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Finally! Been looking forward to this. :)

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Let's do this shit.

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Happy! Happy! Joy! Joy! Joy!!!!!! ^_^

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What's up with Brog's face yo?

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Endurance. :D

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Oh god why is everything so blurry am I tripping

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the green is totally ballsed up on my video. never seen this before

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The broquest continues

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Drew! You left the green screen filter on!

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Oh Patrick is really hurting in this one.

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Will Magus stop the Endurance Run?

One of my favorite boss battles in gamin history. Great ambiance. Great music. Great story.

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Itt: Patrick gives really shitty advice.  Ryan actually got Magus's weakness down immediatly, and then Patrick's constant second guessing made him lose that thread.  "When the screen says 'Only Water Damage', use lightning!"
That said, wasn't there suppose to be a boss fight that had Slash, Flea, and Ozzie all fighting together?

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I know you were just feeling it out, but that made me laugh so hard. :p

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Lets do this

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Crikey... I thought they might have been starting to get the hang of things by now... 5 minutes in, if only they learned how to read, and paid attention.

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"Only water damages."

"Let's try lightning again."

Come on son.

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we must endure!!!!!!!

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Oh lord....as good as they did last episode, Patrick took a dump at the start of this one.

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Is Bobo's tackle attack considered as Shadow Magic or psyhical? Because I don't believe that Laser beam is Bobo's strongest single attack. EDIT: Yup, it was and it actually finished Magus. A little late but well done.

And why is Ryan using Spincut when it does almost no damage? Could he just not only used a regular attack?

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Was Patrick smoking crack during this episode?

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@El33tPanda said:

What's up with Brog's face yo?

I'm so glad it wasn't just me. I was panicking enough already about some other stuff.

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whats up with wierd texture problems with brogs face and a few other spots?

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I am sitting here shouting "USE THE DAMN MASAMUNE" at my screen. It lowers his defense every hit!

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So, it's not just me getting issues with the green's. Awesome.

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Patrick was so excited about the completely wrong ideas he had.

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@Rodin: @DazzHardy: I think @Vager is right, Drew or whoever edited this video left the green screen filter on.

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It's funny how Ryan ALWAYS forgets where he can get a HP/MP heal in the prehistoric era.

And they did a classic Ryan/Patrick ER miss. They didn't read that they should go to the Dactyl nest. Oh well...the ER continues!

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This Magus fight is getting pretty hard to watch. The only boss that explicitly tells you what attacks to use and Patrick can't figure it out. I don't usually complain, but damn.

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greens are fucked up both frogs face and heal number

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Hah, I guess this video proofs all of those wrong who always said that Patrick remembers too much! ;)

Also: Ryan is really coming along now. He's being almost... competent. :D

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Lol the game pretty much tells you exactly what to do. I have never seen anybody overthink something so much.

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Bit of trouble with the word 'only' this Ep.

That's okay it's a tricky one.

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@Turambar said:

That said, wasn't there suppose to be a boss fight that had Slash, Flea, and Ozzie all fighting together?

That sounds like something that would have happened in the last episode where Ozzie calls for the others and they don't show up because Brono and Co had killed them separately.

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I don't mean to alarm you guys but there appears to be an inconsistency in this particular video capture. I guess it could be my monitor or my eyes but when the healing numbers pop on characters during combat it doesn't show up as green but instead as a blurry white color almost resembling the white shade of damage colors. So every time your attacks healed Magus it almost looks like its damaging because of the color being off. I examined my screen further and even the green colors on Brog's head looked like it was phasing in and out of gray. Maybe I'm crazy but it's almost as if you guys left a green screen effect on during this capture session which shows all greens as neutral. I'm going to watch older videos and see if the green color shows up during healing. Great video otherwise. You guys are messing up the timeline. Keep doing these videos.

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That was some intelligent strategising in that Magus fight. Patrick may have basically cost them the first round (that they already gave up on before they even started anyway), but he wasn't being an idiot. He read "only water damages" and interpreted it one of the ways you could: that Magus is doing water damage, and so lightning must be able to damage him.

Ryan quickly stopped Patrick's train of thought after they died, they figured out what they needed to do and they fought better than they have in the entire run so far. It's not like they both completely missed what was going on on the screen like so often before.

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Geezus! Are they playing it up FOR the camera or are they both really THAT indecisive and over think the Magus battle way too much??

"ummm... noo... Lightning... it says 'Only Lightning Damages, but... ummm... I don't know..."


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I totally youtubed The Power of Love when Patrick requested it.

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@RockmanBionics said:

@Turambar said:

That said, wasn't there suppose to be a boss fight that had Slash, Flea, and Ozzie all fighting together?

That sounds like something that would have happened in the last episode where Ozzie calls for the others and they don't show up because Brono and Co had killed them separately.

Actually, nevermind, I remember now.  That's one of the optional fights near the end of the game after you get the flying Epoch and can go to all locations in the game,
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USE THE FUCKING MASAMUNE!!!! You know, the sword you spent like 6 hours getting.

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@frythefly: But, does the green screen also make the white parts, like on the damage numbers and bronos eyes do that to?

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Man, not using the Masamune was painful. I actually started rooting for Magus.

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before watching this video, i thought the comments where overly critical of them not reading.

but FFS listening to patrick trying to feebly work out what attacks to use when the game flat out tells you what to do was frustrating.

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9...10... S.U.K.

Beff made fun of people complaining about the ER on yesterday's Bombcast. If they're still recording episodes, then I wonder when/how they'll start reacting to the comments.

Well, Magus is defeated, or so it seems, largely through the heedless careening of our hapless heroes. Will their luck hold out? Find out tomorrow,

Same ER chair, same ER channel. Da, da, da, da, da, da, da, Da, da, da, da, da, da, da Endurance Run.

Have Brono.

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Obligatory metal arrangement of Magus' battle theme.