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and so the posting begins again.. gotta beat 351 comments:P

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349 to go

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An interesting thing about the stuff hanging off the walls in this dungeon:  The shields that look like a letter "T" across the hall from a door mean that behind that door will be treasure.  The swords mean stairs.  Just something I noticed while playing.

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oh wow, thats pretty cool. Nice to know they added little touches like that

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And if there's nothing special on the wall, then behind the door: more hallway.

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aw this is just going to add to my back-seat gaming!

i find myself talking to my monitor when watching the ER, it's bad >.<

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My goodness, it's up!

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Not fully uploaded.

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@ToyDoll: How do you think these guys started out? All they are really doing is talking to the monitor aswell, they just do it professionally and very, very well. I also talk to the monitor when playing games, in hope that I will sometime make it into the industry like these guys.
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Can't get enough of that sweet, sweet Endurance Run

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doesn't mysterious fox give out chest keys or is he purely sp items?

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Will the run continue through E3 week?

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My freind called Oblivion Murrowind. Why? 

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MicrosoftEAGames said:
My freind called Oblivion Murrowind. Why? 
Because he's getting his Elder Scrolls games confused.
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in shuffle time in that card draw thing getting 2 blanks wont give you a blank card

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MicrosoftEAGames said:
My freind called Oblivion Murrowind. Why? 
Because he clearly doesn't know anything.

Short vid today....that's ok, I had to catch up on episode 77 just a bit ago.  And no battle video is complete without a good Galactic Punt, though the wake-up slap is a close second on the "awesome skills" list.
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Woooo, ER time! And dont worry about Rise - youll get used to her eventually.

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You guys are really wanting to screw up your skills huh?  Chie is all physical at this point, her ice is mostly just show.  No real need to worry about a few SP here and there.  Tentarafoo is a great skill, important even,  Try using it when the snakes cast stagnant air.

The character paths are basically, Yukiko-Fire/Healing, Yosuke-Wind/some buffs and Tentarafoo, Chie-Physical with minor ice, Kanji-Physical with minor lightning.  The only one that you have a good deal of control over is Teddie as you get to choose if he's an ice powerhouse with some healing or a buff/debuff helaing machine.
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I'm glad this episode went up without yesterday's problems.

I'd think the best course of action is to check out Teddie and Kanji in action and then choose a set team to always use. As someone said, its no good spreading the XP gained across all characters, having your B Team get XP that would help your A Team.

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You guys are crazy...why keep Bufu around when you have Bufula?

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I'm not a big fan of guarding in RPGs, but in this case you might want to just have Charlie guard for awhile and gain back his SPs via Invigorate.

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Looks like it's working fine for them so far.

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Me, I agree with spreading the XP wealth around.  By having multiple teams, you can last a lot longer in a dungeon without Fox regenerations, which is especially helpful here since Jeff and Vinny aren't exactly speeding through that S. Link.  Besides, a lot of characters get much better near the end.  Teddie becomes a great buffer, and Chie's last two physical attacks and Power Charge make her godly in boss fights. 

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Oh yeah, and like other's said, never lose Tentaforoo for Yosuke!  That's great against pretty much every enemy without a normal elemental weakness.  You saw how often Skull Cracker confused enemies, right?  I wouldn't lose Dekaja, either, for when bosses buff themselves.

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Forget the B team just stay with Yousuke, Chie and Yukiko.

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EXP scales, there is nothing to lose by mixing up the parties.  The gain is a bunch more SP to use.  And when you go through dungeons teh 2nd time you get different dialogs and items from the non-used characters!

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Aw, no love for Rise.  Wait until they start running through the dungeons with Teddie's damn squeaky shoes (or whatever that noise is).

Also, don't get rid of Tentarafoo.  It's good for some of the physically strong shadows, like the knights and tanks.

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It's like an alcoholic beverage, see? I'm addicted to it, see? The bottom of the bottle is the answer to all your problems, see?

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@Aaox: No no no.  The answer is at the bottom of the NEXT bottle.

Also guys, getting two blank cards in the matching games DOES NOT end it!
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A few tips:

If you guys want to conserve sp you need to stop connstantly using elemental spells. Instead try occasionally using tentarafoo to confuse all the enemies and finish them with physicals. Also USE SOME PHYSICAL SKILLS, rampage is better then mabufu if none of the enemies are weak to ice. Not only only does this save sp it also does more damage.

Remember tentarafoo is very useful don't get rid of it. Also Jeff is spot on, make black frost as soon as possible.

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King9999 said:
You guys are crazy...why keep Bufu around when you have Bufula?

Why would they keep a light physical attack against all enemies when they also have Rampage which does a light phyiscal attack against all enemies 1-3 times?
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awesome ep guys! 41 hours ish :O

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Not quite, the bottom of the next bottle is always the answer.

Its quite interesting that I realized how Rise can grind your gears once I am not the one playing.

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I'm surprised you guys don't like Rise. I found her much less irritating than Teddie, and Teddie makes a great ally, especially against bosses.

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MicrosoftEAGames said:
My freind called Oblivion Murrowind. Why? 
He can recognize proper inspiration, duh. I'm just glad that he remembers Morrowind at all, rather than having mentally replaced it with the technically more popular game.
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Is it just me or do battles take much longer in P4 than in P3?  Also, how do they solve their money problem?  I'm a little over the 40-hour mark in FES and I have 800,000 yen.  This game doesn't seem to be as generous.

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Turambar said:
@Aaox: No no no.  The answer is at the bottom of the NEXT bottle.Also guys, getting two blank cards in ... [more]
Damn right!
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Yeah!!! Go team B!!!

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Their characters are going to turn out VERY different from my characters.

And that's kinda cool.
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Chie is never going to learn better Ice Skills. She will become a Physical character... so you need to stop erasing her Physical skills. Teddie will be your Ice-user from now on.

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@ gakon5 - I'm not sure how quick the battles are in P3 but they aren't battlling all that efficiently here.

If it's a mixed group of enemies with more than one weakness, you need to dizzy one group so they can't get up during their turn. That way if you need Chie, Yosuke, or Yukiko to exploit the second weakness the first group is still down and then you can do an all out attack.

If you guys don't want to think that hard in battles, I remember that equipping Gdon and using Rampage and then having Chie use Rampage was enough to soften everyone up pretty good. Except for maybe the rock guys, but I think they were weak to light or dark.

Also, if you're planning to set up an all out attack, don't bother softening the enemies up with SP wasting skills. The all out attack will probably kill them anyway and if it doesn't you can usually finish up with regular attacks.

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B Team Go!

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RyougaZell said:
Chie is never going to learn better Ice Skills. She will become a Physical character... so you need to stop ... [more]
Bufula is still useful at this stage, and I think it always will be. When medium-heavy physical attacks come up, I doubt they will just ignore them.

 In the end, I don't care how they approach it, I'll enjoy it either way, and you should too =o
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"Yukiko's Persona is sealed Vinny... Senpai."

Heh, I have a feeling Rise is going to become one entertaining feature of the Endurance Run. As for me, I guess I didn't have a problem with her. She was just kind of there... only not. Heh.

Oh, and if something was going to break the Endurance Run, it would be this dungeon. Hopefully you guys can work your magic and ace it like you did with Shadow Teddie.

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Renegade said:
Bufula is still useful at this stage, and I think it always will be. When medium-heavy physical attacks come up, I doubt they will just ignore them.

 In the end, I don't care how they approach it, I'll enjoy it either way, and you should too =o
If they start dying repeatedly from ignoring all their useful skills it might not be so enjoyable for anyone anymore. :P
I kid, I have faith that they'll realize they should start paying attention to physical skills now that  that's all she's going to learn. Hopefully. (Her physical skills are kind of mediocre right now anyway. Once she learns Black Spot though then she's definitely a better physical fighter.)

Oh, and there's no reason to worry about switching around characters. I did it way more than they did, and I played the game on hard. There's definitely benefits to utilizing every character.
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Are they halfway through the game?

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The dialogue at the start of the 3rd floor is a reference to the original Shin Megami Tensei. It, like the entire dungeon itself, is a reference/homage/parody to many classic RPGs, including Dragon Quest and SMT.

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"yae-YAE" - jeff

( :