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Posted by SpunkyHePanda

Oh, you guys... I know it's way late to say this, but you chose Normal mode, when what you really wanted was Beginner mode. Don't blame the game, it gave you exactly the option you wanted and you turned it down.

And you guys are CHOOSING to grind. You really don't have to go through every dungeon twice. You'd be gaining levels way faster in Rise's dungeon, saving you a lot of misery and whining. A small courage boost and a weapon probably isn't worth the agony.

Sorry to sound harsh, you guys are doing a great job.

Posted by Mistral

Fyi, arcana effects(postive and negative) wear off after a certain number of battles - so if you want a negative effect to wear off before, say, fighting a boss, go beat up weak enemies for a while.

And grinding isn't really necessary in Persona 4 once you've saved Kanji - having the right Personas(and skills) and knowing how to use them matters much, much more than your level does. If you clear every floor of enemies as you go up each new dungeon for the first time, you'll be at(or very close to) the level needed to beat the boss. Or you could skip enemies the first time and grind later, but it's really less painful to just fight everything as you're going up in the first place.

Posted by xMightyMousex

Just so you know the arcana chance cards last five battles, unless replaced by another arcana chance, standing around won't make the effect wear off.

Posted by ashogo

I love how at Vinny is icing these dudes without even thinking about it anymore (a physical on the baby, then magaru on the hogans, all without a single pause).

Posted by SinGulaR

Cool. A long episode.

Posted by GamerGeek360

Now that is what we call a GREAT length for an episode!

Posted by Media_Master

57 mins for 1 exp, ugh

Posted by DualFayte

I got 1162 exp when I killed him

Posted by monkie89

It's funny how they complain about grinding when everything they did in these last 2 episodes was completely unnecessary. If you are going to go back to old dungeons to fight the optional bosses, just run past all the weak enemies. They give garbage exp for a reason...

Posted by Enns

Man this always make me laugh. You guys are awesome.
About the ending, just go for it and get it. It's worth the epic battle and story telling.
Its very very easy to know how to get the good ending without spoilers.

Just ask someone to look up a faq and tell you the choices when the time comes.
Du it.

Posted by Curufinwe


You are exactly right.

Jeff and Vinny come up with some interesting and legitimate complaints about P4, but the grinding in this hour long episode was all on them.  They could have ran right up to the boss in about 15 minutes by only fighting the enemies that were unavoidable, and only missed out on neglible XP.

Maybe when they go into Rise's dungeon tomorrow they'll notice how much more XP they are getting from fighting enemies that are around their level.

Posted by Metroid545

why did you save it! you lost alot of good xp!

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I'm probably gonna sound retarded and ignorant, but how is it that you know John Tesh? Do you just know him, or do you listen to him on the radio? I'm from Seattle (where I listen to him sometimes) and from what I know of FM waves and general experience, I'm sure you can't get his waves down in Cali Cali. If anyone else can explain me this voodoo magic, I'd appreciate it.

Maybe Kanji has 9 other accessory rings. What about a Volt Suppressor Prince Albert?

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This one's called... Playin' Possum."

Gotta love the Tim and Eric references.

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Posted by slinky6

if you don't like the grinding aspects of JRPG's.   Then...   DON'T GRIND.   It's unnecessary for pretty much any JRPG released after 1995.

Posted by NekuCTR

You usually receive 1,162 exp from that guy. sorry guys.

Posted by DannyJ

Well they did make a good amount of money through the grinding at least

Posted by Agent_Lost

hell yea, Persona 5 Endurance Run in Japaneses.
I you guys are planning for going for the true ending, then tried to max out Fox S.Link

Posted by Dan_CiTi

True Ending: Charlie uses the Spirit Bomb
Good Ending: Charlie uses the Kamehameha
Bad Ending: Freiza kills Charlie

Posted by lishi

doing 5 minute on the rise dungeon would have gained you more xp then your last 1,5 hour of gameplay.

Its pretty much given in ANY rpg (not only in jprg) you do random battle where you gain more xp, not where you gain few.

Posted by PandaBearParamedics

Does anyone know how close they are to the end of the game?

Posted by HT101

A great day indeed when you get a 57 minute long episode.  I can't wait to see how long tomorrow's episode will be.  Also, the new TANG is up tomorrow.  What a great day it will be.

Posted by lishi

they are not even at half game.

Posted by skilzlost

long episodes pawn even if that was a bit of a waste ul guys!

stil a great episode

Posted by Daroki

1K Exps isn't a huge deal at this point.  It'd be nice, but it's not necessary to fight the battle over again, you'll make it up in Rise's dungeon.  What they got out of it was the ability to complete a lot of quests in town and a "fat grip" which the fox will gladly relieve them of since they're running out of time to save Rise.  They should be able to do it still, and probably won't need a fox recharge, but the option's there for them if they need it.

And if you think you would have been disappointed if you died on 10F, imagine how disappointed you'd be if you don't save her in time and lose a week's worth of progress including this grinding.

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You did the right thing, Vinny, because this is Endurance Run, and what you see is what you get around here. Lesson learned, moving on. Let's grind some social and save Rise!
By the way, "true endings" really annoy me. If I beat the game, I want a cool ending. If I beat a 40 hour game, I'm not likely to go back in and play it again for even longer. The conditions for true endings are usually obscure and hard to get, and may not really make me enjoy the game any more. These RPGs act like they're the only game I'll play all year. The whole multiple ending concept is getting pretty stretched.

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Anyone else maybe think Rise is toast? and Vinny you lost all the points in the world. Sorry

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I agree with you on the multiple endings thing for the most part, but I like the way this game does it. It works like this:

At a certain point late in the game, you'll make a choice that will either let you continue with the game OR end the game right there and get the bad ending. If you do it right, later on, you'll make a choice that will either let you continue on the path to the true ending OR end the game right there and get the normal ending.

So you don't need multiple saves, and you don't need to worry about getting stuck on the path to the bad ending because the game is over as soon as you make the wrong choice. The only time you would lose is the time it takes to watch the ending. There is one thing to worry about though, and that's overwriting your file for New Game Plus before seeing all the endings.

Posted by legendary1

Remember you have Kanji back at the beginning. When yosuke ran out of SP you could have just swapped him in.

I won't go into how stupid fighting every single useless enemy in this dungeon was, I won't mention how the enemies in the next dungeon will be giving 10x as much XP.

Posted by Konanda

Diarama was on Hua Po I believe and as for the boss it's weakness was lightning if I remember correctly. Also I'm glad that uneeded grinding is over and it's back to Rise's dungeon.

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Don't grind :( No need to grind in this game. Just defeat most of the enemies in Rise's dungeon.

Now that you guys are kind of ahead of the game in levels ( I think?) I don't think you ever need to go back and grind all the enemies in old dungeons. Just run past  them. Should be easy enough.
Posted by DickDarlington

Some bosses have weaknesses. Always try to find a weakness if it's a long fight. I still can't believe Vinnie had the cursor on Zio, paused, and then passed by it.

Start using Chie's Rampage skill too. With Sarasvati healing the party, you guys can open up with all the physical skills that cost HP and not have to worry about it anymore.

Posted by Ossi

Great episode, bummed about the ending with the 1exp - keep truckin guys you'll get through it!

Posted by Cloneslayer

Wow rampage, you just called three great RPGs crap. I think those types of RPGs should be judged on a diffrent scale than the traditional JRPG, so I guess if you only like the JRPGs I can see how you could hate those. Different strokes for diffrent folks or so they say.

Posted by coffeesash

In Persona 4 you should always 'grind'in the hardest dungeon possible, so as everyone says, just completely search the latest dungeon. The game is good for not having to grind unless you leave an important member out of the team for too long :)

Posted by Alias01

Yeah, there really is no need for grinding. Just fight the enemies that you encounter in the current dungeon and you're good to go.

If you want to fight the mini boss, then just avoid fighting the shadows and go straight up to the  top floor. :)

Posted by BlazeHedgehog

An autographed-by-Jeff-and-Vinny copy of this Persona 4 might be a pretty cool contest prize.

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The XP from the boss (and any battle, really) varies based on your level. Higher level = fewer XP; that's why the Bathhouse enemies were giving such low totals. (The reverse is also true; fight enemies with a party member or Persona 10-20 levels lower than them and their XP will skyrocket.)

Don't worry too much, though; the XP from a bonus boss is about the same as 2-3 battles in the next dungeon. The main purpose of grinding the previous dungeon is:
1. The Bonus Boss
2. Getting Quest Items & Materials
3. Getting Money

My suggestions for less painful grinding? Battle each type of enemy once just for the quest items. (Most of them have 100% drop rate; they have the bottle icon.) Run away from any repeated tough enemies you encounter.

Card effects are removed after you've fought a certain number of battles. They get removed immediately if you get another card effect. Therefore, the best way to remove a bad card effect is to do as many battles as possible and pull every card you can.

I would also watch your Chest Key totals; the golden chests in higher dungeons have better loot.
Posted by Sarumarine

Wow, I didn't know what the moon card did, now I will never touch it ever. That was awful and hilarious at the same time. You took the Pig Cop bonus boss and... 1 EXP. That sucks, horribly. Well, live and learn, and then get even.

Posted by GHT

I'm sure someone mentioned it already, but here is all you need to know (spoiler free) about not getting the bad ending.

on 12/3 you will need to answer 6 questions in exactly the right manner. It isn't obvious, so I suggest that when the occasion comes you take a look at the good ending guide on the website to see which answers you'll need.

I got the bad ending the first time because I didn't know that, and it was really shitty. It's not a satisfying ending at all, so I suggest not getting it.

Posted by SonicFire

Yeah...they're nowhere near the end. Judging by the way they're playing it, I'd say they'll need about 80 hours...closer to 85 if they actually open the true ending path.

And as far as getting the "good" ending, it does just come down to you thinking about what's going on. Without giving anything away, it doesn't take much to realize that something more is going on. 
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Posted by Burntlettuce

Funky Student gets more riddles after you beat Risa's dungeon but not until then.

Posted by Nasar7

All this grinding is completely unnecessary.

Posted by Grimi

I have to say any episode over 40min seems a bit long

Posted by Arkanis
Oh Damn, That Happened to me, I was so pissed I got 1 Exp I reloaded it and everyone leveled after I killed it. It would have been nice to get a upright Moon and do it =(
Posted by FuzzYLemoN

No longer scared of corrupted files, huh?
Bring on the long episodes again! :D

Posted by stephengotlost

Use a GameShark. I really do find the social link or story-driven videos to be much more entertaining viewing material.

Posted by VisariLoyalist

57 minutes!!!!!!!! ooooooo yeaaaaah brother!!!