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Posted by BarrenMind

Anyone know what the "Fast Heal" skill they got a couple episodes ago does exactly?  Does it cause a regeneration effect where HP is gained every turn for a while?

Posted by Ventilator

They checked it out at the end of the last episode, you could see it there

Posted by Jigsaw

The longest episode ever... yeah right less then one second :P. Duder its over!

Posted by Caddy

Damn, another "duder it's over" message :(

Posted by Mijati

Interesting length ;)

Posted by JordanNE

Predictions on length? I'd say 90 minutes.

Posted by erinfizz

Doh. Longest episode did not get enough time to get ready. Vinny is such a tease.

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I say... an hour and a half to 2 hours, assuming they won.
And it's UNBEARABLE to wait until I get to see their reaction to the post-boss1 scene

Posted by baba2

I'm going with 90 minutes too.

Posted by Kiemoe

The longest? :DDDDDDDDD

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Posted by Kowbrainz

I liked the irony of the homepage's description too. :P
Guess I'll just have to gawk at this spoilerish display image in the meantime. Teddy looks pretty scary and messed up... ;-;

Posted by Scooper

I wanna see behind the curtain!!! I swear, I'm 21!!!

Posted by SunKing

Very funny, guys. Now show us the real video :P

Posted by ZoRzEr

This has been the highlight of my day for the past 14 weeks. Oh how lame that sounds. Love the teasing image before the video starts :P Can't wait to see the reaction. DUDER! COME ON

Posted by CoinMatze

90 minutes? That would be overkill. And what could possibly take so long? Do they lose and then grind it out some more und then manage to kill the boss?

Posted by Rirobuge

There is about 40 minutes of pressing x after the boss fight which there are no breaks in.

Posted by ChrisTaran

WHOOOO can't wait for the after battle reactions!!!

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@CoinMatze JUST WAIT
You'll see what could probably kinda sorta take so long :P
Although you probably already did with the teaser image.

Posted by chronix

If they fought the boss, it is a long battle.

It is funny my first time through this dungeon I never saw a tank and I beat the boss.  Though I am spending a LOT longer time in dungeons than they are :)

Can't wait to see the working video :)

Posted by CoinMatze

I can't wait! The anticipation is killing me! Always with the teasing on this site! ALWAYS WITH THE TEASING!

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Just listenin to the bombcast and surfin the web, while i wait. I suggest everyone else does something similar.

Posted by Dirty_Harry

very long

Posted by tim

why does that look like teddie lol

Posted by Swish

Don't suppose the name is for irony

Posted by ch3burashka

So when is the Blu-ray set of Endurance Run coming to store shelves? Hopefully there's a commentary for the commentary.

Posted by Fallen189

Shadow teddie <3

Posted by iAmJohn

Hooray for the longest video of the Endurance Run evDUDER IT'S OVER?! ;_;

Posted by LeBart

Oh god what has happened to Teddy !?

Posted by ChrisTaran


You know, he's at that age...

Posted by chronix

Aww come one don't give away spoilers.

And I think the image for the video should be blurred until after you have watched the video once :)  Or maybe there is another creative means of preventing you from making out the image

Posted by RabidBadger

At the age he wants to give children nightmares

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Posted by FuzzYLemoN

"The longest episode of Endurance Run Ever!"
*Clicks play*
"Duder, it's over!"
*Shakes fist in anger out the window*

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I think it's just that someone screwed up the file name so the player isn't linking to anything. If someone could somehow find the real file name, then we could party like it's episode 50.

Posted by MeierTheRed

Great video wont play

Posted by endaround

I also think they should change the screen cap for spoiler reasons.  This is one of the bigger surprises (followed up by an even bigger one soon...)

Posted by chronix

Yeah the frame they show should not be story related, same for next episode (if they get to it)

Some people might be behind or just watching and not playing, don't spoil it Vinny!

(I personally was considering Persona 4 anyways and when the endurance run started I immediately bought it and I aim to stay a little bit ahead of you guys, but not way too far)

Posted by TheClap

Duder!  Cruel Fates!

Posted by ArbitraryWater

Wow. That Screen Cap is spoileriffic. Can't wait for the episode to finally encode.

Posted by Moridin

Longer than the 60 minute episode we had the other day? Wow. We're in for a treat today. Thanks Vinny!

Posted by babblinmule

I say we start up a pool on how long this episode is going to be.

My money is also on 90 minutes (ish)

Posted by Crispy

I sure hope to the high heavens that they read my comment about Guarding... hahaha.

Oh, well. We'll see when the video gets here.

Posted by chronix

How about a pool on when the video will be up?  I think it will take longer than the episode lasts, sadly enough

Posted by ahoodedfigure

ho boy, I wish they'd split these videos up

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Posted by samcotts

This boss fight is my favourite of the game, just so many twists. Can't wait until it's finally up. Hearing it's the longest episode yet/ever definitely excites me.

Posted by Insectecutor

F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5

F5! :(

God, it's like being addicted to smack.

Posted by Intrepid

haha, lets all calm down and do something productive in the meanwhile.....