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Posted by Trilleong

I searched "Part 58" and got excited when I found it...Looks like I'm early =/

Posted by ahoodedfigure

It's OK.  It'll be along :)

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I LOVE THIS ENDURANCE RUN. it makes me feel alive, i adore it irrationally, it is supreme.

Posted by papercut

Love it when ER is on time

Posted by Red_Scarlet

Remember that you can press the O button in a dungeon to line up the camera.

Edited by skrutop

Yosuke's a chump.  Kanji's the man.

Dude, if the Skill Greaves are like the other things, they'll give you +50 SPs.  That's a lot of SPs.

Posted by Dethfish

Damn, this is up quick.

Posted by chronix

Still love these videos :)

I still recommend lots of medical kits (100hp to all allies...I used about 8 during the boss battle), some anti-confusion and anti-poisen items or skills (preferrably items), and 2-3 characters with medium heal before you go at the boss.  Also should make some high level personas (I had trouble at level 30-something).  And several with some good party buffs and single enemy debuffs.  This is a long boss battle.

For the ema request, try talking to your friends at school. (the snack request)

Posted by safelybeds

It's possible to like both Yosuke AND Kanji, right?


Am I seriously the only one?

Posted by jadewiz

I started watching these at 56, and now im hooked.
I had a good laugh at hearing "Tanaka, Please."

Posted by Satune

What a great to kick off my day!

Posted by RedSox8933

You guys are terrible at fusing, sometimes it is hard to watch and not be able to say anything.

I still love you.
Posted by chronix

Remember you have a lot of quests for regular items found in dungeons, you might make sure you don't sell an item that someone wants (ritz wire, demon statue, etc).  I recommend talking to the people you have quests from before you visit the weapons store to sell.

Posted by Zalasta

I'm not 100% certain but I know for a fact that certain quest items like Ritz Wire and Cutting Boards cannot be sold to the armor/weapon store.  I have like 20 of them still sitting in my inventory doing nothing.

Actually, that's one of my gripes about Persona 4.  Quest items keep dropping if you have the quest active even if you already obtained one, taking the place of regular drops which I could've sold for money!

Posted by jmrwacko

Well, she wanted a snack that doesn't taste like a snack, so I hope the ABC gum thing works out for y'all ;-)

Posted by GetEveryone

This is the first part I've seen with any fighting in it. In fact, this part comes closest to actually resembling gameplay. The rest just seems to be accepting day trips and letting them play out.

Posted by albedos_shadow

Kind of a minor question, but is there an on/off option for that little info bar in the bottom left corner? It's never filled in in my game. The one that gives your location.

Posted by Delta_Ass

Chie can chew on my meat gum anyday...

Posted by MarkMarini
Posted by Mistral

@albedos_shadow  - I've heard that PS3s often don't display the location bar properly, so if you're playing P4 on a PS3, then you're stuck with it like that(unless you have a PS2, in which case the location info should show up properly if you use it to play P4 instead).

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The shopping channel theme is the only music not on the soundtrack but the Junes one is (yay?).
Incidentally, if your copy of the game only had one disc you can get the other on many torrents out there; I'd say if you bought the game you're entitled to download it.
Vinny's voice for Morooka is spot on isn't it?

Posted by FLStyle

go go Power Investigation Team!

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Ah, Safeway subs.  I know exactly what you're talking about, Vinny.

Although I had one once, it was like Turkey, cheese, cranberry sauce.  It was great.

And if you knew the folklore behind Hua Po, you'd know why it looks sad :P

Posted by Death_Burnout

Hell yeah Total Recall references!

Posted by SinGulaR

Can't wait to see the strip club endboss :D

Posted by Sarumarine

"Shut up, whores!" Best line in the episode. Also Morooka schooling you guys. Althought, I didn't really know what ressientiment meant either. I'm not even sure I spelled it right.

Posted by AndrewB

In my game, I've already had 2 dreams about Yosuke. The second was with the Luchador mask.

Posted by endaround

If you guys want to finish the Nanako SL you really need to grind  Expression constantly right now.  Which means Drama Club and translating at night

Posted by MeatSim

Gum that taste like meat!? I don't know if I would want to try that.

Posted by LordAndrew

The shopping channel song isn't on Side B either. But if you can get ahold of the Persona 3 soundtrack, it's on there.

Posted by Castle

That Meat Gum is crazy.

Posted by unangbangkay

You shouldn't register your persona if you previously created it during fusion and got a duplicate through shuffle time. Shuffle time persona only have their default skills, while fusion persona always have extra skills. Registering only happens if you want to overwrite a persona you already have with a new one, usually due to level gain or a new shuffle you want to keep. New personas you get thru shuffle time are automatically registered in the compendium provided you did NOT look away from the cards.

Posted by cinemandrew

This one, and the last one didn't play on chrome for me. Just got about 2 seconds in, and froze up. Guess I'll try IE again.

Posted by FuzzYLemoN

Yeah, give that meat gum to the woman.
If you know what I'm saying.

Posted by Grillbar

way to go wiki on the ressentiment

Posted by Subject2Change
"Kind of a minor question, but is there an on/off option for that little info bar in the bottom left corner? It's never filled in in my game. The one that gives your location."

PS3s with Software Backwards Compatibility will not show it. This has been discussed numerous times on the P4 Forums. So 80gig USA bc models and ALL PAL models will not show the location.
Posted by mrbasehart

Now your Knowledge is at an expert level, you can speak to Margaret inside the Velvet Room about her request.  It'll start up her Social Link, though to advance through it, you'll need to do LOTS of fusing, if you don't have a Fusion Guide handy.

And guys, you don't need to triple fuse to get good level personas.  Sometimes, a "normal" fuse will give you the exact same result, just with a couple less inheirited skills.

Posted by quackerj

where can i find persona 4 hentai. i wanna see chie and yukiko wrestle in luchador masks and rise get bufued from behind. just kidding lol... not really. where can i find it?!?!

Posted by LordAndrew

I think Margaret's Social Link will start automatically. They'll know when it happens.

And quackerj, you'll have to find that yourself. Don't worry, it surely does exist.

Posted by ubuntugreg

Ya, I can start my day with a little endurance run!

Posted by Jtan21

I just learned a new word. Thank you P4 Endurance Run!

Posted by Cloneslayer


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Anybody notice how Charlie gets all staticy when he moves? That's like Sadako O_O

Posted by AllanIceman


Great Idea!  I would love to see that.
Posted by NukeGoBoom

I went online and downloaded 3 tracks from the Persona 4 soundtrack.
Your Affection, Velvet Room Elektronica Remix and something else.Also got the Dr Mario Wii Ware soundtrack and bought Mother 3i.

Posted by Sneakybadger

maan im at te same point as you guys and ur social links are waaaaay higher than mine :(

i suppose i am level 38 but thats not the point >_< i just got luck death cards in dungeons
Posted by nopain14

Ahhh the ER funny but it makes me want to play a long jrpg.

Posted by Canberra

your best???
i lol'ed at that reference

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Yumi might be annoying but I found the Drama storyline one of the more emotionaly compelling side-stories in the game, at least where I'm at right now (after saving Rise).

Posted by Curufinwe

And they need to keep going with her to raise Expression for Nanako.

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