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I know this makes me a terrible person, but I always preferred Baseball Stars and Bases Loaded.

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How could I have forgotten this wonderful music! Good times.

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Looks like a Troll with that hair haha. Love it.

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It's the new year, spring training is just around the corner!

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I love RBI Baseball, but for whatever reason I ended up playing a lot more Roger Clemens' MVP Baseball. That base sliding minigame was dope.

Also, I totally need to go back to Super Baseball Simulator 2000 for the SNES... I used to play that all the time.

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@heatdrive88 said:

I love RBI Baseball, but for whatever reason I ended up playing a lot more Roger Clemens' MVP Baseball. That base sliding minigame was dope.

That was a great baseball game on SNES. Then again, I grew up as a huge Roger Clemens fan so my opinion is biased. My dad once pulled me out of church when I was about 10 to drive a few hundred miles to meet Roger in person and get an autograph. It was delightful, and wish I could find the picture of us shaking hands.

Red Sox fan for life! And I'm a New Yorker... so yeah...

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Next level Jeff

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Finally some more of these! It's one of my fave things Jeff!

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Jeff's Hair is wonderful today. Is RBI comparable to Blades of Steel and Ice Hockey NES that's all I know about retro sports games.

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This is not Ken Griffey for the SNES and therefor not the best baseball game of all time.

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Oh man I haven't been hit by nostalgia this hard in a long time. I played so much R.B.I. Baseball as a kid. It all came flooding back and I immediately started humming along with the music.

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I so miss the days of two button sports games. Anything beyond racing and golf games now are completely incomprehensible to me.

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Heh I love how the curtains are drawn in Jeff's room and its probably around noon.

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Remember playing R.B.I. 2 Baseball (or R.B.I. Baseball 2, there seems to be some confusion for the European market...) on the Amiga quite excessively.

The graphics and the presentation were really top notch on the Amiga.

The fondest memory for this game must be when the older brother of my friend smashed his "Competition Pro" (a really good and expensive Joystick at the time) on the table and destroyed it, as he lost to his brother in one of our many tournaments... Aaah, those were the days...

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@i_stay_puft said:

Heh I love how the curtains are drawn in Jeff's room and its probably around noon.

Glare on the monitor I presume

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@i_stay_puft said:

Heh I love how the curtains are drawn in Jeff's room and its probably around noon.

Glare on the monitor I presume

or its just vacation time for the giant bomb crew!

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@pimblycharles said:

@i_stay_puft said:

Heh I love how the curtains are drawn in Jeff's room and its probably around noon.

Glare on the monitor I presume

or its just vacation time for the giant bomb crew!

I like to imagine those curtains wouldn't be able to open even if you tried - like Jeff lives in pitch darkness constantly.

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Still the best baseball game to date

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It's just you from my singular perspective, Jeff. I rolled out and am playing Dark Souls as the contractor tears apart my bathroom for a re-model. This pretty cool though! Very much appreciate your checking in on the site, also. Reminds me of the spirit when amazon tripped.

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When I saw the link to this in my RSS feed, I briefly enjoyed trying to guess which of the Bomb Crew would've done this. "Maaaaaaybe, Alex, but probably Jeff. No, definitely Jeff." And then. "Yep. It's Jeff."

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hell yeah RBI. that music is so recognizable. I didn't get the chance to play many NES games but this was one of them. Great game!

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Man that music just never stops

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This game is a classic.

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Speaking of Zelda, anyone else reminded of this?

Really hated it until I figured out the system for direction, but goddammit, I just couldn't leave that last heart piece alone. In the end it was honestly pretty satisfying to time everything just right.

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This was more entertaining for Jeff's late 1980s baseball knowledge than anything else. The one thing that sticks out as someone for whom this is their formal introduction to RBI, that music is grating as fuck.

The greatest basketball game ever made.

I know that has to be a mistake because Jeff would first say NBA Jam or Arch Rivals.

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This brings back memories. RBI baseball 3 was fantastic, as was Baseball Stars.

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Greatest sports game ever made. :)

I remembered there was another I really liked on the SNES but couldn't recall the name. 15 minutes in Jeff solves it: it was the Ken Griffey one.

If the major developers won't do an arcadey sports game nowadays, maybe an indie dev could. I don't care about licensed teams or any of that so maybe it could happen. That would be great.

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I was always a fan of the baseball stars game. Never really got into second one, just orginal baseball stars may still be my favorite baseball game. I've played one or two others through the years that looked better but nothing beat baseball stars.

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I'm excited that the first video content of the year is a Bombastica

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Your dad went easy on you, @jeff.

And stop swinging at every single ball you batting monster you.

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Bases Loaded was the baseball series of choice in my household. This song is forever etched into my brain meat:

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The sound effects for when the ball goes way up in the air are making me nostalgia trip really hard.

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I thought Tecmo Baseball was the Tecmo Bowl of baseball. That was my favorite as a kid. Best graphics, music, gameplay.

R.B.I. played similar, but a bit slower paced. Had the real players though, which was the big catch. Liked all of them though to be fair. Baseball Stars, Bases Loaded as well.

Posted by Eclectic

Was I the only one that thought the game audio was a little too loud?

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@chumm said:

Bad News Baseball is the exact same game except SUPERIOR IN EVERY CONCEIVABLE WAY. I will never understand how RBI reigns while the tre champ remains so underplayed.

Yep. That and Baseball Stars is all I need.

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The only way to start the new year is with some classics.

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Jeff is going super saiyan!!!

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RBI Baseball is a classic. It was also one of the first games I rented back when two days rentals were the thing and Pharmore dominated the movie and video game rental industry.

However, I think Tecmo Baseball and SNK's Baseball Stars were superior games.

Posted by JesterArbo

Thank you Jeff. I cannot believe that I forgot about this game. Would always play with my little brother back in the day when you could rent games for weeks at a time. Man this game was awesome.

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I wanna see Jeff comb that hair straight down in front of his face. If it even bends that way.

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That music is reminding me that I must have played this when I had an NES.

P.S. I'd like to see Golgo 13 get this treatment. Must've rented that thing five times (never beat it).

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I am way into this. Home-centred Encyclopaedia Bombasticas are great.

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It was so nostalgic seeing Jeff play this game. I haven't thought of RBI Baseball in a long time. I remember playing so much of this game with friends as a kid.

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The original Backyard Baseball was my baseball game of choice back in the day. Still play it occasionally. Pablo's home run theme still gets me all sorts of pumped up.

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I can't hear Jeff over the music but it's ok because RBI Baseball has some of the best music ever.

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For my money Basewars and Power Pros are the best baseball games

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I'll never get tired of watching this.

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"This is a classic basketball game."

I was gonna say... 35 seconds in, and Gerstmann's gone crazy