's a day one for me.

Posted by Dallas_Raines

Is this dat Battleship thingy?

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Hewo, Commander.

Posted by MikeLemmer

The Men in Black are gonna have to work their Neuralizers overtime for this one...

Posted by Viking_Funeral

Why wasn't this the original leading game? I want more. MORE!

Posted by UnrulyRuffian

Guys... I think this trailer just gave me a lady boner AND a dude boner at the same time.

Posted by Fillem

Even though I'm probably going to be shit at the game this does look very, very good and probably a day one purchase.

Posted by NicksCorner

No gameplay footage? :(

Posted by Baconator

Looks like they redid the whole style of the game. Wasn't the last trailer set in some sort of 50's alternative timeline? I sure preferred that over this generic modern day style.

Posted by UpscaleDoug

@Baconator: Actually that was a completely different X-com game being made by a different development team.

Posted by Irvandus

Well I think I just pissed myself.

Posted by Lydian_Sel

Continues to look really cool. At the very least it looks accessible, I remember trying to play the first XCOM a bunch of times as a kid but it was just way too hard for me.

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@bunnymud said:







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continues to look awesome

Posted by HeavyDuty32

Wow, that looks super badass, actually.

Posted by Rudy

Gamecation scheduled. October 9th. If that's a midnight release then it's definitely one of those no-shower game days ;)

Posted by MeatSim

Big fan of anything Firaxis does so I am on board.

Posted by lowestformofwit

Massive fan of the original and I hear good things about this re-make. Roll on release day...

Posted by masterfaculty

Come one Firaxis, we're all rooting for you on this one!

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I could not be more excited about this!

Posted by Glottery

That was certainly way more immense trailer than I had expected from a strategy game. Even more interested in it now...