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This will probably be a shorter video, due to yesterday's 80 minutes of awesomeness and Abaddon the giant slime frog thing.

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I prefer them shorter, myself.  I don't have an unlimited cache in this jalopy. 

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Let's S. Link!

C'mon guys, you can do it.  You only have Nanako, Dojima, Naoto, Kanji, Teddie, Rise, Old Lady, Nurse, Margaret, The bitchy girl who ditches school, The single mother, Basketball Team, Fox, and Drama Girl to go!  You can bust that out by next week, right?

Not that it's really a big issue, but you can always sell off a bunch of old crap to get some more monies.

Nice slow pan at 53:00.  Very classy.

Lastly, when your chick catches you out on the town with another girl, remember the immortal words of the poet Shaggy: "It wasn't me."  You guys totally got S. Link cockblocked.  Next time you try to hang out with drama chick, Yukiko and Chie are going to do a little Agidyne/Galactic Punt combo.

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I do enjoy the longer episodes, if they're interesting.

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Looks to be a good episode if you check out the pictures that vinny has. Girlfriend trouble charlie-kun?

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DAYM! 66 mins! Two long eps in a row. :O

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Aw, snap.  Endurance Run time.

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So yukiko and chie are gonna find each other out. Hilarity will surely ensue

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Holy cow, 66! You're spoiling me, guys!

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i'm really glad it's not nearly over, adjusting to life without weekday endurance runs is gonna suck.

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Thanks for another lengthly ep, guys.

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Man these eps are long! I remember way back when they were 15 minutes a pop. Good ol' days...

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yessss! Love me some ER with my americano (not from sb)

ps- juliana hatfield isn't dead. her universal heart-beat remains.

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Hmm, running into Yukiko while hanging out with Ai never happened to me, I wonder why

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Eventhough I (finally) finished the game a week ago it's still fun to watch you guys go through the stuff.
I really feel like playing the game again to get all S. Links up in New game+. It saves a lot of time when you already have your characteristics maxed ;)

Oh and don't forget; if you can't remember what a book does you can easily check it in your inventory with the Square button.

Posted by Nexas

You guys need to work on understanding as you will need it at max to finish Nanako

Posted by chronix

Gah.  You could try to make personas with good skills (like invigorate 2 and mind charge to pass on)

I try to fuse all of my personas to be usable, especially as its nice to have different ones that are week/strong against different things

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Wow, Suzaku looks a lot like Fenghuang, but they're different.  This persona mytholgy thing keeps teaching me more stuff. :)

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I'm gonna miss Black Frost...

Posted by Korosive

Nevermind, I see they will pull him back out.

Posted by chronix

During school, Rise is in classroom building 1F?

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How did you guys already forget that when you tried to fuse Pabilsag (Scorpion dude) it ended up in giving Abbaddon (big slime)?  That was such an awesome moment...

Posted by Curufinwe
@Nexas said:
"You guys need to work on understanding as you will need it at max to finish Nanako "

It's Expression they need maxed for her, and they have already maxed it.
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on a rainy day the chinese daiyu (sp?) has a rainy day special, increases Knowledge, Courage and Understanding.

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@Curufinwe said:
" @Nexas said:
"You guys need to work on understanding as you will need it at max to finish Nanako "
It's Expression they need maxed for her, and they have already maxed it. "
You need understanding for later lvls

edit: nevermind I looked at the guide. I must be going crazy or something

still they should do it to get the tower s. link 
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I can't tell you how many times i backed out of the Velvet Room in Persona 3. Every time, I wanted to punch stuff.

Posted by Hyuzen

pretty sure rise and all the school folks are found at school during school days, not in the shopping district. but i'm not 100% on that.

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You need max Understanding for the Tutoring job.

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Raphael totally looks like a mix of Tekken 2's Devil and Paul Phoenix. Great Ep.

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charlie-kun is a playa! :p
he have all the girls falling in love with him. ZING!

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@stinky: hmmmm... late adopter.
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DUde... Sebastian was a lobster not a crab... :P

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I guess my prediction was wrong.  Another long episode!

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Wow, hard to believe that after 60 hours of playing you don't know where Kanji and Rise hangs out on school days... =P

Returning Fox's quest should be done on rainy days when you can't do most of the other social links.

BTW, you can't continue Fox's quest now and later w/o fishing.  You may be able to buy goldfish from the TV shopping network, but you can't buy the other one.

Posted by Sarumarine

"How'd you get this number?"
Don't you know Vinny? GiantBomb supports stalkers!

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Yukiko is the best

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this is what i get for watching too much endurance run...last night i had a dream that chie slapped charlie cuz of the whole charlie-yukiko-chie thing...tonight charile's gonna get slapped by chie and yukiko..

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Tam Lin Is more of a physical Persona D:

Also, there really isn't a rank 10, its called MAX.

Posted by BenderUnit22

I facepalmed so hard when they were looking for Rise at the shopping district after school, good thing they found her eventually.

You need a red goldfish for the man who's afraid of cats.

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@Zalasta; Don't forget that they hardly/never levelled the S. Rank with Kanji and Rise ;)

It's nice how the S. Links can give you extra power when fusing, but they're not mandatory. When I finished the game the only Maxed links I had were Sun, the sports team (always forget if it's strength or Chariot due to Persona 3), Dojima, Nanako, Chie and Yukiko. Oh and obviously Teddie.

Never found Tower or Death myself. And same for Hierophant I think. Had the same thing in P3 where I was missing like 3 or 4 links.

Posted by Jeremy_x

Giant Bomb Musical get!

Posted by Reverseface

I wanna GET TO 10 with JEFF

Posted by Zeouterlimits

Awesome episode.
  Poor Nanako, that dude is .. in a tough spot really. Shouldn't forget he's her father, her only parent and therefore her rock though.

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Wow, 66 minutes! And they don't even have a dungeon to go through right now. This looks promising.

Edit: Vinny's voice sounds weird, as though he has a cold or something. Or is that just me?

Edit 2: After you came out of the Velvet Room, you mentioned that Rise is not there. However, that's because it was a schoolday. On those days, Rise hangs out on the first floor of the classroom building. When you enter, look to the left. She'll be staring out of the window at the end of the hall. Just a heads-up.

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I ran out of time so I only got to 9 with Dojima and Kanji.  Since I won't be replaying P4 it would be nice to see their endings here on the endurance run.  I also chose soccer/band instead of basketball/drama club, so I wouldn't mind seeing the difference in how those S. Link develop.

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Through some miracle, Ive played through P4 twice, and never got busted like that. Was nice to watch someone else make the mistake though ^_^.

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Yay, 60+ minutes of SLinks. Great episode. =)

Posted by TheClap

Turn Yukiko up to 11!

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The continuity error was hilarious!  I guess the developers didn't think about that...