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Aw yeah!

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Dah Vee! Actually as a grown adult, me and my girlfriend are actually kind of excited about some of these new Infinity figures. Who needs kids?!

Posted by Milkman

3 minutes, this is already a fucking great video.

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This is fantastic.

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I cant believe any if you are employed. Good job!

Posted by Top8Gamer

How does this guy have a job lol

Posted by defcomm

How does this guy have a job lol

I love that they do!

Posted by Existence

Lmao, what the fuck is happening here.

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My god this is amazing.

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This is amazing .

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Can't get enough of Johnny-V and his coke dealer shirt cuffs.

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As always, amazing

Posted by MartinG

Haha! I cracked when I saw "the businessman" John V. playing with the AC unit :)

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is it me or are all the old midway crew needing minders every time they appear on the site nowadays

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This is a reference for like 4 people but Johnny V is so the Todd Glass of Giant Bomb.

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I really like playing this game with my aged 5 and 7 girls. The actual game coverage here plays for me just as much as the antics.

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I love the guy but Johnny V kinda always seems drunk... maybe it was just the way he handled that figurine display.

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"I love dumb stuff!"

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"Gamable? What an idiot!"

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Gameable?!?!? What an Idiot!

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The difference between Jeff from last year and this year, dat beard!

*This video should be called Three Johns and a Jeff.

Posted by ddiggler

"Posted by Zac Minor", I'm not familiar with this person. Am I missing something? New employee?

Posted by Dan_CiTi

Darkwing Duck

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I still don't like the idea that you can't use every character in every playset. Bugs me for some reason.

Edit: Maybe it's because of the idea that I'm being locked out a majority of the game unless I buy more figures.

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Anything can happen in the Disney Toybox , John.


Posted by DeadpanCakes

"Gameable..??" What an interesting phrase!

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The best of all things!

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Toyz II Men.

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Johnny V is just... He's just a special little guy.

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I love how Drake is in these for absolutely no reason.

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I love Johnny V so much.

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Lost it when Johnny V told Drake he had daddy issues.

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Don't ever change, Johnny V!

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I honestly HAD to get get myself a Coke after watching this.

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gameable? what an idiot!

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gameable? what an idiot!

Posted by Jackhole

gameable? what a genius!

Posted by ZionSiva

Sponsored by Diet Coke.

Posted by ollieg_94

I love how this is a yearly thing.

Posted by Anytus2007

@top8gamer: Think about it. Johnny V got GIANT BOMB to do coverage of Disney Infinity. Even if its goofy and somewhat off message, this is a demo/interview that only happened because he's cool to hang out with. This site reaches a number of people that they might not be able to get with their more serious channels.

In other news: Coming 2015 JOHN Gerstmann presents GIANTBOMB.

Posted by Benmo316

Drake drinking Diet Coke while refilling the cup is going to be one of my new favorite gifs

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It is kinda weird that Fantasia got made because of the Jeff/Giant Bomb connection.
And that Johnny named his Avatar on TOR "Infinity". Hahaha!

Man, I fucking love Giant Bomb.

Posted by nilcalion

I love Johnny-V, never change!

Posted by rossi_g

I love Johnny trying to act professional with those two chuckleheads around

Posted by Joeshmo

@ddiggler: He's working with GB for e3. He also edited the Day 01 highlights video, which was fantastic. Hopefully they'll hire him full time!

Posted by HellknightLeon

Gamable? What an idiot!

Posted by Hamborgini

@ddiggler said:

"Posted by Zac Minor", I'm not familiar with this person. Am I missing something? New employee?

I believe he's a contractor they got to help Vinny and Drew with video stuff just for E3.

Posted by OldGuy

Gameable is the new Toyetic:

Posted by Osaladin

I love this goddamn website.