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Wait E3 footage?

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E3 mysteries?

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wow this took awhile but great! thanks drew et al!

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Funny timing considering yesterday I felt like reliving the EA press conference and #weed3

Also, I feel like "E3 2016: The Lost Footage" title means "Footage of Vinny and Dan Lost at E3 2016"

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Never go to E3 with Dan.

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Jeff just chillin' with Wayne Gretzky.

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Great work guys, however it looked like a total letdown for the public though, a bit shame, oh well we always have PAX.

And Random Jeff :)

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This was great. Random background Jeff is great.

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Lurker Jeff is the best Jeff

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It's like I'm actually there! I can practically smell the Dortios®!

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I now have realized that I live for stand in Jeff Gerstmann.

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the hollywood walk of fame isn't at LA live...

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That was incredible and random Jeff... just bravo. Wish it was longer/we had more walking on the show floor footage (e.g. that video a year or two ago where we got a behind the scenes at a whole E3 day with them leaving the hotel and everything).

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Pure gold.

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Is jeff practicing his Sneak King roleplaying?

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Am I dying of the flu and hallucinating this Doritos nightmare?

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Giant Bomb, the mom, dot com

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E3 is always around the corner.

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Surprise Jeff Green!

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This is great! Can we just have a new show with Vinny and Dan walking around random events and places interview people and comment about stuff while Jeff randomly appears in the background? I would pay extra Premium for that.

Oh, and Vinny's face when he realizes the "two hours".

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that was really funny! Not's your momma's Pac-Man!

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Love it!

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All of this was gold. Thanks for doing this! Jeff is hillarious as always.

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Possibly the funniest video ever?

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As a Lakers fan I'm mad that they dishonor the legendary Chick Hern.

As a Giant Bomb fan it's a funny bit. Who can be mad at Vinny and Dan? Only monsters.

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What a strange event. What a strange video. What a strange website.

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God damn I would love a conversation series where Dan explains wrestling to Vinny, who asks lots of questions.

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The goof with Jeff is fucking brilliant. It's like finding Waldo, but on easymode.

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Lurker Jeff FTW.

What a weird event.

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I love this sort of stuff. Absolutely hilarious. Also fun to play "Spot Jeff" in the first half of the video

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What a terrific video!

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Is that Jeff just dead faced in the background?

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Brought to you by Doritos

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Holy shit! This is the funniest thing I've watch on this site in a long time. Thank you so much for posting this @drewbert! Pure gold. We need to make Vinny & Dan on the street a regular thing.

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what timely footage!!! also man Vinny should not shoot outside the reflection off his head was crazy sometimes I wanted to get that man a whole barrel of sunscreen and an umbrella

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This... is amazing.

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This was something magical. Worth the wait.

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what a beautiful mess

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This was great.

And confusing.

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Steve: ....what?!

Those lines sound pretty awful!

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Drew and Vinny sounded miserable at the end but this video is worth it.

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@johnymyko: they still owe us a tour around the Pizza Expo.

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Ha, those weird Jeff cameos are way funnier than they should be.