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Hahahahaha! AMAZING episode.

Posted by Karmann

I Loooove them balls!

Posted by lordofultima

I concur with this basketball player. That part and the luchador mask thing was freaking hilarious.

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I nominate the guys who localised this 'best localisers of the year''

Posted by MasturbatingBear

Man I laughed like crazy at the Luchador mask.

Posted by bonafider

you guys shouldn't just run into these things! you gotta try all the possibilities!!!! Youve got to think these things through!

Posted by MagikGimp

I'll be stating the obvious if I say that the Japanese are weird but surely the answer to the riddle (and not a general knowledge question) is that group A consists of colours with an odd number of letters in their names and group B with an even number (so black with 5 is in A). Colours on flags?? WTF Japan?? Maaan, that aint funky at all...

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Dreaming with a luchador mask....OMG I thought the dream I had of wanting to punch Shakespeare was unexpected. Great video on part 15.

Posted by Inuzagi

DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I lol'ed.

Posted by skilzlost

great episode... kou is so ghey tho...

Posted by Crixaliz

Best show ever

Posted by Lazyaza

"I loooooooooooove them balls!" god I nearly died from laughing.

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I loooove them balls!!! rofl

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I had a similar dream to Charlie, only it was Eazy E instead of Chie...

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I loooove them balls lol

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This is an epic episode

Posted by Madara117

LOL that game knows him a little to well

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This is definitely the funniest episode so far.  The luchador and "I looooove them balls." segments made it.

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i think ill start paying japanese rpgs now

Posted by MrBubbles

this just became my favorite endurance run episode

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Wow just wow

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Oh man.  Wrestling with Chie and luchador masks, intense relationships and guys who loooove them balls.  As Funky Student would say it:  DAAAAAAMN!!!!!

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I looooooove them balls

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i believe he's the first persona with balzac
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That "DAYUM!!!!" part sounded like Jeff and Vinny shouting in unison. 
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Still awesome.

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Funky Student says...
Pool's closed

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Kou: He Looooves them balls.

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I feel I need to watch this every morning. It gives me a smile that lasts the day.

Posted by drew327

The way you guys said the "Funky Student: Dayyum!!!" at the same time left me in tears

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"I loooove them balls."  "Suplex that Chie."

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This is reminding me why I've spent well over 150 hours playing this game through twice... Cause I loooooooove them balls!

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Best conclusion ever!

Posted by Arrested_Developer

It's endings like that that reaffirm my decision to watch the endurance run for a second time.

Posted by Scribbly

Oh god I can't stop laughing.... "I loooove them balls." and the luchador fight were just too funny to be broadcast. Love it.

Posted by Veizer

the final phrase was……… how the translators could left it that way?

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  That Chie dream is easily the best opening to any of the episodes yet.
" the final phrase was……… how the translators could left it that way? "

It's supposed to be him running with the joke. It's not very clear, but it makes sense.
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Funniest use for luchador wrestling I've ever heard :L

Posted by TheSilentTruth

So that's where the meme came from...

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still my favorite endurance run episode

Posted by Funkydupe

"Yay ya-y!"

Posted by PerfidiousSinn

Look at this scumbag in his...soccer...suit.

Posted by thevigilanteoflove

Still great after all these years...

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Still awesome, still hilarious.  "DAYUM!!!" never ceases to make me laugh.
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Epic as all Hell! <3
Posted by Kucheeky

Man, I wish I could erase all of my P4 ED memories and watch it all again for the first time.


Posted by Master_Funk

Listening to Vinny's laugh after the dream is one of life's greatest joys.