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Found you!!

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wats wrong with it? 
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^_^ nice, a headsup, gots me some time to grab a beer n get settled.

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from twitter:
  VinnyCaravella New Endurance Run is uploading...again. Last version had a nasty compression glitch that would have made 3/4 of our audience deaf.

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need video to feed addiction....

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Ahhh oh god I'm so excited I need to go change my pants but fuck it it might be up soon I don't know what to dooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

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Oh, hello here, what's this?
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oh ER, you tease...

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okay.  well.

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omg omg

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arg its about time....

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It'll be up soon.  17-1181 just got put up, so this is gonna be next.

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Yay, more awkward hugging!

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Persona 4 endurance run: Tommy Boy

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Just once it comes up, and video doesn't appear :(

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Aw well, Empire Records is playing on Fuse right now.

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Vinny? Honey? Vinny?

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@Jothel said:
" from twitter:
  VinnyCaravella New Endurance Run is uploading...again. Last version had a nasty compression glitch that would have made 3/4 of our audience deaf. "
aha so that why its so damm late giantbomb is thorough in their work  
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It's appearing after videos now. Oh well.

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w00t it is up!

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cool. it's a bit glitchy.

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An hour? Thank you, Giant Bomb!
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goddamn it, i actually thought we werent guna get an endurance run today!

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It's finally here.

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It's uppppppp!

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 chicken sandwich time

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And that, lady and gentlemen, is how babies are made.

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Cool, it's finally up.
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Yes!  It is finally here!  :)

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Damn! 12 hours wait for this, so now its 3AM and Im too tired to watch ;( Thanks for the upload Vinny ;D
Ill watch tomorrow.

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Phew! you guys had me worried.  It's tough getting through the day without the morning ER

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Yay, my day is complete. 

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Hooray! Everyone stop bitching!

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brace for 58 minutes of awesomeness!

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Good.  Now people will stop bitching.

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Took you guys long enough. hope it'll be good. Go Team Go

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Oooo, this isnt fair, its 2am here and now you decide to put it up. Guess I'll have to watch it tomorrow....

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Big thanks to Vinny and the team for working through the day to get this up and going!

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11 hour of waiting I do love the endurance run

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You guys are 12 hours early...

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Great, I was starting to get the shakes

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This episode and the next one.  I have been waiting for this for half a year.

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Anytime Jeff reads or Vinny says "Last Resort"  He yells its out.  Cracks me up BIG time.