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I don't use multiple saves in any game unless I want to keep that area of the game accessible for future viewing, usually to show to other people.

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@King of Iceland

Becasue failure is really possible.  In this case they saved over the wasted day with the capsule machine.  They might survive that.  But if not they have to replay the entire last week if they feel they really aren't strong enough to survive the boss battle.  Bascially thats a loss of 3 hours.
Posted by LordAndrew

A week is not a huge loss. I've lost around three hours just by dying.
Besides, they can level up enough to face the boss if they just play well. It's never necessary to have backup save files.

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Oh shit yeah, the time capsule! Haha that was hilarious..

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I keep a handful of saves in every game I'm allowed the option, but I'll narrow the following down to Persona 4.  I keep a rotating collection of 7 saves (one for every day of the week) in case I find that I'm too weak to take on a boss and need more grinding, or if I answer a school question or dialogue option and move on to find myself regretting it down the road.

I don't keep multiple saves to see every possible option, especially in a game like Persona 4 where you have to slog through tons of dialogue before and after most dialogue options.  I'll save that for my next run-through.

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I hope I don't need to wait for this vid too long.

A quick question; is Persona 4 a hard game? Is it easy to get stuck? I really hate games where you can easily get stuck and hit a wall by being underleveled. Is this the case with P4 or is it rather easy to avoid this scenario?

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not working for me.

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BAH!!!! Why isnt it working?? I wanna bask in the JRPG glow

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people take it easy its only 8:30 in California right now let the dude drink some amp and then they'll fix it

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Getting the same Duder, its over! message as everyone else.  Bummed out as I was really looking forward to watching it... Had the Rocky IV training montage music playing in the background as I clicked the play button.

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You know, with three pages of comments basically all stating WTF HOW DO I VIDEO, you'd think you guys would get the picture that's it's not accomplishing anything and chill the hell out. It's 8:30 AM here, let's see you all get this shit up and running this early in the morning.


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Does anyone have the download link? Love these videos, by the way. They're what finally got me to register.

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Preordering this on Play.com will also get you a free t-shirt and CD soundtrack.  For £17.99


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Nata Taishi is a pretty good persona for this boss fight. Strong against fire and casts Rakunda (lower enemy armor), which is pretty much  the most efficient damage booster in the game. Also looks very cool :D.

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I like how pretty much everyone that commented on this video is still online.

Pretty much desperately waiting for the videos to finish uploading/encoding/etc. :)

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Punkxblaze, the only person overreacting is you. People aren't complaining, they're just posting in anticipation.

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UGH. Sorry guys, let me see what the issue is here. Be back in a bit.

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Duder!! This was on 1.5 hours ago and it's still not on!! Get yourselves together GB!

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Persona 4 isn't like most JRPGs where come the big third act reveal you now have little story to cover 10 hours of remaining gameplay that consots of level grinding for hours.  I never did any real grinding (I once sort of did for money since in my experience you never reach the place found in most RPGs where money never matters anymore in P4.  Money was always semi-tight).  If you fully explore each dungeon the two times the game encourages you to do so thats enough.  SLs takes the palce of hours of grinind found in most games
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is apparently the direct link to the video but it's not being nice to me :(

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My Persona 4 Muscles are twitching !!... FLEX FLEX !

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Yey!! the video-app is gone!  Progress!

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Vinny, you da man!

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Direct link doesn't work because the video's not ready yet. That's why we can't see it on this page either. Duh.

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The only time you get underleveled is if you just run past floors and attack the boss. Levels do play a large part in how the combat works out, but you get FAR more exp when fighting enemies higher level then you that characters level up very quickly if you can manage to survive harder fights at high levels. One of my characters  was lvl 30ish while I was lvl 50-60ish and fighting 60ish level enemies. Putting them in my party they literally gained 3-5 levels every fight until they were in the 50s. So most people are going to be correctly leveled for bosses unless they really start skipping fights.

Where most of your power comes from is Slinks. Each rank gives persona's fused half a level up, and 95% of learnable skills will be learned immediately when you get Rank 10 links. You don't see any huge amount of skills now beyond the simple fire/ice/wind/elec, but later on the number is fricken huge, and being able to command a large number of them and use them with powerful persona of your choice is what makes or breaks the game. If fact, if you exploit the forecast system you can get certain skills like: Reflect Physical (100% immunity to physical attacks, and the enemy hurts themselves),  Victory Cry (regenerate 100% HP and SP at the end of every battle), Reflect X element, insane damage skills both physical and magical, ect at the 2nd or 3rd dungeon. Its really the combination of skills on your persona's that you rely on. As people are pointing out, this boss fight can be really hard normally, but if you just mess around until you find the fusion of Senri, you gain immunity to the most powerful of boss attacks and gain a skill that heals everyone in your party at once. And you can fuse this persona to inherit Fire wall, which lets chie not be weak to fire for the entire fight so that she can dish out tons of damage instead of being forced to lamely guard every round.

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Duder, it's not even appearing. :(

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@legendary1, or anyone who wants to answer: 

Whenever I plan on increasing a Social Link's rank, do I NEED to make sure I have a Persona of the corresponding Arcana in my possession?  That is, if I want to hang out with the athletes, but I currently don't have a Persona affiliated with Strength, should I bite the bullet and buy a Sandman every time?

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Hope this comes up soon, I love this feature.

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Hope you guys level up a bit in this part, you should just heal your team using a skill move then the best way to get SP recovery items is to go to Yukiko's Dungeon. You should be able to go there after you beat her.

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You don't have to have a Persona of the same Arcana, but it definitely helps. By having a Persona of the same Arcana, you will gain more points and that Social Link will level up faster.

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Go Vinny Go!   You can do it!
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Oh Vinny youre such a tease.

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@ BarrenMind
No, you don't need it, but it helps. A lot. For each Slink level you need to make a number of 'points' to reach the next level. The easiest way to get some points is through choosing the correct answers at the prior conversation. Sometimes a matching person will give you 3 points instead of 2 for the correct answer, sometimes when you have the persona 2 of the answers will be beneficial instead of just one. If you don't meet the required 'points' when you talk to them for the next Slink level, you have to just spend the day with them with no effect other then points.

Since the main restriction in the game is time, spending less days per Slink level up is a very good thing. You don't have to worry too much about it for the first dungeon, but later on you can store 8, and then a max of 10 personas at a time, so you can hold a few in reserve mainly for Slinks very easily. You can also summon any old cheapie persona thats level 5 and costs like 2000 yen, when later you get that much every battle. Or just look through your current personas and see if two of them could fuse into a useful strength (or whatever category you need).  This also helps because when you reach certain %'s of total persona's registered you start to get discounts to resummon them, plus I have a sort of obsession with having every one of them available to me :). At the very beginning of the game its not that big of a deal though.
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Yes, you get a 50% bonus from having a persona from the same arcana.  That saves time.  Sometiems links dobn't level up, you just spend time to get enough popints for the next level.  Having persona limits the number of tiems that happens.  You should also carry them around because you get a bonus when invited to a SL during lunch.
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Thanks for the information.  One of my hidden questions was whether the max number of Personas you can carry ever increases, I'm very glad to know that it does.

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Looks like our compressor crashed getting this one finished. I dropped it in again, but it will take a bit. Should be ready by 11:00 - 11:30 PST. This ep is about 25 minutes long and we train hard for our pending dance with death, and the possible end of the series! Thanks for all the suggestions and tips, we definitely are using them.

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Possible end of the series?! :'(

Posted by Anviltongue

Possible end of the series?!  Weeping and knashing of teeth to ensue!  Mass hysteria!

Quick, everyone deluge them with tips.  THEY MUST NOT FAIL!

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No!!! Don't end the series...

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Don't let the series end!! ;_;

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Whats that in enlglish time?

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If it ends, I hope you two (possible Ryan and Brad as well) find some new games to have "endurance runs" in. The series has been a huge hit! It would be really missed...

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It can't end! You guys haven't seen the wonders of the second dungeon yet.

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English time please? Im not sure where giant bomb is located so i cant work it out.

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part 22 ???, where is it??

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Is there a seperate forum space for discussing this Endurance Run, or do you guys check the comments like these? I restrained from giving tips thinking you guys don't check this space often. :\

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^ They say on the endurance runs "someone said on the comments" and "post tips underneath the video"

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@Pie http://wwp.greenwichmeantime.co.uk/time-zone/usa/pacific-time/
I make it about half 6...

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Hey 50!  Can I get you some TaP while you're waiting?  50?  OK, I'll just wait over here, man.