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This looks cool, like braid.
I'll buy it

Posted by YoungDetective

Heading off the Braid comparisons - Braid wasn't the first game where do something, then rewind time and a clone of yourself does it.

Posted by Tiwi

Hey i liked Braid!

Posted by deaux
@YoungDetective: You're probably right.  Did you have something specific in mind?
Posted by MeatSim

This looks like a pretty challenging puzzle game.

Posted by JackSukeru
Posted by YoungDetective
@deaux: There was another one, other than the one posted, and it is driving me nuts trying to think of it.

And I'm not knocking Braid. I liked it too.
Posted by Damodar

Doesn't seem as interesting an idea as Echochrome.

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While E3 was on this video got posted up on the UK PSN Store with the title of Replay. It was a dead cert expansion on the Echochrome theme. It'll be interesting, but as a PS owner, I'd love to be able to play Braid itself *AHEM*.

Loosely on the theme of time: I'm watching Terminator 2 on TV at present. I remember being, well lets say a lot younger when this came out, and being absolutely blown away by the effects. It now looks to me like Terminator did in comparison to Terminator 2. I feel like I did when I watched early 80s movies as a teenager, and that's making me feel rather old indeed. But, on the other hand I've just installed a 320gb HD in place of the stock 40gb mine came with, so hey-ho.

also re T2, it's kind of difficult to watch that whole "savin' the world with a shotgun" kind of film post Team America, but I'd totally play the video game.

Posted by trav3ler
@YoungDetective:  Braid was the first to make the idea a commercial success and really popular.  Thus, I still see this as a Braid knockoff, and a pretty dumb one at that.  Of course, I didn't like Echochrome either, so I could be biased, but I'll give this one a miss.
Posted by Scarabus

Not an original concept, but could be fun.

Posted by AURON570

i remember there was a flash game i played a while ago that had the exact same "playing with your ghost" concept. can't remember the name.. but it was really clever and interesting to see your own character doing exactly what you did last time xD and ofcourse making the mistake that you made.

Posted by Dan_CiTi

This looks nothing like Chrono Trigger.

Posted by Alphazero

There's that bit in Braid...

====>>> SPOILER <<<====

where you jump across the gap to get the key from your shadow self.... amazing. If this has anything as mind blowing as that one was for me, I'd play it.

Posted by deathswhisper
@Dan_CiTi said:
" This looks nothing like Chrono Trigger. "
Posted by Kajaah117

So.... where's the Atom bomb?

Seriously though, it does look like the 4th(?) level of Braid, not that Braid was the first to do this type of puzzle solving, but insanely more complex. If however, the next game features a ring that you drop on the ground to slow time, then something's up.

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Anyone as bored by this as I?

It's a collection of complex block puzzles with no theme whatsoever, just a clever mechanic.

I mean there's minimalistic, and then there's *too* minimalistic.  But I dunno; I guess it depends on the state of mind you're in when you play it.

Posted by Sin4profit

So they kicked the MC Escher 3d thing out the door, ripped off Braid, put in the world's most minimal side scroller graphics, and added music that makes me wanna kill puppies...great.

Posted by ajamafalous

Sure is Braid in here.

Posted by BRINKTheMovieMyFavoriteMovie

So...it's Braid, basically?

Posted by Riotisonfire

Soljia boy game of the year 2009!!!!

Posted by Son_of_Nun

The game everyone might be thinking of is Chronotron. It's a flash game on Kongregate.  Nothing from this trailer looks different than the puzzles found in this flash game from over a year ago.

So if you are slightly interested, play it for free.  It's way more similar to this than it is to Braid.

Posted by TwoLines

Time Slip anyone?
Oh, someone said it already!
But the concept was better there.
You died when you met your other self.
Which made you think twice as hard on where you need to stand.

Posted by ahoodedfigure

SO INbNOrVAaTIiVEd! :)))

Posted by MasterChief360

could be mindbending

Posted by Kohe321

Yeah looks pretty much like braid.

Posted by datarez

I liked Braid, but this just seems a little much with 6+ versions of myself in a puzzle.  I can just imagine the frustration of having to unwind all the way to the 2nd iteration to correct something.

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Looks ok

Posted by YoungDetective
@Son_of_Nun: That's the one! That's what I was thinking of.
Posted by YoungDetective
@trav3ler: I'm pretty sure that a game rips off the idea of the first one to have it, not the most commercially successful one. Who had an idea first is totally independent of how much money anything has made.
Posted by Pepsicolaboy

It looks ok but.....I wish they'd just paid for braid instead. This reeks of 'obligitory time shifting indy game but this time for PSN'.

Echochrome was great, just look how many people watched this video (and left comments). Sony really needs to back itself and take more risks. Flower was amazing, Pixeljunk(s) is(are) great.....but PSN definately needs more.

Anyway having said that theres a good chance ill pick this up.

Posted by MadExponent

Hey look it's Braid 2....wait....no.

Posted by Reetesh

Woah!! My brain blasted just looking at the trailer.. but thats one Fiiiine Soundtrack! Should help in controlling the temper and not smacking the controller down with frustration.

Posted by Littlejehova

Gotta love that music

Posted by Deusoma

This is a real shame. The first game was excellent, but these games where you have to work with your own shadows (which people have been doing for years in Internet flash games, incidentally) always come off as harder than hell at best and a complete clusterfuck at worst.