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Holy Crap that was so hilarious!! hahahaha, funniest episode yet

That guy sure loooves balls

Posted by MeatSim

oh man, between dreaming about wearing luchador masks and that guy talking about loving balls this game is getting weird.

Posted by MasonL87

Oh Christ that's too funny.

Posted by tazz74

It hurts to laugh this hard!

Posted by Tomorrowman

with the randomness of the wrestling dream and the balls comment, this is seriously game of the decade material.

Posted by n8

holy roflcoptering goodness...  

like i looked at first and saw 16 min episode today and im like "aww...  weak my day will not be persona-ized near as much as yesterday"

but i just lol'd harder than ever...  persona-enduro-awesomeness achieved

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He love them balls.......God I can't wait for next week.....This game is so weird.

Posted by Endogene

Fucking amazing.

Posted by BaconGames

Man Jeff, gotta rip on my game man!  Hater.

Hilarious as always and keep it funky.  Man, if anything this endurance run was worth Funky Student alone.

Posted by Soap

Lol, this LP is so epic.

I looooooooooooove them balls.

Posted by Dandy

I love them balls

Posted by Carlos1408

One of the funniest episodes yet lol!!!


Posted by Death_Burnout

Oh man Vinny almost died laughing! :D

Posted by Aska

So hilarious, I loooooove this feature.

Posted by Krenor

awesome like always, it would be also good if you guys made the next one a little bit longer

Posted by AllanIceman

I looove them balls!!  LMAO!! I was dying!

Posted by justinblum2k8

i loveeeeeeee them balls.... *pops head out of the side* DAYUM!!!!

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Crazy game, just ....aaaaah!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Mawryk

I looooooove them Endurance Run videos. 

Posted by Crispain

Nooooo I don't think I will make it to Monday without some endurance ruuun!
Why are they so short now?
PZ! See you Monday :D

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Man, if you guys think that the game is weird now, just wait until we get to the second dungeon. I can't wait to see Jeff and Vinny's reaction to that character's TV show.

Posted by MikeFightNight

Localization team is hilarious.

Posted by HT101

This endurance run is now my favorite thing here on Giantbomb.  From Yay ya-y to luchador mask wrestling with Chie to I looooove them balls, this game is a win.  I just wish they continued them over the weekend.

Posted by TripMasterMunky

luchador masks! That part was made for GB.

Posted by LaszloKovacs

This is the greatest feature in the entire history of the internet.

Posted by Lewis

this just gets more and more hilarious :D

Posted by MetalGearSunny

Vinny's laugh is contagious....

Posted by RHCPfan24

That is a great ending to a great episode. "I looove them balls." Wow, lol.

The whole luchador thing was simply amazing too. This game is meant for GB.

Posted by MmmSkyscraper

Persona 4 - the gift that keeps on giving.

Funniest episode ever.

Posted by Curufinwe

Good episode, but it's a real shame that they wasted all that available SP by not going back in the Castle for a bit.

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Took a few days but now I am totally caught up. Lovin' this idea guys, keep it up.

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I loooooooooooove them balls.


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If you play the Soccer side, then hang out with them again, you get the feeling that the soccer captain is gay. Perhaps the basketball captain is being less subtle about it :P

Posted by hakunin

So, I just saw ep 16 (couldn't help myself). To get to the liquorstore in the TV, talk to Youske!

Posted by solidsnake360

How did you see episode 16?

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lmao "I loooove them balls"

Posted by solidsnake360

Ahh thank you. Cannot.....resist.....must watch.

Posted by x7eleven

the ending was epic :D, He sure does love 

Posted by dagas

Now this is Persona ^^ Dreaming of wrestling girls and meeting men who love balls, that's the kind of crazy shit that doesn't happen in a mass market western game.

Posted by Agent_Lost

oh man, and there not even at the funny part yep. come on, School camp out.

Posted by WholeFunShow

So I hurd yoo lyke balls?

Posted by BlackIrish05

Oh them balls how Kou loves them

Posted by Hamst3r

The music in this game is so mental sounding.  All this happy yet demented jpop music. :O~~

Posted by AndrewB

Someone check the caller ID for the velvet room!

Posted by GHT

this is a good condensed version of what is hilarious about this game that most games lack.

Posted by TriangleHard

lmao I love this show.

balls, wrestling with a girl, knocking up girls, etc etc etc.

Just so much great stuff in this series lol. Try to beat that Lost!!!!

Posted by without_substance

For someone who's played previous Persona games, Vinny sure likes to fumble through this stuff like it's all completely alien to him.

Posted by ScreamingFist

ROFL "i looooove them balls"