Posted by Oy

Hope this has the Dead Island analog combat.

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Looks decent

Posted by ShaggE

Please let this be "good Techland". Every time I see this game, I get excited.

Posted by CairnsyTheBeard

If this is 'skyrim combat' but good, then count me in!

Posted by Tennmuerti

So far not impressed.

Posted by Tricky69

I don't know what it is with E3 but they do show a lot of repeated trailers. The difference here is that it's just got the Xbox One logo, which seems odd as Hellraid is out on PS4 and PC. Here's the trailer I'm talking about. Also curious as to why the trailers having slightly different lighting and even the Hellraid title has been slightly changed too.

Posted by onarum

If this is 'skyrim combat' but good, then count me in!

I'm hoping for dead island combat, skyrim combat cannot be good no matter what you do to it..

Posted by Relkin

I really like how he used that wand/staff to shoot fire. It actually looks like you channel the magic from your character through the wand/staff, rather than it just being stick that you point and shoot with.

Posted by Nerolus

xbox one only? Womp womp.

Posted by FatherHydra

I'm getting some serious Painkiller vibes off of this.

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@nerolus said:

xbox one only? Womp womp.

... it didn't say Exclusive on xbox one, only "coming to Xbox one" secondly there's a SteamPage up already for this game where it says and I quote "A huge step for Hellraid - Early Access is coming!" So yeah... not an exclusive.