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Posted by redeye1984

This Mr. Morooka is some character...

Posted by Zripwud

I'm going to pick up this one in a few days.

Posted by Aas

This is hilarious.

Posted by Daawisss

This was so good :D:D

Posted by LordAndrew

King Moron's hilarious. XD

Posted by Grimjim8000

funny stuff :D

Posted by kingmasters

these persona 4 videos are great its like MST3k for games

Posted by BertieWooster

Seriously, if all JRPGs came with a Jeff and Vinny commentary track, I might someday consider playing one. But probably not. I'd just continue to watch 15 minute chunks at work each morning of someone else playing them. 

And yes, I put my vote in on the 'do this for the whole game' side. It'd be a regular video feature until something like 2012.
Posted by lordofultima

This could go on forever it's just so hilarious.

Posted by creamclouds

my god! how long will you be pushing X, next. lol
it has a beautiful charm to it. and since I'm a sucker for RPGs, I cant help but watch more.

Posted by mythus

man we got like 10 more vids before any gameplay lmao.

Posted by kingmasters

don't do the whole game just the cutscenes and then when your done do ar tonelico 2

Posted by Duck44

Getting better and better....

Posted by Ozeki

Damn, game looks awesome. I'm thinking about replugging my PS2. Clearly this is worth the pain and misery that will involve playing a PS2 game on an lcd tv. Hopefully.

Or I could just keep on watching these vids. :D

Posted by Daz0608

I love these videos

Posted by n8

seriously...   i really hope there ends up being like 300 of these..

what really fascinates me is how they landed on this particular game for the inaugural endurance run.. 

don't get me wrong tho.  i love the pick..  i've learned a lot about.....   fog....  and bland rice   :-D

Posted by LeBart

That was hilarious ! Best Persona 4 video so far !

Posted by Hairydutchman

"So you tried the rainy night thing"


Posted by AndrewB

This is like, bedtime story material. Well, except for the swearing. And teen angst. God, is there a lot of teen angst in this game.

Posted by Media_Master

I hate reading text constantly 

interesting game though

Posted by LifeByDegrees

The never ending middle school style innuendo gets a bit grating when it lasts for 15 straight.
I'd appreciate it if you toned it or broke it down a bit in the future- gratzi.

Posted by MeatSim

a teacher from Queens in Japan?

Posted by ahoodedfigure

Damn.  The pace...

More people say sheesh than you think, man.

I'm glad they're going through this, I don't think I could handle sitting back and watching it without the commentary :)

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Please just go and do this forever.

This is quickly becoming the top reason to come to the site.

Posted by dannyodwyer

These videos are just brilliant

Posted by Shane

I will watch every one of these, even if there's 1000 of them

Posted by Fritzerbacon

I love watching these! Jeff and Vinny, your comments are hilarious!

Posted by AllanIceman

I hope these go on forever. it's relaxing

Posted by albedos_shadow

Dear god, this going to go on FOREVER.

Posted by KillerRabbit

Heh.... this is brilliant.. found myself laughing out loud a bunch of times during this

Keep it up guys.. please... must.. have .... power... to push... X..

Posted by Artanas

This game is now on my Gamefly list.

Posted by Carlos1408

Dude these videos are awesome, the commentary is just great guys, it made me laugh several times! lol

I hope they go one forever, I would watch them all!

Posted by BenderUnit22

The play-by-play commentary is hilarious, I hope you keep doing this. Too bad Persona 4 hasn't been released in Europe yet, but at that pace you're not gonna be spoiling much until it does.

Posted by Kohe321

Hillarious movies, keep it up!

Posted by strangeling

Go Vinny, Go!

Best bit so far.
Posted by FallenFatKid

great videos guys

Posted by FreshyFresh23

HAHAHAHAHA doing the panty checkin to see if youre unclean????? HAAAAAA HAHAHA

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I could watch one of these every day for the rest of my life. And at the rate this game moves, that's more than likely.

This game takes longer to get into the gameplay than FINAL FANTASY 10!

Posted by VilhelmNielsen

Please make longer videos, or else you'll NEVER get done. When does the gameplay actually start?

Posted by Pazy

Looking at this makes me wish Persona 4 was just an anime series. Battles are cool and stuff but I play jRPG's for there stories and some times I just cant be bothered to "play" I just want to watch.

Then again if they had a voiceover like this id be way into it, mystery science theater 3000: Giant Bomb Edition?

Posted by Karmann

These are amazing!

Posted by Joseppie

This has to be finished all the way through. Hello 2011!

Posted by Agent_Lost

lol, there so much win.

Posted by Alphazero

This is astounding. You're like 45 minutes into the game and you've... sliced at a shadow dude in your dream then passed out.

You have a destiny, and it is pressing X.

Posted by ep_driver

Panty check, hahahaha. that's fucking gross.

Posted by LiveOrDie1212

this is exactly like Mistery Theater 3000, so funny!

Posted by PoorRich

This is way better than playing the game myself. I'd love to see this the entire game. You guys are really on a roll with videos!

Posted by TripMasterMunky

These are the best quick look videos so far! They really make me want to play this game...but I fear it for the same reasons of it being super long and jrpg-ish.

Posted by Endogene

I want to go out and by a PS2 now.

Posted by LordAndrew

You should go out and buy a PS2 eight years ago.
I got mine in late 2006 and will probably never catch up.