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I wish I was a funky student back in high school. Yay-ay!

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I may well buy this game now, seems to have a lot of weird, awesome stuff going on.

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This is the best episode, ever.

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These episodes are really funny. I already finished this game, but seeing you guys commenting on them its just awesome.

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"I looove them balls" AHhaaha I laughed my ass off!

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that was awesome, got a 10 on the win-meter. laughed until I cried.

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Again I know it seems dickish to leave Yukiko alone for a week but you really should wait until it rains to go into the TV(BTW when the forecast si split that tells you whats in the mornign then teh afternoon so wait until it rains all day) .  You get the best prices on stuff for sale (get some steak when it rains!) and you have nothing better to do.  While you can grind it out EXP is weigthed in the game by your level so it has diminishign returns to keep going back.  You bascially are heavily encouraged todo each dungeon twice and that becomes more than enough.  SLs are really important for the game and for fleshing out characters.  And you must work at the hospital....

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Best episode yet. XD I love this Endurance Run.

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I don't know, they may need to stop right there.  Can it get any better?

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Oh my goodness... as a teacher at a middle school, this game is really starting to make me want to try working in Japan.

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Enough said. 


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Dreaming of luchador wresting with Chie, Funky Student, and ball lovin'.  What a great episode. 

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Your relationship with them balls has intensified...

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I might get a PS2 just for this game...

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Best episode ever. I can see Funky student walking in and saying "This here cracker is loving him some balls"!

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Oh my this is fucking hilarious.

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Best Endurance Run video Yet.

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I just caught up to Jeff and Vinnie. Man, I've been playing it wrong. In my dream I was wrestling Yosuke instead of Chie and I joined the soccer team instead of the basketball team.

Suggestion: You should try to enter the boy's restroom at school.

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Yeah, this is the best yet.  Is it possible to get any better?

Oh, how I wish we could have seen the wrestling with Chie in Luchador masks dream.

Go Vinny, Go!
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Who doesn't loooove them balls? This game just got about ten times better thanks today's Endurance Run.

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This video just cured me from my hangover :D

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If you think that's suggestive, just wait for the second dungeon.

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There's loads of innuendo in this game. There should be a persona called innuendo which is adept at polishing balls.

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two times I cried during that - Iooooved that episode.

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Yay-Yaay! Weekend Episodes please!

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I just love the moment of silence before Vinny bursts out laughing to the wrestling part

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"There's loads of innuendo in this game. There should be a persona called innuendo which is adept at polishing balls."

Well, there's Mara, a giant green penis monster riding a chariot.

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Man, I wish that funky student could join your party. I sure as hell wouldn't want to mess with that fools fro' or his groove!

I mean, where the deuce did he get 5 chest keys? Does playa' know about the Midnight Channel?

Also, low blow on the soccer / football. DAMN!

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to those who watched part 16: how? It says access denied.

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Totally burst out laughing during this episode!


I used to live in Japan but I don't remember it being this full of innuendo.

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Yeah, it said access denied for me too.

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Yay ya-y!!

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"to those who watched part 16: how? It says access denied."

seems they removed ep. 16 from their servers. it was up friday

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that's just perfect. i love this

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You shouldn't hate on Soccer!

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Awww poo. No access to part 16 now? :P

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This video walkthrough is un-missable. Keep it up!

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So, I received my copy of Persona 4 yesterday in the mail and it came with an art book. You guys have got to keep pushing thru because something incredibly/fantastically strange is going to happen to Teddie. No spoilers, I was just looking at the book and hit a page that made me go, "Whaaaaaaaaaaaaa?".

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This game is pure win. I love them balls. Wow.

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"Boom! Daisuke, give it to you rough" lol 
little did they know that it was just about to get so much better.

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wow. balls. wow.

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Man, if you read the art book first you spoiled the whole game for yourself.

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Ooooh man. I hurt from the laughter. Luchadour masks? Ball-loving? Too much, too much!

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Man this game just gets better and better. MOAR

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Wait that wasent actually the last episode was it? Damn

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The ending of this episode is solid gold.

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Best episode yet.

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As a heads up for those in the UK. www.play.com are offering a free Persona 4 T-shirt and soundtrack when you pre-order from them. Despite having not touched my PS2 for years I'm going to get a copy for sure after watching all these, looks brilliant. Also at £17.99 how can you go wrong?