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Posted by Satune

 Cant wait for this!

Posted by IronRinn

 Endurance Run go!

Posted by ApertureSilence


Posted by FLYmeatwad

Almost 50 minutes! Yes!

Posted by LordAndrew
@Hylianhero1991 said:
" First! "
Quote for !truth
Posted by Raymayne


Posted by GaZZuM

Woo! Great timing, I'm bored as hell!

Posted by Emiel

48 minutes. Nice!

Posted by buhssuht

jesus 50 min? 
let me get my breakfast ready first

Posted by DarkFury

Oh shiiiiiiiiiit

Posted by Epidepic

Hands to the sky, Zach!

Posted by armaan8014


Posted by Cauldie


Posted by The_Hiro_Abides


Posted by Sammichman

VJ>BR Sorry to say it. Gotta hang back on watching the BR one cause they're ahead and spoilers are bad :(

Posted by Kaigan

York grows some damn fine facial hair.

Posted by KrisCarter

I love this stuff. Perfect way to start the day.

Posted by ApolloJ85

Oh noess! Stuck on geometry, this ER is over!

Posted by golguin

"Case may take a while."
More endurance run for me then.

Posted by simian

Argh falling behind!

Posted by Creamypies

I much prefer the way VJ are playing through this... they check every corner just like I would.

Posted by phrosnite

"I hit something. I think it was a small child." <----- WOW!

Posted by Lotan

Woah, that stuck part had me cracking up!

Posted by VoshiNova


Posted by ChristianKohne

you got  a serious beard growing there...

Posted by gbrading

Agent York's beard has style. Also, psychopathic.

Posted by BenderUnit22

GB crew has the worst sense of direction

Edited by Pop

I wonder how you have to do that secret video quest I think you have to be the first to post a comment on a video.
edit: also york was stuck in the geometry of the dog hahahaha so funny.

Posted by fox01313

Thinking that they were just stuck on the dog with the bathroom scene, noticed the dog being pushy in the other team's ER. And if Vinny is reading this, you can get better car stats, including gas, by doing the junkyard sidequests.

Posted by LordAndrew
@Pop: That's exactly it. And it will happen in the first few seconds the video is up.
Posted by supercubedude

God, for a second there I thought this would be 40 minutes of them stuck in the wall.

Posted by jmrwacko

"Time to put gems in sockets"
Holy shit, a WoW reference? Really?

Posted by Smokay


Posted by Conker

Man, the story is gettin exciting
Posted by BigChief

Dave raises a very good point, where IS Chie?

Posted by Somadude

"I pooped all over the sheets"
Posted by mutha3

''Devil's bathroom''

Posted by Leviathan2000

lol frustration is kicking in big time!!! LOLLLL

Posted by 34wsdfsdfwe

VJ da best
Eh..better than all the rest.
So says Mr. Stewart.

Posted by LordAndrew
@BigChief: Her name is Emily.
Posted by paulunga
@jmrwacko said:
" "Time to put gems in sockets"  Holy shit, a WoW reference? Really? "
Uhh.. that's a Resident Evil reference.
Posted by wibby

Ahhh.. that time of the day again.. feet up. and a cup of coffee time :)

Posted by Ulong

It's not a real endurance run of deadly premonition if they don't do some of the more important plot sidequests, even if they skip the silly ones.
Also, they'll never get the radio will they? :(

Posted by Besetment

Haha, they spend over 20 minutes running around the hotel and manage to completely skip the breakfast scene.

Posted by Olivaw

Man, I've heard some sidequests give totally sweet rewards and not trading cards. I wonder if they ever find any.

Posted by Crushed

Can't they please turn up the volume on the game? Or just on the video itself. It's getting really hard to hear things.

Posted by CannonGoose

"You could shave--" 
I am really looking forward to this York beard!

Posted by airules

What did they yell about when they were in the raining room at the art gallery? I watched over it a few times and couldnt see what they got so excited about.

Posted by Shinri

I would love it if they got the infinite smg.
Posted by AaronChance

If they're not going to get the radio, they should at least buy a better car at the junkyard.

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