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Well that looks completely crazy. I guess the boss battles involve a tighter group of loyal citizens? Any idea what the screen with 30 faces meant?

Posted by pinner458

Guess we're getting Mother 3 after all.

Kind of weird that its coming to everything except Xbox One.

Posted by Slag

Oh man this looks sweet!

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@huser: I think that screen shows all the citizens that can be used in your party.

Posted by GaddockTeeg

I back this game way back in its failed kickstarter, really happy they were able to find a publisher. The demo they put out was really enjoyable. Here's my first look video from back then for those of you looking for more info: http://bit.ly/17libQS

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I remember backing this on Kickstarter, which eventually failed . It's cool that Atlus seems to have picked it up

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@icyeyes said:

Wait... This was posted by Marino???

This is the third year I've been helping during E3. Hope ya like the trailers!

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If only they had secured the Biden license.

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Surprised at no Xbox platforms, yeah.

Looks like the kind of nonsense I want in a video game :)

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I know the guy who did the art for this! Glad to see it's finally on Giantbomb