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Whoa super early, 1st comment?

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i wait for these all day

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Anyone note about what time they come up? :)

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I'm in their time zone, and they're usually up by around noon PST i guess

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yes! exam finished and home for my show !

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Yesterday it was already up by 6:49am PST (Vancouver time).

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I'm addicted to this.

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damn, i want to see what funky student is up to

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vinny, Cant play:-(

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Not working

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all i'm getting is "duder its over"

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"all i'm getting is "duder its over""


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Twitter update told me it was up. I've been lied to. :(

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lol it's not up on the http://media.giantbomb.com/video/vf_persona4_13_700.flv either

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Funky student gonna drop down a beat. Werd noises :D

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The file isn't on the server yet. Probably being edited and encoded as we speak. It's a bit strange how they first put up the link and then the file (http://media.giantbomb.com/video/vf_persona4_13_700.flv)

BTW does anyone else think that "duder" is a little weird. Maybe just "Dude ITS OVER!" would have been better?

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Wo what's with the new "is online" indicator next to the username? It's neat, I like it.

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"BTW does anyone else think that "duder" is a little weird. Maybe just "Dude ITS OVER!" would have been better?"

You know i had never noticed that before, its bizarre.

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the funky haired student is out of you league

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eh, youve never heard "duder"?

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I was like "dam this sure seems early. how awesome!" then utter disappointment ensued.

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The reality is they use an automated content uploader/scheduler that allows them to finish editing said file- and then it tosses it into a compressor/uploader. They then have the content link/page already written up- and its posted at a specified time. What happens- or what has happened in the past- is that the video doesnt finish compressing/uploading in time for it to post with the page due to an overflowing upload/compression que.

Fun stuff.

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OOOOOOOOOOooooooooooo, all i get is "Duder ITS OVER"

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I shaved my balls for this?

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"Duder" is funny. And that's how the duders who made the site talk. It gives the site personality. :)

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Yeah but I don't jeff or ryan or brad would ever say "duder", "DUDE its OVER" is more like their personality.

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Dude, keep up this amazing work!  It should go to at least 80-140 parts.  I'll be there every episode!  XD

Edit:  I pushed play and it didn't work.  :(

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i saw someone say duder in the big lebowski and that is the only place apart from giant bomb i ever heard it

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Duder, they lost their saved game. I need more Persona 4!

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Duder, why is it over before it started?

Posted by Shane

Denied by the duder

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Canberra. DUDER IT'S OVER is the most awesome thing ever.

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Nooooo! My I need the fix! Duder isn't supplying it.

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Once again, we'll wait for Vinny. I don't mind wating if it's for something this awesome.

And lo, it is done.
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I wanna see!!!

But I wonder how GiantBomb managed copyright issue with Atlus. Are they fine with you guys showing the footage of the game from the begining to the end? Cuz... you know, there may be tons of people who'd just get over with this game without purchasing the game after watching this whole Endurance Run.

Just a thought.
But I still love this, so keep this coming please!
(Oh, and I already put my money in the game so I don't feel guilty or anything..heh)

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lol i love how this has just become the duder forum

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It's getting so bad I can't type proper anymore! Shit

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There's a whole lotta comments on here for a video that isn't even up. I guess that means people like this huh?!

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The people who say they aren't going to buy the game probably weren't going to buy the game anyway. I think this feature has probably helped sales more than it's hindered them.

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I usually watch these videos in stealth as I am the Ninja but i feel I must leave the shadows to post that the video is not working, Ninja OUT!

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Waiting is killing me :(

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Booo! This has been here for hours. Deadly Creature QL went up in a second. :(

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Holy crap! I just made an account so I could comment on this! Come on Vinny! Process fastah! FASTAH!

I needs mah P4 to get through today's lectures! D:

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Hmm, maybe so. I don't know. A publisher letting things like this up on a major portal(?) is... uncommon, I think?

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i was hoping i could watch this while waiting for the quake live queue to get to 0, currently on 21291

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Fudge, your mother! What happened here? One sec.

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@Vinny,   I thought it was just me freaking out, but it's nice to have confirmation that I am neither insane, nor a visionary because I swear I saw that video yesterday, haha.