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lets see what this has to offer

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Hey guys, I like videos.

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I've never been so excited about The Goonies II !!

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I played this at California Extreme this year. I wouldn't say I enjoyed it all that much.

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@chilibean_3: It's an amazing game! AMAZING!

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I want to hel too!

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So glad this got made! Goonies are good enough!

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I am a big fan of the Goonies II box art, and a pretty big fan of the game as well.

Have never seen the movie though

Edit: Two things!

  1. I also always thought that there was no The Goonies 1 and that this was just a sequel to the movie mentioned on the back of the box.
  2. I had no idea that the music in the game was based on a "real" song by Cyndi Lauper. Imma have to go listen to that.
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Hey you guys!!! Wish there was a Goonies 2 movie.

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"Hey, you guys."

Just like in the movie, remember?

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I remember loving the music on this game as a kid, especially that first level.

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Goonies, let's do this thang.

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Please stop hitting Obi-Wan Kenobi with a hammer.

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My first thought, that boxart is awfully similar in style to the early Contra and Castlevania games.

And then I saw the Konami logo.

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I played so much of this game but I was too young to fully figure it out. Surprisingly difficult and complex for a game based on The Goonies.

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@blastroid: @mustachioeugene: You beated me :(


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So THAT'S where that music come from.

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Metroonies needs to become a thing.

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Delighted that you covered this. Thanks very much, one of the first games I ever completed

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dem evil eskimos

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I can't believe Jeff didn't hit Konami Man. I feel like my whole life has been a lie.

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I never did beat this game.

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Really enjoyed this. A great hit of Nostalgia. I never really figured out that game as a kid but I remember a lot of it very clearly and must have played a lot. The translation was a bit of a barrier back then as well.

@CaptainErock: That was amazing

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"If you are familiar with the original game 'The Goonies'... which you probably aren't"


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Am I the only one that went to look up "The Poonies"? Amazing cast Ginger Lynn, Amber Lynn, and Peter North! I was deprived of this movie , as my brother in-laws stash of porn while quite large (3 VHS drawers full) which I would swipe movies from and then re-label them as things like Ernest Goes to Camp , unfortunately did not contain this gem. :D

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goddamn, that Cyndi Lauper theme song is classic

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@SmiteOfHand: Wow! I have never seen that cart in my whole life! Where did you pick that up? Nice cover art of one eyed willy! So cool!

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Totally have this game in the other room. Cool to see it on giantbomb :D

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The Goonies II, added to the page! So awesome we already have a page that fits that criteria; I was just recently thinking about suggesting it on the boards, feeling all ''I'm so bloody goddamn buttfucking creative'' only to find that... we've had such a page for a long while now... :(

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Thinking back, Jeff is right - this game is surprisingly complex for 1987, and predates a lot of the games in this genre. Never considered that before. But yes, to this day I cannot beat this game, not because it is difficult but because the tasks you need to complete are somewhat archaic and poorly translated. Pretty sure when Jeff found the dead end in the ice cave, there's actually an invisible door there when you push Up on the D-pad. That's the kind of archaic I'm talking about.

Music is great though, and the graphics too! Grade A Konami during the 8-bit era.

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My sister and I would randomly start this up back in the 80's and finish it in a single setting without ever consulting notes, basically speedrunning this wonderful game because that's how good it is, it's got Blizzard levels of polish and I recommend playing it even if you do it via emulator.
And here's the 15 minute TAS of it

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Such a fun game! I remember a secret door being behind a waterfall. It might've been a one-way door...it's been a while.

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Holy shit, I had no idea when I started this video but that music triggered some serious flashbacks of me playing this game. What the hell, when did I get in contact with Goonies II?!?

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@Needle: actually its quite scaled down in scope and length from the kinds of games konami was making on the msx , definately a gem for the nes tho.

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Goonies: Still Never Say Die. This is just screaming for a Telltale made game. And wow, I feel old I remember this, but never owned it.

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I think this is the best Encyclopedia Bombastica yet. I hope there are more to come because I would not mind having a look at that Golgo 13 game.

It's interesting that way back then Jeff thought the Goonies II was a sequel to the movie, and now there actually are video games that are direct continuations of movies, like Telltale's Back to the Future.

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oh my god thank you Jeff for saying "castlevania slash metroid" instead of "metroidvania", maybe the dumbest term in gaming. METROID CAME FIRST, CASTLEVANIA JUST TOOK EVERYTHING FROM IT.

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Seems kind of like Dr. Chaos but not nearly as cool.

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Fantastic box art on this game. I remember staring at it many times while choosing a game to rent. Good ol' days.

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I remember this game. I had an older friend/babysitter who had it back when it was the 80's. When I asked him about Goonies 1, he talked like it didn't exist and that Goonies 2 was the sequel to the movie like Jeff said. Today I found out it actually did.
Also wow I forgot how great that box art was, and how dope the music is.

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Awesome vid. You should take a look at Golgo 13. One of my favorite NES games

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Not the greatest game in history, but I'm still quite fond of it! It's a real good early example of a Metroidvania, especially since it came out before a Castlevania even did.

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Huh, had never heard of this game before, but it seems pretty cool. Surprisingly complex for its time. Thanks for the vid, Jeff!

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Ouch. Right in the nostalgia. Played this so much as a kid.