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Posted by Pedro


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Ah a solid half hour


Posted by Meliv

Glad this went up before I went to bed. Good job guys

Posted by Aeterna

Yay, up before I went to bed(Yes, europe.).

And 33min too, sweet!

Posted by mtosh

wew =]

Posted by df

catching up at ep.46, will watch this later.

Posted by bobpie24


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Looked it up and Kanji's voice actor is Troy Baker. Besides a thousand other anime and related games he's acted in, he's Matt Baker from Brothers in Arms, cool, huh?

Oh, and I just wanna say that this series swallowed up my life this last week. I started from EPISODE ONE last Tuesday after seeing a little of episode 50 and I've watched EVERY SINGLE ONE in a row in one week leading up to today's.

Also, being the statistical little nut job I am, I kept a log of funny scenes in a text file as I watched them.


ep24 at 01:00 - Gojima and Adachi (young detective) Funny dialogue
          - "Why does young detective sleep in mommy's bed?"

ep24 at 11:30 - Teacher joke and Mt. Olympus
          - "Don't tell your parents that I said that..."

ep29 at 02:30 - Morooka lampoon
          - "Wanna see Morooka naked? Eh?"

ep29 at 07:00 - Nanako and Gojima funny dialogue
          - "Kill the kid. Torch the house. We gotta get out of here..."

ep29 at 10:55 - Nanako suicide.
          - "Then we hear gunshots. *Ckrr* I'm okay... *Ckrr-ckrr*"

Yeah... I'm nuts!

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I was just about to go to bed, but I might watch this now

Im glad that this episode is 33 minutes long though

Posted by PeasForFees

Dude Yes

Posted by ReTarDedFisHy

Haha, awesome.
ReTarDedFisHy just loves Endurance Run.
This one took a while to be uploaded though. :(
At any rate, keep up the good work, guys! :D

Posted by TestamentUK

I come home and I'm saddened to find no new Persona episode on the video list. Then I read the comments of the last video, see Jeff saying it's up later some time, refresh the page and it is here - result!

Posted by Doubt


Posted by Plasma

Sleep posponed!

Posted by nick69

man, y'all convinced me to actually get the game...

Posted by Dethfish

Sweet, a half hour.

Posted by Mistral

Yay, it's up! And it's a long one - worth the wait, if you ask me. Just don't go making them so long that they start corrupting again. :P

Posted by Razieleatssouls

Nothing like some endurance run with orange cupcakes.

Posted by insane_shadowblade85

I really should get back to this game, you guys are almost where I'm at.

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7 in the AM eh? well I guess you don't need to drag yourselves out of bed for your jobs.
Lol about the soundtrack; you're not the only one who needed more Persona in their lives Jeff, lovin' those choonz.

Posted by TestamentUK

It's finishing early for me, at 22:25. Anyone get past this or is everyone having this problem?

Posted by Djstyles92

finally its up!!

Posted by Xero560


Posted by Taler

Oh man the jackfrost is so funny.

Posted by Alphazero

Jeff, stop it. I was just in Minneapolis and saw that "100 beautiful girls and 2 ugly ones" sign outside the strip club.

Get out of my brain.

Posted by Wright

drew must be using some black magic to save it.

Posted by Jack_Lafayette
Ahhhhhhh, good ol' regularly scheduled Endurance Run.
Posted by toadstule

Sweet, a nice half-hour episode.

Posted by curlyq101

Jack Frost has probably been hanging out with Ghoul.

Posted by freakydude20

king frost knows all the hoes....

Posted by Agent_Lost

tonight on the
SOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooool Train

Posted by safelybeds

Abuse Tenterafoo, guys! It's the shit!

Posted by KaruraK

Wu-tang reference LOL.

Posted by ToxicFruit

Late tonight. 

been  going over for a test all day. good to take a brake to watch this !

Posted by MikeFightNight

Don't be afraid to use Hama on tha golden hand, it works son.

Posted by Queequeg

The voice acting is hilarious.  MOAAAAAAAARRR!!!

Posted by Gav47

More Jack Frost!!!

Posted by Cammy

mad hamas lol

Posted by CrazyCannuck

After the inderance run Drew killed a chicken and drowned the Mac in it's blood, then chanted "Kalie Ma Shock ti day!" for a whole hour!  or at least that's what I've heard.

Posted by NukeGoBoom

Ugh...Video is too long.Gotta sleep.

Posted by zityz

this episodes comentary was full of nothing but pure WIN.
Jack Frost
Don Cornelius
Stipper jokes


and upstate new york story. Just fucking pure awesome.


Posted by iamthemoneyj

yay 33

Posted by GamerGeek360

See that is a good length, not great, but good. Great length = 45+ minutes.

Posted by Dethfish

My favorite part was with the faces. Vinny was scared.

Posted by License_To_Bill

I love your rationale behind each weakness.

Posted by WholeFunShow

01:18, Nice use of the word "analogous", Vinny.

Posted by Taler

Sweet! Seriously not Aion, your commentary is awesome. It's so great. Why don't you go through all the backlog of all the episodes and all yourself to Aion's comments? Then we can double the number of funny comments on all the videos.

Posted by RagingLion

I enjoyed the crushing enditement of Jack Frost's attempts to get back with you guys the best.

Posted by Reverseface

Haha jack frost showing up 3 times. the voice was hella funny. xD

Posted by DickDarlington

You guys shouldn't be passing up Persona even if you already have them. They make good raw materials to fuse stronger Persona. You just have to make sure to NOT register it when you get back to the Velvet Room. It kind of sucks to register Persona individually, but it goes pretty fast when you get used to it.

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