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I have this feeling we will be seeing this at a few more E3's before this hits a release date. It doesnt even seem like any of the physical game is actually done. Seems very early in development. I want this more than Star Wars.

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I was a big fan of the original from the environmental aesthetic to the feel of the controls as you improved your gameplay. Very few games offered the speed of traversal with the visceral feeling of movement and the danger of the acrobatics like Mirror's Edge. I hope they can improve on the first and draw in a bigger fan base than before. I'd hate to see FPS games like Brink or Titanfall take over this style of game to the exclusion of others.

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This looks like a proof of concept of a next-gen Mirror's Edge than an actual game. I'm worried this might still be cancelled, which would be a real shame because it looks so cool.

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I like they are improving the combat, that was the one thing about the original game that frustrated me and kept me from finishing it. I do hope solar fields comes back to do the soundtrack though, they are amazing! Thats how I found out about them originally i think....

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I loved the first one and while it was clunky in spots it was something I really hoped that DICE would get a second chance to refine. Give them 3 years for all I care - I just want another experience like the original once again.

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[insert Griffin McElroy winking here]

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So hip!

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Atmospherically and soundtrack wise, the first was amazing. All it needed was a better story, more fleshed out characters, and a longer (at least twice as long) experience.

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Mirror's Edge meets Parappa the Rapper crossover. Make it happen.

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I never finished the first one, because I got totally stuck and just gave up, but I'm so glad this exists.

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I want the renders at 1:56, I'll pay 60 bucks for that.

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I loved the first game; played it through to completion at least twice. Footage is too early though, betting 2016 at least.

Also talking about Faith as a projectile is clever marketing. They need to capture that idea and get it across to players in the early levels so that the 'regular gamer' can understand that not every game is about shooting things and not every obstacle is to be overcome with brute force. Sometimes it's way more fun or interesting to dodge something or run away from a threat than it is to just whip out your pistol and blat blat.

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Looks sweet. Looking forward to it. Hopefully combat isn't your usual point and shoot experience but something new.

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im so happy that they didn't show and combat with faith with a gun, i hope that they build this game more so that the first one so that guns are unneeded.

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hellz ya, I'm a big fan of the album Movements (Capsized OST) by solar fields

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I am all over this game.

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Looooove mirrors edge. But why did they have to change those marvelous shoes? I always wanted these to become released as an actual model.


These guys better not use the same style of animated cut-scenes they did with the first one. That was the only thing keeping it short of being a masterpiece.