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Posted by CactusWolf

So... Uh.

I'll be back tomorrow.

Posted by DragonofFate

By the looks of it, they encounter a giant robot man.

Hopefully if they're smart enough, they'll use their items to inflict the necessary damage.


Posted by NoDeath
@DragonofFate said:
" By the looks of it, they encounter a giant robot man.Hopefully if they're smart enough, they'll use their items to inflict the necessary damage.Hopefully. "
Yeah, thats Mitsou's shadow, so we know there going to try to beat it this time. It took me I think 3 tries to beat him my first time so I'm not sure if they'll get him first try, we can only hope.
Posted by Tampera

Awesomeness, can't wait! :)

Posted by SpunkyHePanda
@NoDeath: Actually, it's just a regular enemy. The Megazord-looking thing.
Posted by fresh816

I fought the boss of the voidquest, due to arcana chances, i got 1 exp. I was soooo mad

Posted by SpunkyHePanda
@fresh816: Just be happy you beat him. He's a bitch.
Posted by safelybeds

Is he ever. I nearly had him beat when he killed everyone in my party with Ghastly-freakin'-Wail. Just as I had run out of revival beads.

That sucked.

Posted by Winternet

From what I could gather, that's not mitsuo shadow. And their Sp are rather low and I don't think they would go to the boss fight with that low Sp. Like I said in ep89 the boss battle comes next week. They know how to tease us...

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Cant think of any other way to celebrate ep 90 than with a good old fashioned robot fight!....OR IS IT?!?!?

Posted by rentfn

Can't wait for the new episode. Would it be too much to demand weekend episodes :)

Posted by TheThirstyWhale

weekend episodes would be brilliant
i'd probably store them up and watch 3 back to back on monday

Posted by kirisame

Today will be for leveling up, then?
@Vinny: Best of luck on the upcoming boss fight! It's a really satisfying battle.

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Episode should hopefully be up soon, Another episode of grinding most likely. Hopefully longer.

just to reiterate WORK ON YOSUKE AND YUKIKO's (lol spelling) SOCIAL LINKS BEFORE RISE.

Rise does have the best "lover" scenes though, in terms of possible commentary from V and J (wait what?, how come I never noticed that amazing pun before now?).


@epilepsy:  you really expect them to come in on weekends just to play? They need some days off man.
Posted by kirisame
@Jon93:  About Rise: Did you find that her social link events were a bit depressing? Even though I wanted to support her, it felt like the game was twisting my arm to "go out" with her, as if it were the only way to help her. Asking out Chie or Ayame, etc. felt more like a personal choice..
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@kirisame: Indeed, it was kinda like the game assumed everyone would go for her since she's the "School girl singer knock out" of the game. Oh well, I went for Chie my first time through and I don't regret it.

"B-But, I'm all sweaty from training" I laughed hard.
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@Jon93: I'm not surprised about that.  Thinking back to high school, I'd totally have gone for the pop star instead of the cool ass-kicking, meat bowl-eating chick, just for the bragging rights.  If it were now, then I'd definitely go for Chie.

GALACTIC PUUUUNNNNTTT!!!!!!!  Yeah, Chie, kick the shit outta that tank fool.
Posted by Fallen189

Kou likes Chie. You're all bad people.

Posted by Winternet

It's up!!!

Posted by safelybeds

I have a distinct feeling that some galactic puntin' is going to be going on up in here.

Posted by Leadcat

I'm guessing Vinny just watched Ghostbusters.

Posted by Scooper

It's give or get time!

Posted by Jambones

Jeff's reaction to Chie kicking the tank made my day. Thanks, mate.

Posted by Ryu89

Friday always makes me sad because it the last day of consecutive endurance run videos. Monday can't come soon enough!

Posted by RagingLion

Nice fighting guys.  Looking forward to tomorr ... Monday.

Posted by Jon93

They may say tomorrow, but I bet this episode was pre-recorded, oh wellz.

Posted by Winternet

I cannot wait for tomorrow's episode.......ah!

Posted by ArcticDonkey

Guys you're doin great!! All you need to do is get mediarama with Yukiko and Agidyne with Black Frost and the boss fight will go smoothly.

Also the the reason Maragion did more damage then Bufula is because Black Frost has the skill that increases fire damage. This is why Agidyne will be your main damage dealer for the boss.

Posted by Castro

I love the Endurance Run as much as any of you, but the thing that gets me more excited than anything is reading everyone's comments about how they're down to the wire. If I hadn't been reading the comments, I wouldn't know that they are basically screwed to some degree if they don't beat the boss on the next day. That makes these episodes all the more exciting so thanks to all of y'all!

Posted by Guerrilla_Mason

I haven't watched the video yet, but I do have a question.  Do they have these things programmed to go up, or do they physically put them up every morning?  If they go with the physical route, why the crap is Vinny in the office at 6 freaking 30 in the morning? That's insane.

Posted by Castro
@Guerrilla_Mason:  I would assume that they are programmed to go up at 6am PST. I usually find myself up at this time so I'll check at around 5:58 and they won't be up. When I check again at 6am, they are usually up. Once I'm done watching, I go to sleep.
Posted by outerabiz

great episode. how far along in the game are they?

Posted by PosableActionFigure

Jeff: "I dunno, doesn't seem great"

Yes Jeff. An item that prevents a game over doesn't seem great. I mean it's not like you've died at all in this game so far right?

Posted by Metroid545

remember endurance team, when you're strong attacks are doin damage below 50 use an attack item because they always do 50 everytime. Also the attack item can be used if you passed the persons turn who has the element that the enemy is weak to.

Posted by DarkFury

"Just let your soouul drop."

Posted by IzzyGraze

I'd put the 0hp->1hp ring on Charlie during boss fights. You should have enough sp for those things anyway, so you don't really need that sp recovering ring for those fights.

Posted by Fallen189

How dissapointing

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Posted by RabidSquirrel89

I can't wait 'til they fight this boss. In this game, babies are a force to be reckoned with.

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Posted by King9999

Against the giant robot, use Yukiko's Fire Break then use a fire spell, and he'll die fast.

Posted by Floppypants

They are really pressing this up against the deadline for finishing the dungeon.  I thought they'd be more willing to stop wasting time and just pay the Fox, especially considering that at this point they have enough yen on them to pay the Fox three times over.

Posted by Agent_Lost

hmm, episode 90 will we get the school trip at episode 100

Posted by kirisame
@Agent_Lost: Who knows, but the school trip is going to be epic.
Posted by Sarumarine

Yeah, I never understood why some people were so adamant to ditch Chie when she can Galactic Punt a friggin' tank. That more than makes up for a lack of high power ice spells. Just let Charlie do the heavy ice spell lifting. After all, he's got like 12 persona spots. You can fit one ice Persona in there somewhere.

Heh, I hope you guys do the boss next episode. It'll probably be another epic hour and a half event. Either that or twelve minutes and then you guys get wiped out by a lame boss.

Posted by atomic_dumpling
@Floppypants said:
" They are really pressing this up against the deadline for finishing the dungeon.  I thought they'd be more willing to stop wasting time and just pay the Fox, especially considering that at this point they have enough yen on them to pay the Fox three times over. "
Isn't time suspended while they are in the dungeon, like in every other game?
Posted by MeatSim

Galactic tank punting! Phil Dawson ain't got shit on Chie!

Posted by MexicanHatBoy
@Leadcat said:
" I'm guessing Vinny just watched Ghostbusters. "

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Kick the tank!

Aww, coulddn't you guys spend one more fight and get Agidyne there were only <1000 EXP missing...

Posted by ChibiSoma

Yeah, time doesn't pass while you're in dungeons, but they should've paid the Fox to refill. I assume they're gonna just go out. Which is BAD. They don't seem to realize that if something goes south on Mitsuo, they won't HAVE any more time to grind it out. Or leave to go shopping. I dunno why they like to drag the dungeons on so long. I get them done as quickly as I can without under-leveling my guys. Then you've got a free pass for the rest of the month or however long.

It's also really frustrating to continually see them ignoring light/dark spells. Especially when the Personas they could fuse have Hama/Mudo Boost in addition to a 1 and all-enemy spell of the accompanying type. It's not like they're using more than one or two, so why not have the option there? I basically had Black Frost as Fire/Ice, Seiryu with Wind/Lightning, and I had one thing with Light/Dark on it. Took forever to fuse with the right crap, too...

And then I had one physical attacker (for when I ran out of SP) and a healer, in case something happened to Yuki/Teddie. And uh... got a feeling something will. Gruh... it's gonna be so bad if they don't win this... =/