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Posted by thatpinguino

Let the yarnification of the Nintendo universe continue!

Posted by zakn

Quick Look HAS to have Alex and Jeff

Posted by tp0p

this looks amazing

Posted by Korolev

Nintendo once again show that when it comes to reiterating on their existing franchises, they are second to none. They really are very, very talented. However.... yeah, I'm sorry, but this won't make me buy a WiiU. I know, I'm a monster with blood-soaked fans and a heart made of obsidian which runs on liquid nitrogen, but these are simply not the games that will make me buy a WiiU.

Still, this game looks legitimately wonderful for Yoshi fans, and I hope the WiiU gains customers. I'll pick up a WiiU eventually (whenever the new Zelda game comes out because, you know, Zelda) but not right now. Still, when I do pick one up, I'll probably get this as well.

Posted by Vuud

Look at that. L O O K A T T H A T!!!! Oh my God. And no baby Mario so I guess that's an upshot.

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Oh my god this is so fuzzy i must have. ._.

Posted by ominousbedroom

@zakn said:

Quick Look HAS to have Alex and Jeff

God I hope so

Posted by simian

This is cute as fuck and I'm totally onboard with getting it despite the fact that Yoshi main mode of attack is throwing his shit at enemies. I guess this is a step up from weaponizing (I hope) unfertilized eggs.

Posted by Doskias

Yoshi's nose smooshes against things when he pushes things. I CAN'T STAND HOW CUTE THAT IS.

Posted by Seriousface

Why are the piranha plants the only thing not made of yarn?