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Something interesting to read while you wait.

When you want a global disaster: (Who Needs Zombies?)


Guys!  Register your cards already! :)

Vinny! Don't be afraid to make mistakes!

Jeff!  Awesome cutlets story!

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Bad Behavior in the Bad Bad Bathhouse? XD

Also: Always take the big guys first, they do the most damage.

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47 minutes!?


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The follow up attacks only happen to standing enemies
The Cops are weak to dark/mudo, i think that zombie and the succubus you guys saw both have that skill
Just getting them from the shuffle will register them in your compendium

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47 minutes rule! If it was cause you read the comments and decided to make them longer then thank you! Bad Bad Bathhouse rocks!

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First.  Gogogo.

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good one once again
Kill the cops with any means

only humans dodge de'  bullet from de' cop

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Bad Bad Bathhouse ~ ~ ~
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Time for me to dissect your gameplay and tell you guys how bad you are! Use more physical skills, especially when you can't exploit an enemy weakness. Sure they might take off 10-15 health, but if you saved 4 SP from a spell thats an extra dia you have to use which will heal for 50-75ish health.

For light and dark skills: while it says 'low chance of instant death', if an enemy is weak its probably closer to a 90% chance of instant death. I think with enemies that aren't weak to light/death the low level spells have about a 1/3rd chance. The spells are fairly expensive to cast (and trying them out once on each enemy just to find if it has a weakness costs even more), so heres some copypasta from my most eloquent post yesterday:

Fuse Sarasvati! Fuse Sarasvati! Fuse Sarasvati! Fuse Sarasvati! Fuse Sarasvati! Fuse Sarasvati! Fuse Sarasvati! Fuse Sarasvati! Fuse Sarasvati! Fuse Sarasvati! Fuse Sarasvati! Fuse Sarasvati! Fuse Sarasvati! Fuse Sarasvati! Fuse Sarasvati! Fuse Sarasvati! Fuse Sarasvati! Fuse Sarasvati! Fuse Sarasvati!

She starts out with mabufu (target all ice) and media (target all heal), but after 2 level ups (1 of which you should get automatically when you fuse because of Slinks) she gets invigorate 2, which is pure awesome and will regenerate your SP while you fight. 5 SP per turn, its like a TaP soda in battle every 2 turns. You can tell how much cash that is going to save with the fox.

She can be made through Eligor + Omoikane + (Sandman, Slime, or Nata Taishi). There may be others, test out the fusions you can get with your current persona set in the velvet room if you like.

I would go with Eligor (try to transfer maragi to Sarasvati) + Omoikane (transfer tarunda, and USE IT for the bosses!) + Slime (transfer resist physical or tarunda). Obviously its really hard to get all of those on sarasvati together, but try to get one or two. Resist physical alone would be awesome. You might even get maragi and zio together on her, which means your one persona could cover 3 different elements and regenerate your SP at the same time.

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OMG legendary1, please shut the hell up!

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You started on the first floor because you never actually made it to the second floor. You found the stairs, but you have to ascend them in order to gain access to the second floor. You could have then gone back down the stairs if you still wanted to explore the first floor.

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Ghoul is hilarious.

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Funny thing is, Ghoul actually has spells of the Dark element, which happens to be the only thing that can effectively damage the cops.

Just sayin' =p

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Galactic Punt actually counts as a knock-down. So you could have let her do her Galactic Punt, and then they game would allow you to do an all-out attack. You could have saved SP that way.

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You are free to not read my posts if you don't like them. I don't believe I forced you to read anything I posted.

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Quick-tip: If Chie wants to do a follow-up attack when all the enemies are down, except for one,
she'll always target the standing one. In other words, it'll let you do an all-out attack without having to waste SP knocking the standing one down.

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-unda spells are actually some of the best spells to use against bosses. You shouldn't get rid of them unless you have no plans of using that Persona against a boss.

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Jeff's a glutton for punishment, you're going to play this game twice mate?? Hell yeah I would

oh yeah and you guys don't read comments do you? I mentioned registering; ALL IN CAPS too <=/

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And I've said this before, but it bears repeating. Kill the bigger enemies first! They'll do more damage to your party so it helps to eliminate them before they get out of hand.

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Ghoul!!!!! i want to welcome you into my heart!!

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I'm not sure if this is another "we say tomorrow but are just doing it all on one day" thing, but if not, I'd use a Gohom if you have ones to spare.  Save, fuse some new dudes, and then get back into the dungeon. 

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Dammit Goul!

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@ legendary1

I totally agree
skull cracker is an excelent move.
the whole physical attacks then healing with media is what i use.

the death chance card is good and bad
luckliy when i got it i was seriously low on sp and it just got my levels all the way back up.

Thats some good advice, heck i learnt something :D

fyi followup attacks = good :D

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Is the video messed up?  For me it ended when charlie was going to use media near the end.  Edit: High quality works.

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1. You didn't get the Skip to Floor option on entering because you got warped out while you were still on the 1st floor.

2. Chie, Yosuke, and Yukiko's follow-up attacks only target an enemy still standing and are guaranteed to knock it down.

3. Physical attacks have a chance of dizzying downed foes.

I'd suggest grabbing a few items to cure ailments from the Item Store next time it rains. This dungeon and the next one can be brutal when it comes to ailments.
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Ugh. You totally wasted that Hiranya. Chie has enough SP. You could have just Mabufu'd the enemies.

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one of my first thoughts was OMG OMG 47 mins

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1) Fuse!

2) Use physical skills.  HP are easy to replace. 

3) Eligor is strong vs physical and you got hysterical slap on him-both important to use aginst the fuzz.

4) Tigers and lions are like knights-status attacks work well
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GUYS use your debuffs and buffs- come on, you're driving me nuts!!!!!

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Your Jack Frost has Zio

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Use a Goho-M and save before entering that door. I can't remember what's ahead, but it's probably going to kill you.

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You cant leave ghoul behind, he knows teddies brother so he's got to be cool.

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To ALL the users giving Advice

I Don't think that it is as necessary to help them out now that Jeff is playing Persona in his spare time. Jeff will be the crash test dummy and bring what he learns from his solo mission over to endurance run. When Jeff reaches the boss (which I'm sure he will) and losses (Which I feel he will since he just hates those debuff spells) he will share his wisdom with Vinny.

I'm sure when the time comes on the top floor and they are staring at a door into imminent doom, they will ask the GB community for a hand.

Also, FTP.  
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Pffft i'm on the "buffs are lame" boat. Regardless of the fact they're "key"

And yeah, all the advice is kinda starting to piss me off anyway.

Oh boy, Vinny must of blacked out on the weekend or something. Oh man vinny, ya had to hit the penalty card...i laughed so loud in disbelief, that was great, and a shame too...that was a good battle with the insta-kill.

It is kinda weird how you didn't notice Jack Frost had Zio.

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Thanks for the long episode :) *download*

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There's a difference between giving advice by explaining things they may not know and giving advice by telling them what to do. Nobody likes a backseat gamer, but if there's something confusing then I'm sure it's appreciated.

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Exactly, and to me, some of the "advice" is neither of those things. It seems more...Oh i dunno, i could be harsh, but i'm not gunna!

It is nice when something is explained simply because they really don't know.

Though i will say, i can understand why people do it...these guys can be hella forgetful.

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Hey guys,

Just a quick tip that isn't related to this episode.  The bottle of wine that old man was looking for yesterday is in Yosuke's liquor store, hand it over for an easy 4k yen.
Still loving the vids, more entertaining every day.

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The buffs and debuffs make a difference of 40% in whatever thing they affect. Decreasing enemy's (Bosses mainly) attack/defense/hit/dodge by 40% means that you'll be spending less time healing up the massive AoE attack damage etc.

Debuffs always hit and always work.

Buffing/Debuffing attack/defense also affects magic/skills/spells.
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So, the naked lady card which was next to Oroban you got, that was Lilim. She's part of the Devil arcana and has some of the same skills as Ghoul, which as others have mentioned has Dark magic which should work on the cops. I'm not sure the exact skills lilim gets since I got her as a fusion but the one I had had zio, garu, and fire(aru?) so she may have 2 out of 3 for you. But she definitely gets Mudo which is a dark instant death like Hama, and she also gets charm (think it's called Marin Karin). She was my favourite persona for awhile until she was too low a level to hang with my awesome crew.

Charm is also very nice if you can get it to work. It's like confusion, except I think with confusion the enemy will attack you still if there are no other enemies, where with Charm they will not and just stand there while you attack them for a couple of turns.

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Sonic Punch is a BEAST on things that aren't weak to anything!
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You guys should take notice that Jack Frost has Zio and he is level 17. ;)

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You can let them do followups if only one enemy is remaining up, since the followup ALWAYS knocks the enemy down, or in Chie's case, insta-kills it. If ALL OTHER enemies are down, a followup will lead to an all-out attack opportunity. Also, followups ALWAYS target a STANDING enemy, so they can eliminate a dude to conserve SP.

YOU DON'T NEED TO REGISTER PERSONA SEPARATELY. ALL YOU NEED TO DO IS ACQUIRE THEM. Registration is for when you create a custom persona THROUGH FUSION and want to OVERWRITE that persona's entry into the compendium (for later summoning).

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Guys, there's nothing behind that door.  It's a cut scene.  The mini-boss for this dungeon is on floor 7 and the boss it self is on floor 11, so no worries yet.

Also, any persona that you get (meaning you don't forget it) is automatically registered into the compendium.  So go ahead and replace Saki Mitama and Archangel because those are already registered.

Lastly, follow-up attacks will always hit enemies that are still standing, and the majority of them results in knocking the enemy down.  Don't worry about Chie galactic punting an already downed enemy.

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Go away ghoul nobody likes you!

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The ghoul was hilarious.

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Great episode as always, I love it when its a long episode

I just hope you guys use every day to its fullest in this game, always finish a dungeon on the last day possible

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I just lapped you guys! Freedom!

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