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Great! I have pretty fond memories of this game.

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Well, that's promising.

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Love Saturday morning videos!

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Nice, a Dan game!

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Man, UI has come a long way.

I've never really been a car combat guy but Dan's enthusiasm is kinda contagious.

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Dan knows what's up. THUMPER 4 LYFE. Second, shout out to Mr. Slam. Also, every character in this game is great.

EDIT: This is how I imagined the real Dan would act if he was in Paris. FUCK THE EIFFEL TOWER!

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Twisted Metal 2's "up down left right right left down up" invincibility/infinite ammo codes have been permanently imprinted in my head.

It's crazy what nostalgia can do. I still love this game, but I know for a fact that it's only because of nostalgia. I mean... I love the music, too, but I shouldn't. It's just so bad.

Also, my friends used to yell at me for "cheating" when I'd freeze them. Pshhhhh.

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Ahhhh Twisted Metal 2. One of the finest games there is,

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"Books are stupid." - Dan Ryckert, author of two books.

Man. Dan is a damn good fit.

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I bet a TM2 remake would be fantastic even if its just online multiplayer.

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So much content this week. That nostalgia, played a lot of this game, didn't know all those tricks.

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I'm almost afraid to watch this. It's one of those cases where it's something I thought was really outstanding as a kid and I'm concerned is actually pretty mediocre.

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One of my favorites, I don't think they know about the shield code: UUR. It can block the minion attack or freezing.

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Battlefield 4 ain't got nothin on this LEVOLUTION.

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Dan's enthusiasm is so refreshing.

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Awesome, I'm really liking the Dan and Jeff chemistry and this is the best Twisted Metal (except for Black, which is actually the best).

P.S. Mr. Slam all day every day.

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Wow, never played any of the twisted metal games, but this looks really cool. I think I'll pick up that Ps3 one that came out several years ago.

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I want a Twisted Metal Gear game with batshit lore, sneaking and some driving maybe?

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One of my all time favourite game. Great video!

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This is pretty much the perfect Freedom Weekend video content.

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Please do more Encyclopedias in the office. I think these videos would benefit a lot from having two people in them. I know that might not be the original intention with the videos, but the only solo Encyplopedias I have ever enjoyed have been Alex's videos. Both Jeff and Patrick's solo videos I don't find that interesting to be honest.

This encyclopedia was great btw. Which is why I would love to see more of these made with two people in them. Also pretty cool choice @danryckert. I remember my brother having Twisted Metal, I think it might even have been the first one, and I thought it was the coolest thing in the world. I had so much fun with this series back in the day.

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Never played a Twisted Metal (never had a PlayStation). I think the time has passed for me to be interested, but even when I was younger I wasn't that interested in pure car combat. Big fan of Carmageddon though. I can run down pedestrians all day long.

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Never played twisted metal series, but when I was a chap me and my buddy would rent Vigilante 8 from the video store every weekend and spend hours murdering each other vehicularly.

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Sweet thanks duders

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Dan sounds so excited!

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I didn't play much of TM2. I really enjoyed the first game and then got super into Black.

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I really miss the vehicular combat genre. Never quite got into Twisted Metal, but I adore DeathDrome, Necrodome, Quarantine, Interstate '76/Vigilante 8 and Carmageddon.

The only decent one for PC we've gotten in years was Metal Drift, and it's multiplayer only with a way too small online community to work.

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I didn't play much of TM2. I really enjoyed the first game and then got super into Black.

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@development: THAT'S what that code is! It's burned into my mind too but I wasn't sure what PS1 game it was from!

@danryckert has been killing it this week. Very happy he's on board.

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Sounds like Dan Ryckert in a nutshell. Not much else than Twisted Metal 2 in there :)

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@danryckert Killing it! Very nice addition to the GB Crew. TM series was so good back in the day. Its also great to hear Jeff "loose" again, I can't remember hearing him like this since before Ryan passed. Great work guys.

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So it turns out I'm pretty much the exact same age as Dan, thus it's fitting we share a similar fondness for this game.

This was actually the first proper Playstation game I owned as a kid. When we first got the system, we survived off demo discs for what must have been months. I was still playing a lot of SNES and whatnot so that was fine. But one day, me and my friend went to open the lid to put in one of those demo discs and inside was a CD I had never seen before, with that psycho red clown face on it. The original Twisted Metal 2 disc didn't actually have a title or anything on the disc itself, so we had no idea what it was as we booted it up.

It turns out my dad had bought the game intending for it to be a birthday present for me, and he forgot the disc in the system while he was "testing" it (my dad was and still is a big gamer himself). So me and my buddy played the hell out of that game all day, and it was fantastic. Once my dad found out about his mistake, there wasn't really much he could do at that point, so it ended up being a significantly early gift. It's probably one of my most vivid videogame related memories.

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"Like Carmageddon but way way better."

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Wow, potty mouth there, Dan. That's... rowdy.

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First game I picked up for psx and has a very special place in my heart.

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Man I played the hell out of these early Twisted Metal games with my friend, love it so much

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"Books are stupid." - Dan Ryckert, author of two books.

Man. Dan is a damn good fit.

Air Force Gator and Air Force Gator II don't count as books.

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I loved Rouge Trip, I never got Twisted Metal so Rouge Trip holds a place in my heart in the same way Twisted Metal must do for Dan :D

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@undulate said:
@squirrelgod said:

Man. Dan is a damn good fit.

So you're saying a brown lesbian SJW wouldn't have been a better fit? Blasphemy!

I don't think that's what he said and continuing to bring it up sarcastically or otherwise probably won't go over well with the new mod rules.

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I used to play this game with my brother all the time. I remember how pissed he got when he kept losing to the last boss.

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Fuck yeah! I love this new guy! Good hire Jeff

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Sweet! I was wondering when a Twisted Metal game would show up. It's actually a bit impressive Dan remembers all of the codes. And I definitely have some great memories of this game. Thanks!

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Always enjoyed Dan's work and he's the perfect fit to the GB crew. He's brought so much energy back into the site! Him and Jeff have immediate chemistry, really looking forward to more.

In a very similar way of wanting Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 to be made, I'd love a new Twisted Metal game to be made. Completely stripped back and carrying on from these earlier games.

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Dan's youthful enthusiasm is adorable. I bet he'd also get along well with Millennial Correspondent Drew Scanlon. ;)

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Great STuff! mORE PLEASe!

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I've been spending my holiday break catching up with some of Dan's work over at Game Informer, and there are some "Replays" over there that are just as good if not better than Quick Looks. Makes sense that he's already pretty good at the Giant Bomb thing.