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Search ftw.

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ya gurl

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hehehe it doesn't work but im mad excited..  thanks GB

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Wooo, incredibly early episode! Also, has anyone else noticed that they have a basic understanding of fortune telling now because of the arcana cards in this game?

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Boo-urns; vid doesn't work for me.

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This happens  to often on giantbomb...

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Decided to have look at the manual for the first time today, there is actually a glossary of terms and honorifics at the back along with some mythological info on the main characters Personas

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I wonder if it goes up (the video on giant bomb) before the video itself is fully uploaded to the server.

Oh well I can't wait :)

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Nothing can stop the Endurance Run! Not corruption, not power outages, and not duder errors!

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@Th3dz: As opposed to all those other gaming sites that also run Persona 4 Endurance Runs?

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What a tease...

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roooaarr new endurance run ftw

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Good fun

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Hmmmm... Well its 7:30 here moutain time. Ive got quite alot of time to watching this, anyway I'm downloading Windows 7 RC

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@chronix: Yep. The vids are scheduled to go up at a certain time and sometimes the videos aren't finished encoding yet.

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Looks like they're going to make a devil type persona so they can have more fun with the nurse :)

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duder :(

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Wanted to mention before I forget, if you want to do the Empress SL look at a guide.  Its just way too complicated without one to just experiment with fuses.  Even then it will take a decent amount of time to shuffle the resulting persona to get the required skills.  And in one of those P4 interface things, you must enter the velvet room with the required persona for it to be recognized, meaning that after you fuse you have to leave and re-enter to level the SL up.

The good news?  It takes no in game time to level it up and you don't have to match persona from the Empress arcana.

Doing the SL isn't required but it will help you of course.
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ARGH!!! Doesn't work. *cry*

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Hey Duder- it's over.

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When you press replay the video it's loading but no video ^_^
Go Chie!

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Video is not working!?

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I like, had this dream last night... and like, Chie was in it... and like, we were wrastlin' n' stuff.... and like, she was totally wearing a luchador mask...

It was kinda hawt.

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gooo bombbb

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Duder, you just made yourself a powerful enemy.

Also, yay for not supporting transparency. :l

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I so wanted to watch this this morning, yesterdays was soooo...unsatisfying.

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Your video is crashing my web browser.

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Aww and I was just getting excited too!

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Guys it works if you press ctrl then go to full screen.

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Ain't working for me mate.

is online
on May 5, 2009
Guys it works if you press ctrl then go to full screen.
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man i hate it when there's idiots who "comment" without seeing shit... what r u commenting on? or is this the "hey im first!!" retarded shit

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Let it go, gamefreak9.  It's just the way that people are.

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Duder of death

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Dude, the ED is, like, cursed, or something.

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LOL @ Duder of Death!

Yeah! It doesn't work for me too. I'm sure they'll get it fixed soon enough though. NOTHING STOPS THE ENDURANCE RUN!

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Why taking Kanji into battle, just stick to yukiko, chie and yosuke till the end. And this video not working for me either, maybe later...

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I dumped chie for kanji as my personas seemed better equipped for sending ice attacks and frankly chie mostly saved SP (ice isn't useful everywhere) and didn't do enough damage as I used her

I'll probably swap between them as I go depending on the enemies.

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That was short!

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To view this video, you need the Giant Bomb Gold account.

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I don't even get a 'Duder', it's just a blank screen.  I know you'll get if fixed once you get into the office.  I'm, waiting expectantly.

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The Video totally works you just have to hold reset and press the power button while pressing start and select....and then enter the code 007 373 5963

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"Why taking Kanji into battle, just stick to yukiko, chie and yosuke till the end. "
Or they could try out different party members since the game does throw new ones at you for some bizarre reason. I really don't understand people who insist on sticking with the original team and never using anyone else ever, but I guess I just don't get people who prefer powergaming over having fun. (especially with the endurance run, where using different party members is more interesting for the viewer) And no, I'm not just saying this because I like Kanji; I expect them to at least try every new party member they get, since at worst we'll get to see their reactions to the newcomer's personas, weapons, and battle quotes, and at best the guys might have an easier time with one of the new people. Everyone wins!

BTW, the direct link doesn't work, and none of the quality levels work either. Oh well, I'm spending the next few hours anyway. Sucks to be people who don't have something to do in the meantime. :P

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Dl'd the .flv it is only 7kb, not even uploaded yet

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Best Endurance Run YET!

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If they get rid of Chie I will stop watching the endurance run. Mark my words!

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Well, this is a new error. Will check this out in a little bit, sorry for the delay.