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Will our intrepid heroes' run end in tragedy? 

If it does, I wonder if this will be the end end...
No, Batman announcer, no it won't.

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Just beat the actual boss of the Yukiko dungeon last night, somehow on my first try.  Hope you guys level up a decent amount.  I was level 14 and each character was an inch away from death at the end of the fight. 

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What's their level right now.  Like 9 or so for the lead?

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episode 20!

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Yay y-ay!

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What the hell?  That dial thing was such bullshit!  Hilarious bullshit, but bullshit nonetheless.

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Anyone have the DL link?

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i think you guys are gonna get owned by yukiko's bird xD

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only 1 week till UK release date cant wait

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Wow, going to the capsule machine instead of the soda machine was the worst thing that could have happened.  The soda machine doesn't take up the whole afternoon like the capsule machine does.

I think you guys are going to really regret that when you start running out of SP.

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Guys, you might have wasted too much time where you cant level enough to save yukiko in time, But dont give up! If you run out of time, Igor will reset you back 1 week, which should be enough time to grind it out.

Also, you allways have to heal your main character first, cause if he dies then the game ends even if the rest of the party is ok.

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Mini-boss done! Got my fingers crossed.

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Dudes, don't worry, they got this!  We're talking about experts here.

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I know expired medicine can be appealling, but you guys are screwed now.

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Ah :) So that's not...  Hm.  Doom?

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Well I thought you'd die here, so I congratulate you on not dieing, but I think all that social days and casule thing has cost you going into the next boss.

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In the immortal word's of Jack Bauer, "Damn it!  There's no Time!"

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It's down! Good move, Chie-chan!

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You guys should really take advantage of all the 15 save slots.

If you don't want any of the personas that you can get during shuffle time, you can draw a blank card and have the possibility to get "arcana chance," which can give you bonuses and stuff.

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You guys actually did a pretty good job on the boss, considering your levels aren't that high.  You just should have used the Peach Seeds to heal everyone to max HP before starting the fight to makes things easier.

For Part 21 you should heal up with items and Yosuke's Dia, and then go back into the dungeon and try to get to the save point on the 8th floor.  Whatever you do, don't leave the TV world and go home!

Since you don't have a lot of SP-restoring items left, to beat the next boss you might have to level up on the lower floors of the Castle where you can use regular attacks to beat the enemies without taking much damage.

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Hahaha, awesome episode fellas.

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Was great when they walked into that room and saw the Knight OH CRAP! haha

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Listen to Curufinwe, definitely good ideas there.  Also, as someone said on a diffferent part of the series, make sure your Slime has learned Red Wall.  The boss on the 8th floor has a powerful fire attack that hits everyone, and your main character is most likely going to be Weak to it and fall down unless he Guards or has Red Wall on.

Good luck.

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oh they're sooo dead...... :D

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Yo! Chie-chan use Bufu on that knight dawg!

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Oh, this is not good.  Yeah, there are a...few levels to go before the real boss.  So I recommend
1. Yosuke healing everyone and you guys try to survive getting up to at least floor 7 or 8 today.
2. Tomorrow, for Lonny's sakes, buy the TaP sodas we keep on warning you about, and upgrade your equipment already!  If you had gotten better armor before today, you would've done better against that boss.

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Bets on Part 21 being the final episode?

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Two crits in a row, that's just unlucky. You guys did fine.

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You only need to have personas equipped to get them to level up. So your one-persona party members will level up no matter what.

Use the TaP soda and save the Soul Drops and Soul Snuff between battles, because those are the only SP-restoration items you can use in a fight.

When you get Yukiko back, she'll be one of your best party members and your best healer by far.

As you go up the floors you'll start seeing that Avenger Knight more often, so it's time to solidify a decent counter. You can look to level up enough for Chie to learn Galactic Punt, and stock up on SP-restoration items, since regular magic works best on it, if you don't have Hama. Avenger Knights are super-weak against Light-Element spells, so using the spell "Hama" almost always results in an instant kill. I think Angel has it.

If you can find the personas for it, fuse together Eligor (try Pixie + Cu Sith) or put together a level 7 Slime to get Tarunda, and use it, which lowers its attack. For the next boss I suggest fusing a persona with Red Wall to shield Chie's weaknesses.

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Hey guys, you pretty much HAVE to save Yukiko by tomorrow, best of luck!

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Lol, epic fail. Damn those capsule machines

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I did that with the capsule machines but on the last day! I got a game over sequence of events...

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Shadow Yukiko is fucking brutal, so make sure to grind a lot before you fight. And, um... maybe look at a guide. :o)

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"rememberin' stuff" something you 2 aint good at! :D aw well...something Vinny aint good at :(

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Hint :If it says spend time it will take the entire period

You guys are close to screwed.  You need to get up to level 8 but  you have to hope you can find some SP restoring items.  You can make it but it will be tough.

You're missing to some degree because your persona are too low in level.  You need to fuse to get higher level ones.

As to kinghts, they get confused easily.  Confused enemies basically do nothign for 3 turns.  Chie now has skull cracker which can cause confusion (so does Sandmand but he should be used as fusion fotter) and Ukobach has Pulinpa which causes confusion so you can try to pass that on in fusion.
Besides skull cracker which always useful at this point, hysterical slap is also very powerful.  It causes shadows to become enrgaged, bad to use on knights because it makes them hit harder, but great on magic using shadows because wnraged shadows will only use physical attacks.
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I don't want endurance run to end this soon so I'll be a jerk and look at a faq, lol. Enemies you'll see on the next floors.

Avenger Knight-  Weakness: Hama(?) Guy mentioned Pulinpa and SkullCracker are effective  Resists: Physical
Burning Beetle-  Weakness: Bufu (Chie) Resist: Fire
Phantom Mage-  Weakness: Garu (Yosuke)  Resists: Fire
Heat Balance- No weakness or strengths (?)
Magical Magnus- Weakness: Agi (Charlie)   Resists: Ice
Laughing Table-  Weakness: Garu (Yosuke) Resists: Physical
Prince Charming, mini-boss- Weakness: Bufu (Chie) Resists: Wind
Shadow Yukiko, Boss, No weakness Resists: Fire
I'm not one for strategy, but knowing weakness' can't hurt.
Edit: Also you got like 5 medicines so save Yosuke's SP, and when your up against an enemy that either Yosuke or Chie are effective against use Slime to get his level up like everyone said then fuse them. You gotta get to the 8th floor before you punch out so you can use your vanish balls to dodge some of the enemies if you don't have the health or sp. Not dead yet!
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That's what you get for trying to buy capsule toys...

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This endurance run has become very depressing.

They don't realize how screwed they really are. If they actually pull this off I will be amazed. No offense to them.

But if they do, I would hope they follow my strategy from the previous episode and get the dungeon finished first then fart around in town.

None of this expert advice, wait until the bitter end crap, that's just flirting with disaster.

Sorry if I stepped on any toes I just don't want this endurance run to end so soon.

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I love these videos, I hope you keep going till the end! You would think if they only had 2 days left to save Yuki that they would skip school? I know I would. Keep up the great work guyes!!

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With all the people talking about how bad things are in the comments, I thought for SURE that you guys would bite it. Close call!

Still, you really need some equipment upgrades. Get rid of that golf club!

Also, I'm pretty sure you've still got a chainmail jacket since you replaced Charlie's, so give that to Chie so she'll die less.
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You really want to be level 14 when you get to Shadow Yukiko, by the time you get to her floor you should be that by then anyway. Not to spoil it or anything, but Shadow Yukiko is a fire thing, and Chie is weak to fire, so it's best to have her guard...a lot, except for when you need bufu, but you should  see when that is necessary.

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Damn, you guys are cutting it close...

If you wanna get through this dungeon, you're going to want to at least get to the save point at the end of the castle and level up a bit before going home. Level 14-15 is high enough to beat the boss at the end without too much trouble. I did it at around 12-13, but it took a few tries. Tomorrow's the last day to beat the boss, so you've gotta be prepared.

The best persona to use on the boss would be Senri, which can be created by doing a triple fusion with Ukobach, Slime, and Izanagi. Senri takes no damage from fire, has Dia, and can even learn Media at level 11 (heals everyone for around 50-60 HP). Try fusing one of those before going back into the dungeon.

Good luck, guys. There's still hope as long as long as you get to the end of the dungeon before leaving!

Posted by ColinD

They joined too many clubs and social activities.

You should have been in the dungeon a lot more. lol Best of luck though.
Posted by megalowho

They gonna git SMT'd!

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Trust me, Shadow Yukiko is no joke. Don't underestimate her just because she is your "first boss".

You want to find/fuse a Persona that learns Media, and learn it as soon as you can. Media is like Dia for your whole party (i.e. like a Value Medicine).
ALSO. Don't be afraid to guard with Chie in that fight, since as Shadow Yukiko gets lower in HP, she'll start to use "Burn to Ashes", a devastating fire attack that hits the whole party. Since Chie is weak to fire, she'll get knocked down unless she's guarding.
My suggestion is to get as far as you can before heading back home. Hopefully, you can make it to the 8th floor (where Shadow Yukiko is). Once you hit the 8th floor, use a Goho-M and leave the TV.
Don't feel bad if you die on the first try, since I did, too; I was pretty decently leveled (although with weak Personas).
Another great tactic is to level up your Slime so that it learns its skill, Red Wall. This will grant Fire Resistance, which is crucial for Chie (so that fire attacks won't knock her down). However, this is dangerous, because Slime is weak against fire. You should cast Red Wall with it and immediately switch back to a different Persona. (the effect will stay on Chie)
If you can raise Slime to level 7 (I think), he'll gain the trait "Resist Physical", which makes him strong against physical attacks. This isn't crucial in the Shadow Yukiko fight, but it can help. (don't feel compelled to grind just to get that one skill, in other words)
The most important thing is to get a Persona with Media, or at least buy lots of Value Medicine. (if you can afford it)

Like someone above me said, try to fuse a Senri using the directions he gave. (Izanagi, Slime, Ukobach)
BUT make sure you learn Red Wall with Slime first. (fusions can inherit skills)
When fusing, if your fusion looks like it's not going to inherit the skill you want (in this case, Red Wall),
cancel out of the fusion and select the same three Personas to fuse again.
It randomizes the skills to inherit each time.
To be more specific about that: it'll only rechoose the skills to inherit if you completely cancel out of the fusion; that is to say, if you cancel out to the point where you have to pick which three Personas to fuse again. (you don't have to cancel all the way out to the "Normal Spread", "Triangle Spread", "Fusion Forecast", etc. screen)
I know that sounds confusing, but it's kind of hard to explain in words.
To make it simple, just pick the three Personas to fuse, and if the result isn't desirable (i.e. it doesn't have the skill you want), hit [circle/cancel] three times, then select the same Personas again.


Tip: Only the Persona that is "equipped" at the end of the battle will get experience, unless one of your Personas has the "Growth" trait (which gives it experience, even if inactive).

(P.S. Two thumbs-up for wasting a day on the Capsule Machine, ahahahahahahahahahahaha <33)

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It ain't true homie. I'm still funky, YEA-YAY!!