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Posted by chrispti

cool thing to watch on a saturday morning. thanks for the encyclopedia bombastica jeff!

Posted by the_unabomber

This was the very first game that caused me to rip a controller out of a system and throw it across the room.

Posted by wrecks

Showing my age but I saw Motley Crue perform live 5 times. I was a banger.

Posted by guilherme

@paulunga said:

Crüe Ball's cool but it's no Devil's Crush/Devil Crash/Dragon's Fury. Especially the PC-Engine version, the music's so goddamn good.

This game is so good!

Posted by VikG

Thanks Jeff, this was great! I''m looking forward to the next installment of EB! I can't help but wonder how many more games would be improved with the addition of a simple jump ramp to space...

Posted by ultrapeanut

@Garrick_Greathouse: It feels good to be a kid again.

Posted by Darthozzan

I really love Jeff and these videos but I do wish he would get a real mic and not use his webcam =/ Doesn't have to be a studio style mic that costs a lot, a headset or just clip on mic would even be better. It's really harsh listening to this =(

Posted by Zelnox

@Maajin said:

Jeff always talks about how video game Pinball don't go far enough, I guess he didn't play Metroid Pinball.

The sound!

Posted by Generiko

Jeff looks jaggy

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@Generiko said:

Jeff looks jaggy

DJ Jaggy Jeff

Posted by Hunter5024

So in the alternate timeline this is called Lou Ball?

Posted by Hulkamaniac

That Dr. Feelgound rendition Nikki Sucked. Too much twang.

Posted by Scarabus

I turned on this video and looked away for a second. I involuntary started to bob my head to the music and as I turned my head to look back on the screen I saw Jeff was doing the same thing.

Posted by Wampa1

So what has the better Brian Schmidt tunes. This or Black Knight 2000

I think we know the answer.

Posted by ArtisanBreads

Loving this raw ass version of Dr Feel Good on the Genesis chip. Never heard of this one!

Posted by Typhus733

Motley Crue sucks dogs for quarters. True metal forever, Metallica rules! :P

Posted by KirkDouglas

Suggest continuing the music game theme and doing the arcade classic Revolution X.


Posted by casper_

i love how 90's edgy genesis games could be

Posted by Neurotic

Yay! Finally one of these games that Jeff takes a look at was released when I was alive! Maybe. Depends on when in '92 it came out.

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bombastica roolz

Posted by DSale

I found myself shouting TURN UP THE VOLUME!!! multiple times during this quick look...

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Bust those busta busts.

Posted by bybeach

'Suppossed to reference syphillus'

I am not touching this game without protection. Actuallly no luv for Crue anyways..

Posted by Irishranger

WTF games like this make me realize just how big of an undertaking Encyclopedia Bombastica will be. I mean, there's just so many games out there, man...just so many.

On a side note, I wish all of my friends had Jeff's sense of humor. XD

Posted by BlazeHedgehog

Glad to see some Metroid Prime Pinball love in the comments in here. Along the same lines:

Posted by namesonkel

Loved Devil's Crush. Loved this video.

Posted by poisonjam7

I love how Jeff doesn't bother to do anything about his hair before recording these. It looks like he just rolled out of bed and hit record. (Which seems highly probable)

Posted by Lepuke

I remember this game, I rented it a couple times as a kid from the local video store. Played the crap out of it a couple different weekends, because it actually was decent digital pinball in its time and its sound was also damn impressive for its time.

The music also reminds me of Mutant League Footballs soundtrack. (Which is as much a reason I have so much love for that game as the rest of the package.)

Remember the headphone jack on the front of the original Genesis? I spliced actual stereo speakers into that as a kid. It was the shit.

Posted by Tefari

Fuck yeah more Bombastica. And here I wasn't expecting to see any until January because of GOTY stuff, and we got one today AND tomorrow? Much love.

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"Yo Nikki Sixx, jump over that big ass ramp!"

...I'm sorry, but it had to be said.

Posted by Woodroez

@Fleck0 said:

DIdn't know this exsisted, but I love the Gensis Home Sweet Home


I thought it was great too. If it was a little busier and a more clean-sounding, it would maybe pass as something from a Sonic the Hedgehog game.

Posted by ripelivejam

so at this rate encyclopedia bombastica will be complete in 92739467032639629863 years :D

good vid

Posted by Delsaber

Now this is a Genesis-ass Genesis game.

All glory to that sound chip. Right up there with the Commodore 64 for my money.

Posted by Vel

Ah, no wonder 'Too Far Away' sounded familiar - Brian Schmidt did the music for Jungle Strike too.

Posted by zenmastah

These old games are so naive, it makes me feel like an old person.

And im not an old person even..

Posted by Stradimus

Jeff, only you could get me to actually watch someone play virtual pinball. I can't stand these types of games and somehow I watched this all the way through to the end. I give you exactly one "Kudos" point. Spend it wisely.

Posted by x0mb13

Jeff you are awesome, this is why I come to this site.

Posted by LarryDavis

"we need to shoot up through these flippers"

Shooting up is VERY Motley Crüe. This seems accurate.

Posted by SharkCopter

I keep thinking of mutant league football when hearing this music

Posted by I_smell

Wow this game is bonkers! A virtual pinball table that breaks reality to have progression and boss fights is such a cool idea. I'm lookin up Pinball Quest now.
@BlazeHedgehog said:

Glad to see some Metroid Prime Pinball love in the comments in here. Along the same lines:

Also cool!
Posted by pleasedaddyno

"i've got extra balls." -Jeff Gerstmann

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Posted by GuardianKnux

I'm surprised he did this game. I distinctly remember playing this when I was younger and thinking that this was one of the most boring games I had ever played. Hahaha

Posted by ManlyBeast

@Typhus733: Yes praise a band that sold out forever!

Posted by Carncarn

Fun quicklook, i approve of Genesis style Crue

Posted by DarkbeatDK

If you are all into rockin out to Pinball, there's an official Slayer board for Pinball HD on iOS.

Posted by SHHADOWW

I played way to much of this game as a kid good to see you show it.

Posted by Vuud

I gotta serious case of crue balls

Posted by tourgen

wow that's crazy! I had no idea something like this existed.

Posted by Dan_CiTi

Siiiiiiick I hope The Twisted Tales of Spike McFang and Crystalis are next.