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Posted by Kowbrainz

Wish you guys luck against Yukiko.
Also wish these didn't go up at such an inconvenient time here. Damn timezones; it's Tuesday night, I should be able to watch two episodes from this week already. D:

Posted by ahoodedfigure

One way to win out would be to skip a day and do something else, then come back, then you've got an extra one that you can watch whenever.

I never play RPGs without saving in multiple spots, or any game, really.  I'm eager to see how this works out :)

Posted by MrBeabo

Yeah I keep wanting them to make an alternate save, I foresee disaster in the future.  But perhaps they are looking for a way to end the series.

Posted by SilenceUK

duder its over? just me that cant watch? love this series:P

Posted by Eric_Buck

Damn it you guys! Can't you just upload it when it works? Your getting my hopes up and then just sending them crashing down into the ground causing an earthquake!

Posted by Solarc

This is a great series, but the link to the vid is broken, again. It's over before it begins. Can someone fix this, please?

Posted by solidsnake360

Nah, it's just the duder it's over problem again. Everyone'll have this problem.

Posted by brocool

i woke up early for yooooooou

Posted by Zainyboy

The legend of Vinny and Jeff continues...

Posted by Shadowsquire

Blah I thought I would be entertained in media arts today. Back to photochopping I go. I hope when this is fixed that you guys win! If you do lose, would you just re-load and start again from the last save? Or would the series end?

Posted by Shane

patiently waiting...

Posted by Sneakybadger

ah preordered this

cant wait to play it im hooked now
Posted by AdventChild

I wonder how many comments we can get before the video is up.

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Final boss fight

Posted by Tiwi

record is three pages
on 13 with the funky student

Posted by MatthewMeadows

Addressed to EU gamers:

Persona 4 comes out this Friday. Remember to pick it up!
Posted by some_hard_surface_artist

Wow, these are getting posted up earlier. Pretty awesome.

Posted by Tiwi

i bet 15:30 I'll be back
and that is european standard + 1

Posted by Hairydutchman

Omg Yukiko died? What a bummer.

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Posted by Endogene

Getting me all excited with that teaser image just to see the "duder its over" message. BLASPHEMY

Posted by fooflighter737

Duder it's over!!!!!

Posted by Depth

Duder... : (

Posted by creamclouds

i cant watch either.... extra specialistá nooooooooooooo

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i wonder if they will finally feel the thrill of getting the main protagonist killed and the following WTF

Posted by PokerJoey

I bought this game last week of Amazon and last thursday my 60GB backwards compatible PS3 got the yellow light of death :,( DAMN YOU SONY!!!

Posted by JordanNE

*twiddles thumbs* :(

Posted by Treppass

its not working. its just going straight to 'duder its over'

Posted by Rizla

Dont kill this segment please, the way jeff was takin about it on MONDAY makes me think they are gona kill it. This realy sets you apart from anyone out there lets face it this sort of random game commentary is great it worked for Broken pixels only diffrence you are playin a long and good game, please keep it going.

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Oh maan.


And yeh, i agree with Rizla, you better not kill this dammit.

Posted by Dudacles

It doesn't work for me. As soon as I fire up the video, it skips to the "Duder, it's over!" screen straight away. :(

Posted by RagingLion

Not working for me either.

Posted by Death_Burnout


i guess it's showed up too early again?

Posted by BarrenMind

At the least, if they do kill this run, I hope that doesn't mean no more Endurance Runs of other titles ever.

Posted by Vorbis

If the endurance run ends i'm going to have to get it, curse ye!

Posted by mad4it89

I really hope they don't end the series...

Posted by TooWalrus

Oh, the suspense!

Posted by RedSox8933

that is embarrassing. but don't stop!! don't give up

Posted by Shane

I'm starting to think these delays are on purpose. Nearly two hours now

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Posted by KaosAngel

It's Wednesday already...no video.  :(

Posted by Jost1

As someone who has been following Giant Bomb's development for a year, I say:

Never stop doing Endurance Run videos.

Posted by samcotts

There's only so long I can hit the refresh button. Come on Vinny!

Posted by Zoch87

They're on the west coast, let them wake up first :-P

Posted by Scratch

From what I have read in the comments so far, this is a regular occurrence? I wouldn't know myself since this is the first time I've seen the video this early.  Even so they should have fixed this "bug" by now.

Posted by Valentino

I won't let anybody break me down!
Nothings Gonna Stop Me Now!

There you go. Some training montage music for you.

Posted by KingOfIceland

I, for one, rarely have multiple save files in RPG's, especially in ones that have an autosave feature.

Maybe it's different for this game since the game constantly forces you to choose one path to take every day but really, what's the benefit? what do you gain from keeping more than 1 or 2 files? Isn't that something better suited for a second run through where you just want to see everything? ANSVAR MEE?! (sorry)

Posted by papercut

I want to see what happens!!!!!

Posted by LordAndrew

Yes, Scratch. It happens quite a bit.
You see, the videos are set to go live at a designated time. Often though, the video has not finished compressing yet when it goes live, making it unwatchable until it has finished.

The alternative is to upload the video well ahead of time, but then people who know the filename pattern can watch the video days before they're supposed to be able to.

Posted by Ninja

Look guys you better complete this game :)