Posted by WrathOfGod

More like Bowterfield.

Posted by shawnyofthedead

hmmmm delicious doughnuts spotted ( i wonder if they appear on the mini-map)

Posted by Speedhuntr

"Don't taze me bro"

Posted by Jackist

I'm downloading the beta now. Should be able to give it a try in 45 minutes and see how it is. I'm actually pretty hopeful.

Posted by grapesoda

I like payday 2 quite a bit so I'm interested in seeing how this will actually play but I kinda get the feeling it will be a lot of one flag ctf

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This game looks like absolute fucking chaos.

Posted by Mogoping

The police did so much more damage to that city than the contents of that armoured truck were worth.

Posted by Brendan

Err... there's no way the contents of the trucks is worth more than the ammunition for the guns they used. And the cost of all the guns. After they split the money a billion ways. Yup.

Posted by chilipeppersman

@grapesoda: pretty much,and i cant help thinking this is what gta V MP shoulda been.......

Posted by PyroMenace

I'm pretty excited for this, but my first thought with the whole crane collapsing moment was "Yea, that's gonna crash every server."

Posted by White

I am exercising my right to remain silent.

Posted by simian

Cautiously optimistic.

Posted by SKUupin

Don't. Taze me. Bro.

Good god.

Posted by Korolev

So, so, so scripted. And what kind of criminal organization has dozens upon dozens of heavily armed, trained operatives equipped with miniguns and assault rifles and willing to do open battle in the streets of a major US city?

This is nothing but "Battlefied: This Time, We Fight in a City With Crappier Vehicles".

Posted by Smorlock

@brendan: Suspension of disbelief is an important thing to have if you play video games.

Posted by BrotherBran


This is gonna put Payday to shame.