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video please : (

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Wow 56 mins long...awesome!

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Hey, since you got Kanji on the Investigation Team, you need an extra member on the Endurance Run Team.

Make sure you get Kanji up to Social Rank 3.

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yay long episode today

well done on the victory in the previous episode guys, waiting for my copy of the game in the post now :(

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Long episode is long.

Just an interesting little bit. the save points are supposedly meant to represent Philemon, the person/deity whom Igor serves. The blue butterfly also appeared in P3, although not as a save point.

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woot woot woot woot woot! Nearly an hour long? YES! You guys are gonna catch up with me in no time! Get that janitor job, it rocks!

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56 minutes. I fucking love you guys. The Endurance Run is a highlight of my day.

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coming up next: 2 hour special

hell yeah baby

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Good of them to finish up the fox's request during the rainy day where you can't do much (other then Aiya's). Something tells me its entirely coincidental, but good job anyway.

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this is posted very early makes me think they play a day in advance and pretend to be on the next day

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For some reason, watching you guys explain Persona 4 to the newcomer is pretty funny. Charlie's a wuss.

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Butterflies are a Earthbound reference.Not intentanolly.But awesome anyway.

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Longest one yet : )

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spend time leaving junes..hilariuss...

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56 minutes!=!??!?! HEADXPLOSION½!

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Helllllll yeah! 56 minute Davisode!

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@ cieluscian
It's like wrestling, everybody knows what they're doing but people don't actually care about how they do it

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56 minutes?  Now they're just spoiling us..

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Holy Crap, this is awesome, 56 minutes, Keep it up

Make Episode 50 a two hour Special

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Dude, dont get dave again, he doesent get what persona is about. Its about talking to hot girls, not fightin kings.

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Dave: the "drops" you see on people don't show a sad situation, but an awkward one instead. ;)

We are not cheap, damn you Ryan! :P
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This episode did need more king fighting though.

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Now you can finally make lunch again! About time Nanako went to the store... lazy kid! Do the wash!

@PolyesterPimp, they record these the day before and the video gets processed over night or early the next day. Otherwise they'd have to get to work at like 6AM or some other way-too-early hour.

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If you guys haven't, cook instead of talking to Dojima.  6/10 is a good day to go back into the TV-its raining and you can clear Kanji's dungeon for teh 2nd time.

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No real reason to go into the TV and waste a dungeoning day just fighting the king now. Go in after the next dungeon is open, beat the king and they will have tons of SP left, probably enough to get 3-4ish levels through the next dungeon at least.

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Sorry, but it's just too hard concentrating on the game with that much chat.

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Woo! Dave!
I would totally play King Fighter 2 but frankly I think it should move in a different direction then simply fighting kings and allow you to build social links and go shopping.

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Its nice to toss things up, going back to social linking and a surprise guest.  Awesome job guys.

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Yay, 56 minutes!
Good memory on the pharmacy guy, Jeff, I totally crapped that one up the first time.

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Nice episode.

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"we're keeping her"
"...but look at the way she's batting her eyelashes"

Ya'lls fucked up!
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Kanji's dungeon is now open.  They can beat the King and at least make it to the top floor of Kanji's dungeon if not take down the optional boss there in one day.
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Yay now you can show Dave where you are so he won't spoil the game with an image in a news story...

I'm sorry Dave, had to let that one out, im done! I'm glad you spoke of the Knife Show.

I think having 3 people in an endurance run works really well. Some good Innuendo's!

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This is almost certainly very sad, but.......
Did anyone else notice that Nanako said "Welcome Back" instead of "Welcome Home"?
Cuz she normally says welcome home even when it says welcome back in the dialgoue box.

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56 minutes? YES! Next episdoe: KILL THE KING!

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Booooo, you said you'd fight the king.

56 mins is great though, keep up the good work!
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Great lenghty episode that only problem was Dave. I mean, they spent many time either telling him what was happenin in P4 or talking with him while things were happening in the game so it was a bit confusing. It wasn't Dave the problem. It was the fact of being another person.

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get the shit in the fridge!

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Game were you fight members of the Sacramento Kings? yes! get it done.

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We need more King killing. And Beef Bowls.

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That was hilarious. I feel like you need to bring Dave back when you finally get to fighting the king. It's only fair. Heh.

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At first it pleased me to see the episode lasted for 56 minutes, but it turned out to be really boring. It's inevitable that there will be some dull episodes - the story dialogue often goes on for far too long - but you guys didn't help yourself by including Dave. He seemed like a nice guy but sounded like he needs antidepressants ASAP and knew nothing about P4. The episode would've been rather boring without  Dave, so you guys having to take time explaining the game to Dave didn't help out much.

There's no need to rush to beat the bonus boss of Yukiko's dungeon. It'd be entertaining, as all boss battles are, but it'd also be a waste of a day when you can do that before you enter the next dungeon. And it'd be a good idea to take more quests before you do so, and clear the old ones. I say that because each time you beat a dungeon you have to start from floor 1again in order to reach the bonus boss of the dungeon, and when you get to the point where you can re-enter a dungeon for the bonus boss you can also take quests involving getting items from old monsters. You'd hit two birds with one stone if you did the quests as you re-cleared dungeons for bonus bosses.

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Dudes, that's not The Power Rangers. That's SUPER SENTAI! The original Japanese series that Power Rangers is based on. Way better and with more absurd plots.

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I liked this episode unlike Aion It was fun and it shows how easily you can get distracted int hemany things to do in persona 4 lol.

Sometimes you got the best intentions... then you gotta hang out with dead girls brother XD

Great episode.

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Oh no the entire day has passed. You need to warn people that watching these episodes take time. There needs to be a "Spend time watching Persona Endurance Run?" option =P Great show guys

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Im pretty sure Dave spoiled the game.

"Professor Plum... In the candlestick factory... with the HANDGUN!"

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Awesome episode guys keep it up :)

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56 Min!! WOOT!