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Vinny.  I love you.  A lot.

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oh sweet glory..   please make these longer  =D

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I can't see the video, any ideas?

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sometimes the article is up but the video isn't yet somehow :D

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If this game really is 60 hours, you guys may be doing this for a very, very long time. Like, 60 hours' worth.

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The garbage can is the killer.


Posted by Mars_Cleric

You must do these videos for all eternity

Posted by LifeByDegrees

Those that are becoming bored with watching X button presses and story- I wish you the best of luck with watching this through until the end.

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Posted by ElectricHaggis

You know, 65 hours of these videos sounds aaaaalright.
It doesn't come out in the U.K for about a month.  I'm considering getting the game.

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Awesome stuff.

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"Every day's great at your Giant Bomb Persona 4 Endurance Run!"

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Loving these videos, great way to start the day at work wish they were a bit longer however :p. The game starts off slow like most JRPGs so hopefully by episode 8 you actually kill something.

Posted by MatthewMeadows

Wow, this is some pretty good advetising for the game. After watching this, you guys seemed to have so much fun that I couldn't help but pre-order the game. (Comes out in the UK in a month or so).

Good job guys!
Posted by Hector

I love watching these vids. Makes me want to "play" or watch Persona 4 on my own.

Posted by kingmasters

these videos make my day

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just so you know, you can set it so that you don't always have to press x for story dialogue, it'll just proceed on it's own. that's when you put the controller down and refresh your drink.

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Use the analog stick. Seeing him walk like that makes me uncomfortable.

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These videos seriously make my day! I would watch these through the whole game...

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So have you guys already made all these videos or are you honestly only playing these 8-20 minutes a day? If you average 15 minutes a day, this game will take about 260 days to complete. I don't think I've played a game that I couldn't beat in at least 2 weeks, and that was like, some...really old JRPG for the PS1.

I wonder if the viewers or the players will get sick of this game first.

Posted by MatthewMeadows

Maybe the game, not the presenters :P

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too funny ! I could  watch this all day.

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Keep it up, I could really watch the whole game. 'Tis entertaining indeed.

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These videos are hilarious. I would definitely like to see these extended to, say, 20-30 minutes. But don't sacrifice quality for quantity! Great vids, saves me from pressing x to play this game =)

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How do you get stuck in a garbage can like that?

Posted by LifeByDegrees

Very carefully. Note the tactical movements as he ensures he can stay in the garbage can until the player presses X again. He's a master of the art- trained at the Nordeka Barrel and Garbage Can Center For The Arts. Being the seventh son of the seventh son of a garbage can roller- his inherited talents are what separate him from even the greatest barrel/garbage can roller, Sontoku Bill Murray. But what truly allows this artful beauty to progress forward is his deep love for the art- which in its artiness presents the art of his forefathers. Art.

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Go Vinny, Go!

Posted by Kane

oh god please make these videos 1 hour long!!!

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I actually look foward to these.

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OH man, once you get to the actual dungeon crawling I expect Jeff to just completely leave the segment.

Posted by jimmdogg

Keep going.  I will keep watching, at least until something happens!

Posted by FLStyle

I love all the vids GB are pumping out lately, I'll be watching all of the Persona 4ness.

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if you guys really want to make these "endurance" runs, you should make the video's like an hour long.

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Oh man. Why aren't real adverts like that?
Also, I am going to get this game when it comes out, play up to where you're at, and then follow your progress. I CAN PRESS X TOO!
Posted by CornishRocker

I like JRPGs, they can be pretty slow to begin with, but on the whole, they get better after the first couple of hours. That doesn't sound reassuring, actually... XD
Anyway, I'm loving these vids, they keep me entertained after these exausting days at college. Thanks dudes!

Posted by Mawryk

These video/commentary sessions are rapidly becoming the highlight of my work days.  You must continue pressing X!

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Yes, please continue these, they are glorious!

Posted by pirate_neal

so if its 60 hours of game play, and if its 15 min. Intervals, carry the 0....6 times 4.....
thats 240 episodes....

........*&$% YES!

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Yay for perpetual rolling movement people.

Posted by AndrewB

You guys shouldn't explain what happened last every time. If people want to know, they can watch the previous videos.

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Aaox, the game came out on December 9th in the US and a good while ago in Japan. I'm gonna guess your in EU or Australia?

Posted by Karmann

w00t! Keep these coming! But make them LONGER!!!

Posted by Alphazero

The story thus far:

Charlie Tuna-san had a nightmare vision of an old man with a penis nose and his creepy but hot female companion in the back of a limo. Tuna-san is told he has a destiny. Thanks for that, Penis-nose.

Tuna awakes on a train en route to his creepy Uncle Dorito's house in the 'burbs. He meets Uncle Dorito and his underage daughter, and is promptly left alone with her. She starts singing television jingles, which must mean it's time to raid the fridge for tasteless fried rice. Tuna then should go to bed. TUNA SHOULD GO TO BED. He's very tired, and should stop clicking on things and instead should go to bed. We're tantalized by the possibility offered by the sub-titles that Tuna might have a good dream.

Tuna does not have a good dream. He finds himself in a foggy dream-world where you can only go forward and nothing you do matters. You know, like Gears of War. At the end of the path he opens a sweet swirling square door and meets the dreaded ???. Tuna selects "Cleavage", slices at the air miles away from ???, then passes out. In his dream.

The next day at school he meets his asshole homeroom teacher, Mr. Moo-okay, who lectures them all on proper underwear hygine. You're dismissed from class and told something big happened, but just go home. You should go home. Stop clicking on things and just go home. With the two hotties. Now we're talkin'.

On the way to the mall with the hotties, you hear that something was hanging from an antenna, but that it's not there anymore. It totally was there at one point though. You can take that to the bank. Although it is not shown and also not there anymore, you overhear that the hanging thing was a body. Not the good kind of body, like Tuna's two lady-friends have, but the bad kind of body, that is dead and leaking things it shouldn't be leaking. It must be pretty gross, as your creepy Uncle Dorito (who is naturally a Police Detective) is even more unshaven than usual, with his tie even more un-tight.

The gross body discussion puts off your lady friends from going to the mall and suggestively feeding corn-dogs to each other, so you agree to reconvene the next day. You go home to hang out with your cousin, the unsupervised daughter of Inspector Dorito-San, then you should go to bed. You should go to bed. You are tired after almost walking to the mall and should go to bed. Christ on a crutch, would you just go to bed? Please? The game has nothing more to say to you.

After sleeping, you wake up and some jerk drives his bike into a garbage can, where he stays. Ha ha. Jerk.

You should stop reading now. You're tired after plowing through this massive wall of text and should stop reading. Stop reading.

Posted by VilhelmNielsen

8 minutes? You gotta make 'em longer. Maybe half an hour.

Posted by CoinMatze

Noooo! Guys, don't make those shorter! I need moving pictures while eating lunch and this series is perfect for that. 8 minutes is too short for my epic meals. If anything, make these longer.

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lol, so great. The game intro is about 4 hour, at that point you get all the map and quest open to you.

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oh hope to god that they actually go through the whole game. This is my new thing to look forward to after work :P

Posted by ArbitraryWater

These videos are still awesome. EVERY DAY'S GREAT AT YOUR JUNES!