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More GBeast content featuring one of my all time favorite games ...
It's like winning the World Cup all over again! :')

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A Super Robot named Megaman... Hell yeah!

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Yay, a video on the second best Mega Man!

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The Woodsman was my favorite Kevin Bacon movie...

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Is it just me or is there a scanline filter on this?

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One of the greatest games of all time.

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I like how Vinny says "hmmmmm" when Alex said that Roll is Dr. Light's helper.

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Brings me back to the days when I could recite Mega Ran/Random songs at the drop off a hat
Mega Ran - Jewel Man

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Megaman X is the shit!

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Metal Man song. I'm Metal Man, no I'm not a dentist.

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Alex, Protoman is from Megaman 3, not X

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@sub_o: I'm a bigger fan of

also this is one of my favorite games of all time! Hyped for this :D

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I absolutely LOVE the title screen music.

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Quinoa is the most white people food of all time.

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And of course Will of One by Protomen is considered as the documentary of Megaman.

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Mega Man 4 and 5 are underrated. Especially the music.

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Quinoa... Guy. The most overlooked Boss robot.

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50 minutes? I feel like if they don't beat the entire game in that time then they dun effed up. Also:

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Mega Man looks so happy when he jumps, its great.

Please do videos for the whole series...

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are they using a fake scanlinesfilter or something? kind of hurt my eyes.

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I'm surprised by how well this holds up visually. Looks really clean.

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I wish someone would do one of these for Mega Man X.

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Very enjoyable play through, I love GBeast!

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This website is so great, you guys

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I like Mega Man 2, but Mega Man 3 has the best Weapon Get music.

Also @alex I can't believe that you've never heard of this.

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I played the ever living hell out of this game as a kid. Tried it again recently and it still holds up. Glad to see Giant BEast give this game some love.

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As good as Mega Man music is, it always makes me think of Pink Floyd instead.

My brother's friend would keep yelling "hey, teacher! Leave them kids alone!" over and over whenever going through the first one. Anytime he cleared a screen of dudes.

So that's my story.

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This game. This music. God damn.

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that Rich Gallup joke.

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So weird to see the path Alex takes. Completely different from mine. I always started with Metal Man.

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I've never been good at these games, but I got through quick man's stage with ordinary mega man.

Not some shocking feat, just about finding the shortest path down possible.

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GBEast is really knocking it out of the park these past few days.

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Have a good birthday, Mega Man 2.

At 22:20. Perfect.

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Minibosses' Megaman 2 medley is probably the first video game remix track I ever heard. It's still so, so good.

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I never understood people who said Metal Man was hard. I always started with him because his weapon was so great for dealing with guys above or below you. He was lots of fun to fight, too.

Then again, I also used to beat Quickman without Flash Man or Air Man's weapons, so... :p

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I played Shovel Knight, the game had one big flaw, you can't shoot.

Also, first time I see someone who doesn't jump through screen transition.

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Zero is the one you're thinking of from the X games and a few other Mega Man series. Protoman was Classic series and Battle Network.

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Painful, but funny. My favorite part: "I think you use it right here." *bew bew bew bew*

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Did you guys play this on the Retron with the scanline filter on? I don't mind it, it just looks... different. Also, Alex, all things considered, you're pretty good at Megaman!

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I love me some classic Mega Man. I also love Mega Man X, though (the SNES games, at any rate). I don't hold it against them or anything ('cause different tastes, etc.), but it bums me out a bit that none of the GB crew seem to have any fond memories of the X series. At least Vinny didn't mind them.

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@winsord: Not purposely, though yeah, looks like we left it on after the last time we were messing around with the Retron.

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Don't tell me it's "very exciting," dammit! Especially before it's even a thing!

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Alex doesn't know about Gummi Bears? Where did your childhood go wrong?

EDIT: Also, Vinny blew my mind with the Rockman / Roll comment. Phoenix Down!?

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Here's something I made a while back that's relevant to MM2 =D

also wanna say, I'm diggin that they're using some CRT filters =]

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God that Wily's theme is a rocking track