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For once I'm in complete agreement with Dan. He's playing this game the same way I do; I know all the characters and their moves, and specials, but I'm still mashing the buttons to do them with complete disregard. I'd probably be worse at the game if I tried to press buttons precisely when I wanted the attack to commence. Instead it's all, "OKAY he's doing the uppy-swipey-spin slashey move, now start mashing the buttons for the smashy-axe-to-head throw combo"

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Lizardman!!! More Lizardmaaaaannnn!

Seung Mi Na and Yoshimitsu, FTW. :) This totally reminds me of my college days. The Dreamcast was a sizable chunk of those memories.

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I'm surprised no one harvested this tidbit yet:

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Jason's quips against Dan were great.

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"Rocky sucks." - Dan Ryckert, traitor to America

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Next Encyclopedia Bombastica confirmed. Super Street Fighter 2: Jason's Revenge. CC @unastrike

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I played a whole bunch of this game in college, too, but I bet I only have muscle memory for Siegfried, Mitsurugi and Taki.

It's a shame the series has fallen out of favor with the revival of 2d fighters, which I never enjoyed all that much. That said, sequelizing fighting series is hard, especially if you aren't very good with the story modes.

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Is the voice audio just slightly out of sync for anyone else on this video? Had the same problem with this week's UPF.

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Jason Saltfarmer

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I hope this spawns a fighting game tournament in the office

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I think Dan has time messed up. 99 to 03 in the dorms? I'm the same age as Dan so he would have graduated high school in 02...

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I really want to challenge Dan in this 8v8 random thing.

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any chance of a MvC2 Bombastica?

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\o/ team Jason!

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That was fucking insufferable to watch.

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Dan doing Curly noises is the best.

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Dan is playing Voldo correctly.

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We need more features with Jason.

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Felt for Jason playing with a hyper competitive Dan. Was still great to watch it though

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Jason was so mad early in the video. lol

He had a nice comeback though.

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good god

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@kapelan: It's not so much hate as much as it's "not a good fit." I think he's an amazing guy, and dammit if he hasn't achieved what he wants out of life, and will likely to continue to. Hell, I'd be proud if I could achieve my goals the way he does.

It's just not something I personally enjoy watching. I think Jeff put it best when he said that if someone declares they hate pickles, that doesn't mean they are saying the pickles are objectively bad. It just means it's not something for them. The cool thing about Jeff was that he then went on a funny rant about how pickles actually are indeed objectively bad. :) That's a good way to address things that are interesting, and make it fun as well.

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@marblez3 said:

@ebinbraveheart: You must play games with odd friends.

Odd for busting each others balls? That's kinda typical male friendship behavior all around the world. But if you prefer getting treated with silk gloves, more power to you I guess.

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7 minutes in and I'm out

You're a better man then I. Could only made it six minutes.

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@snow_blind: Hahaha I just came in here to ask someone to turn that part in to a gif. I love you. That's going on my hard drive.

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@noizy: Yes! Someone start a poll or something! SF2 Jason Vs Everyone.

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We need more features with Jason.

Although I agree because Jason's super great, his infrequent appearances make each one feel like a special event.

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Yes! That's EXACTLY how I wanted this to start. I spent way too much time in that cutscene editor myself. XD

Edit: I could probably still beat them with Kilik. I kept remembering all kinds of good moves while Jason was playing with him. f + X, X, X for example. Or maybe it was f, f + X. Something like that.

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This is like watching a man fight his mirror-world opposite.

I ADORE this.

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Dan is so hard to watch in this video.

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Maybe it's Dan's fault but this looks just as shitty as every other Soul Calibur.

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Jason really must have been rusty, 8 minutes of pain before we see his first sidestep.

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you can tell jason and dan have worked together for a long time, this is hilarious

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@danryckert Since you joined the site I've been meaning to ask you to do a Soul Calibur quick look and also for you to replace all the characters in the intro with Lizardman. Because that's what I always did.

So this is amazing.

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@foomanfat said:

I've never had friends that do this. I guess I'm part of a weird group of people that don't think it is fun/funny to annoy other people. Different strokes, I suppose.

It's called friendly banter. You dudes need to chill.

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I enjoyed this a lot, thanks Dan and Jason!

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no spawn no sale

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@foomanfat said:

I've never had friends that do this. I guess I'm part of a weird group of people that don't think it is fun/funny to annoy other people. Different strokes, I suppose.

Hey man, I'm not saying there's anything wrong or weird with that at all. I just hope people wouldn't attack Dan for behavior that is completely typical and encouraged between close friends (in some circles anyway).

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Can't you guys tell Dan was just fucking around?

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This video is great. Would love to see more Jason+Dan content. It helps that Soul Calibur is probably the best fighting game series!

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Dan's tendency towards the annoying and (seemingly) unprofessional used to bug the crap out of me. But he is unabashedly himself, and that's exactly what I love about Giant Bomb, and always have. GB is rooted in the personality of it's people, and Dan is NOTHING if not personality.

Also, it's become pretty clear over time that, as goofy and incomprehensible as he can be, he is great at what he does, and he knows what he's doing.

I love Dan as part of the Giant Bomb crew! YAH DAN.

Also, I also love Jason's frequency of on screen appearances. We get a fair amount of "pop in" from him as the voice of God, but then when his face shows up it's always exciting.

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I did not realize you could edit the intro sequence.

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@ebinbraveheart: No worries, man. I understand they're fast friends and have a certain dynamic. It's just, from my outside point of view, it can seem aggressively one-sided and get kind of uncomfortable to watch, especially since I don't recall anyone else in the office being that way.

It's all hugs from over here, though. No beef intended to any of y'all. :)

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@corporalgregg: I was still playing it when I was in the dorms in 02/03.